Assume That Your Senior Design Project Is Going To Be Adopted In A Country Outside The US And Canada.

Senior Design Project Is Going To Be Adopted In A Country Outside The US And Canada


Having considered and understood the gap that exists in distinguishing products between roommates or goods bought and are used by different people, I came up with a project that would be significant to the problem. My Project would involve a mobile device that would help in scanning goods that do not have barcode serial numbers.  The project would frame accordingly to the 21st tech systems; the project that am coming up with will involved different devices which include a camera of a smartphone, or an image recognition machine. The camera will be efficient enough to take record of an object. Most devices cannot recognize a good without the barcode serial code (Sonka, Hlavac, & Boyle, 2014). The machine or device would be special in such a way it will be able to scan goods and analyze them to create information that would be written in the inventory about the good. Once the image is recorded and stored, the data is recorded would be used to identify the good a when confirming the owner of the good.

It should be noted that the machine will not involve any codes during recognition of the good, the image of the good itself will be analyzed and recognize the owner of the good. The device will include a scanner and a display, and the screen will be recording and showing the data of the image scanned through the camera or the image recognition machine (Sonka, Hlavac, & Boyle, 2014). It is a simple project, but it will be very significant among the youths, businesses, families who need to a clear recognition of good owned personally. My innovation in this project will enable the success of it.

People need to secure their goods. Some of the people work hard to get the goods offered in the market, and if the product is going to be mixed up with other people good who have a close resemblance, it would be hard to recognize the personal goods. I recognized the problem experienced, and I had to come up ideas on how to solve it (Jones et al., 2009). I bought another phone that had a clear camera with an internal scanner that I will link it to the camera with some help from my friend who is an android developer. The scanner when switched on, the camera will be able to record the image which will be scanned and data stored in the phone storage device (Azar & Vaidyanathan, 2015). The phone storage has higher storage of up to 16 GB RAM. My innovation, I considered it very appropriate to be applied nationally. It is very significant and time-saving when compared by with other image recognition machine which records using the barcode serial numbers. The machine will be quite useful even to be replaced with the current image scanner. It will be applied in business organizations, supermarkets, homes, school and other places where there is a mixture of goods.

I would try to market my project in business seminars and science congresses because I consider it more economical and innovative. I have a strategy for it to reach the national level of congress that would make possible to be recognized by the USA government and the project to be established in other states and benefit the people (Azar & Vaidyanathan, 2015). The USA government encourages innovative ideas that would help in technology improvement; it is from this innovation that would enable economic and scientific growth in the country. The government would help me financially and other skilled personals that will help in making the project successful; this is the methods that the current government is coming up with to support technological growth in the country. The current government is preferring to solve the problem within the country first, and I know my project will be beneficial to the people (Jones et al., 2009). Through my project, the government may decide to employ me after I clear my studies in one of the technology industries that would enable me to develop my skills better to promote technological growth.

I believe I am a problem solver. I also believe in change. The scientific development mindset I got enabled me to come up with the project whose primary intent is to help the individuals in their homes, business (Azar & Vaidyanathan, 2015). Imagine using a smartphone to secure your goods? Imagine you being able to know about your products using the device whenever you are? The economic importance is that it will enable usage of a smartphone for multipurpose use, scanning well is one of them rather than buying an optical recognition machine to keep the record of your goods (Jones et al., 2007). An individual can save up to US 20$ after purchasing the phone to use for recognizing products considering the price of a good camera phone which costs up to US 60$ and the cheapest image recognition machine goes for US 80$. My intention in this project is also to enable the multi-purpose use of smartphones. The scanning software can also be used for prudent use through customization without increasing the size or processor of the mobile phone.

Problems to encounter on my project: I was able to start my project well and what I have written above are my goals and also what I have come through immediately I started my project. I will use my technological skills and ideas from other technics to solve limitations that I may go through when developing my project. My project will have the goal of establishing a critical principle in the technology field. Starting from the right design of the device to its usage by the customers.


My designs in this project are