The Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of nursing singles out personal thoughts on what is believed as true according to the nature of nursing profession. Nursing activities approve ethical values held as basic and basis beliefs in theory. Philosophy of nursing facilitates patient care according to Helen Erickson’s nursing theory of modelling and role modelling, which is important for use when explaining the philosophy of nursing. Nurses work as collaborative team to improve the wellbeing, health of themselves and the community continuously.

Unique Value

Individual nurses accept and respect the unique view of themselves and the world at large. They incorporate research, shared governance, and evidence-based practice to develop standards of care. Nurses engage in lifelong learning, participate in interdisciplinary activities, and become accountable during their practice. Individual nurses are supposed to be compassionate, on-biased, and respectful and offer centered care to every patient to the best of their knowledge (University Health system, 2017). Nurses ensure effective communication and teamwork to carry out tasks and goals for every patient. Upholding personal philosophy in nursing focuses on the patient and recognizes that they have different needs and require specialized care.

Centered Care to Patients

Personal philosophy of nursing explains that nurses are responsible of providing safe, holistic and care centered to their patients. Nurses remember that patients are individuals deserving individualized attention and care. The nurses must use clinical judgment to meet needs of each patient.

Each nurse must encourage patients and empower them to be personal active partners who offer personal care and form working goals together (LaGuardia community college, 2017). Nurses required remain confidential with patient information except when mandated by the law to report as a duty. Individual nurses must conduct educational forums to patients and families on emergence of various diseases as well as existing ones, available forms of treatments and healthy behaviors to improve outcomes.

Individual nurses should work hard towards achieving positive healthy behaviors in their lives living to care for others as they care for themselves first. Individual nurses are required to stay updated with current knowledge and skills seeking self-enhancement through continued perpetual learning (Wu, 2008). Continuous learning avoids stagnation with old beliefs. Instead, it assists to professionally evolve through evidence-based practice and acquaint with emerging technological advances. Individual nurses philosophy envisions them to continue learning using textbooks and current journals, from health care teams, as well as learning from patient experiences. Individual nurses must learn daily and apply the skills learnt in their practice.

Believes and Core Values

Individual nurses have believes and core values as honesty, lifelong learning, kindness, family, and success towards achieving their goals. Individual nurses use the values and beliefs to make their decisions in their daily lives. Nurses must engage in integrity, knowledge, and caring to focus on the needs of patients, their safety, healing, and empowerment. Individual nurses should remember they have a goal to do their best being human although they are not perfect (Wu, 2008). Nurses must have an attitude of striving to become better tomorrow than they are today, take their time monitoring and reflecting on their actions and verifying that they are still on their track with their believes.

Individual nurses uphold professional and personal ethical standards every time through finding mentors to help solve conflicts and offer guidance that comes up with good solution to meet needs of patients. They should avoid compromising with personal beliefs and be accountable of their actions.


Each nurse recognizes that other nurses are resources deserving respect and recognition because of their knowledge, hard work, and reliability. Nurses support and assist each other, student nurses, and healthcare providers to continue providing a positive environment for the team. Collaboration in the nursing environment maximizes the potential of each patient to continue healing. In addition, each nurse does their part to cultivate and improve the nursing image through involvement in the community, professional and political organizations, and working daily on work ethics. Nurses engage in forums that improve the standards of healthcare locally and globally.

Maximum Care with Skill

A personal philosophy of nursing should match with Nightingale pledge recited by nurses as they graduate which states that nurses promise to offer care for their patients with all skill and understanding without considering race, politics, social status, creed, and color (LaGuardia community college, 2017). Nurses must not spare effort when conserving life, alleviating suffering and promoting health. Nurses must endeavor to maintain their professional skill and knowledge at its highest level. Moreover, they must offer royal support and great cooperation to health care members. Individual nurses should honor the international code of ethics applied in nursing and uphold integrity of each nurse.

Group Work

Each nurse has his or her duty, function and his or her contribution. Group work recognizes that individual nurses require the help of MDs, CAN, PCT, PCA, nutritionists, physical therapists, social workers, and other nurses. Nurses consider the situation and background of patients and urge them to follow orders from physical therapists, nutritionists, and doctors (LaGuardia community college, 2017). Hard work from each nurse provides healthy, safe, and effective treatment to patients and the whole community. In conclusion, individual nurses maintain positive outlook to all life situations, remain enthusiastic, and give hope to families and patients.

In conclusion, nurses work as collaborative team to improve the wellbeing, health of themselves and the community continuously, through unique value, centered care to patients, believes and core values, collaboration, maximum care with skill, and group work. In the future individual nurses must aim at becoming mentors, leaders and inspire others welcoming them to the nursing profession. Moreover, each nurse should improve the quality of health care through managing health effectively and pursuing the goal of becoming a pediatric nurse.


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