Reflection on Georgia Education Standards 2015

Georgia Education Standards 2015

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

As indicated by the standard, education mission should be enhanced in a bid to establish academic success geared towards the wellness of every student in the teaching and learning process. The role of a professional teacher should be to perpetuate and guarantee success to every student. What makes a school perform effectively is the missions that are anticipated of being achieved through the association of students and teachers in the teaching and learning process (Cochrane & Cuevas, 2015). For a holistic growth and achievement of great success, a teacher should be in a position to work closely with the members of the society utilizing the available and relevant data. It is meant to promoting the dreams of a school in support of the development of every child’s success.

 Moreover, the core values as the elements that shape the culture of a school should be promoted and well established by enhancing equity, inclusivity, transparency, kindness trust, and endless growth. It is also essential for teachers to be in a position of being the first implementers of school dreams, by assessing the actions that lead to the attainment of the proposed goals and objectives of the school. As a trained teacher, one should be ready to always confirm the effectiveness of the school visions by still making changes that will cater to the new needs of the students as a whole. Concerning Mays High School, I will be dedicated to promoting and in support of the school missions, visions that are made in schools with the aim of improving the social values and codes of the society (Cochrane & Cuevas, 2015). The action is affirmative in making sure that the expectations of the organization conform to the school missions and visions. Lastly, it is essential to apply the relevant values with the visions and purpose of the school by acting like a mature and competent and democratic leader to everyone within the school especially the students.

Ethics and professional norms

The well-being of students are promoted and well nurtured by professionally trained leaders who opt for success. One should be in a position to be enhancing the excellent and healthy interpersonal relationships. The relationships should be in line with the ethical standards and codes of education. Decision making and stewardship in dealing with the resources of the school is a significant factor that is worth consideration (Cochrane & Cuevas, 2015). The school environment should be maintained by teachers guided by transparency, fairness, honesty in all aspects concerning the success of students. Besides, the spirit of cooperation, perseverance, and learning as part of endless growth.

 As far as Mays High School is concerned, I should be able to prioritize the interests of students by ensuring that they get the best help from me as a teacher. The environment should be conducive and enabled for the success of students with the aim of promoting their holistic growth. For the achievement of the set objectives, democratic values, sensitivity to individual differences and responsibilities, and promotion of justice that accredits for diversity in the school and the society (Alshahrani, 2018). As a professional teacher, I own the obligation of having positive relations well supported with proper communication etiquette. Besides social and emotional insights and awareness of the different cultures of all the students and my colleagues of importance in the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, it is of concern to enhance moral guidance based on the ethical values across all the departments in the school. The action is decisive in creating professional behavior that is for the betterment of not only the students but for the development of the whole school.

Equity and cultural responsiveness

The school environment should be a platform for the students to get the opportunity of being promoted in all spheres of life. Educational leaders have a responsibility of providing services to all the students fairly without any regard to Mays High School. It is my responsibility to acknowledge the differences amongst the learners with the aim of responding to each accordingly. It should be handled with respect by identifying the advantages and the challenges that come along with students ‘diverse cultures. Through the action, I should be in a position to students get access to resources and services equally without any disregard. It can be established through the creation of learning opportunities, creating academic and social support to each student without bias (Alshahrani, 2018). I will be able to identify the misconduct of my student and to respond to them amicably and positively with the aim of bringing a positive development.

Besides, it is a vast and distinguished role to identify the biases created by the administration through marginalization of students and low expectations. Also to shun away the elements related to ton language and cultural preferences, gender disparities, impairments and sexual orientation that may lead to discrimination and reduced self-esteem. Promotion of students to become worthy of living within diverse cultural contexts in the broad global community. Not to forget, having the cultural maturity in my responsibilities to interact and make wise decisions concerning the development of the school and the community. All the actions and measure to address the challenges facing the school and the community in achieving their dreams. Finally, to be at the forefront of taking the matters of equity and social responsibilities with a lot of seriousness in all spheres of leadership (Alshahrani, 2018).

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment

The best curriculum is that which considers students and how relevant the curriculum is to the development of learners. Therefore, an effective teacher is that who develops a flexible curriculum and means of instruction that prepare students holistically. The assessment expanded should one that geared to the achievement of the missions and visions of the school by including great expectations of learners supported with sufficient academic qualifications. As a teacher in Mays High School, I am to focus on the modes of instruction and assessment means that articulates for the academic achievements, the passion for learning, the different attitudes and habits of learners and promotion of healthy relations with studies (Alshahrani, 2018). Another fundamental role that I am to teach is to align myself to the consistent knowledge of a student and to always remember of the individual differences possessed by different learners. Besides, I should be able to address and respond to the needs of each student with the aim of developing their capabilities to the curriculum expectations. Also to always identify the assessments that are intellectually demanding, within the level of students’ capabilities having in mind the weaknesses and strengths of every student. Due to the advancements of the world regarding technology, I should be able to promote technological adjustments that are fit for the adaptation of learners in the teaching and learning process. It is important to test students’ using a coherent and consistent system that is real to the level of students considering the standards of measurements. Furthermore, the testing system should be in a position to be within the limitations to observe the academic growth of students and improvement in the instructional methods (Cochrane & Cuevas, 2015).

The community of care and support for students

Effective teachers in good institutions should be inclusive enough to create an environment caring for the students’ academic performances and the welfare of each student. Besides the environment designed to be conducive sufficient in meeting the emotional and physical demands of all students. Establishing an environment which accommodates all the students irrespective of their backgrounds (Alshahrani, 2018). Also, the learners to be accepted, treated with dignity and always reinforced to be responsible stakeholders of the community. Learning is not only based on the academics but also based on the other social events that promote talents of various kinds. These extra activities enable students to express their full potentials in other fields. Therefore, in Mays High School, my role as a teacher will be to encourage and nurture the student in building their talents in the extracurricular activities.

A school is an institution that needs the support of the community, just like students need the help from a teacher and their peers as well. Therefore as a professional teacher, I look forward to establishing a healthy relationship among the students and also to create the likelihood between the school and the community (Ogletree, Ogletree & Allen, 2014). Discipline is very paramount in a school set up. For that reason, therefore, I am to provide the students with positive values that will teach good conduct within them. It is possible for students to emulate the teachers. Thus, as a professional teacher, my behavior will be exemplary to my students (Ogletree, Ogletree & Allen, 2014). The school being part of society should be made to align with the values and tenets of the organization. Therefore, I am to make Mays High School a school that is sensitive to languages spoken in the community as a way of promoting conformity.

Professional capacity of school personnel

Good leadership is that which can hire, develop and maintain the competent professional teachers who are ready to become effective teaching and learning staff. One should be able to control and manage the staff members effectively, and to give avenues for training and to nurture of new staff members (Ogletree, Ogletree & Allen, 2014). The school leadership to be able to handle the staff and to control the external factors that might be inconveniencing the normal operations. Induction of new personnel is useful in aligning them to the expectations of the students, the school and the community. It is of great importance to establish teachers’ professional capabilities through professionalism and adult learning and teaching development. The success of students to always be the priority by continuous revision of personal and universal instructional capacities order to attain the dreams and aims of every student in the school system (Ogletree, Ogletree & Allen, 2014).

 Effective leadership is that which gives reliable feedback about the instruction guided by well-researched mechanisms of managing and assessment to help in the development of teachers’ skills and capabilities. For improvement and efficient learning to take place, they should be reinforced and empowered to the best levels of professionalism to promote continuous education and growth. The leadership of teachers and staff members is excellent in the development of capacities and opportunities of adaptability (Alshahrani, 2018). The school system to encourage teachers to be responsible leaders who are sensitive about making critical decisions that concern the performance of the school. For the case, of Mays High School, in I am to take the leadership tasks in ensuring that I manage the students embedded by professionalism. The professional relationship is also beneficial when enhanced. Especially the personal relationship amongst the faculties and departments. As a result, boosts teamwork at the workplaces thus bringing the bond of members. As a member of Mays High School, I am to value the ethical relationship with other faculties as well as the other departments.

School improvement

The school environment should be an enabled position for both the students and staff members, family members and the community as well. It is, therefore, a position that is accommodative in the sense that all the people involved are well taken care of .the visions and the mission to be achieved progressively with the promotion of moral values (Alshahrani, 2018). Therefore, there is the need for the establishment of formal methods to improve and enhance the improvement of the school dreams. The standard is geared at making both the school and the community to improve in readiness to inculcating useful transparency and accountability. It is done through the development of skills and the motivation to attain improvements. It is also imperative to associate and embody others to the processes of learning, goal determination, implementation and assessment of the progressive school and classroom performance. Mostly it is advisable to utilize the practical methods for improvement, for example, the adaptive techniques to various stages of implementation (Alshahrani, 2018).

Professional education leaders should also be in a position to create a capacity of the teachers to evaluate the implications of the trending educational issues and the findings of work of the school improvement. Besides. Effective mechanisms of gathering information, management, interpretation, and utilization needed by the external stakeholders in reinforcing the implementation, assessment and giving of feedback. Besides coherence in the improvement attempts and all of the institution, the established systems, and the services offered. Also to control the challenges, competition attitudes, and the game of changes through determination and perseverance in giving the aid to communicate the interests for the processes and the results of the improvement attempts. Lastly, promoting leadership skills in teachers through experimentation, creativity and coming up of the implementation of the improvements (Alshahrani, 2018).


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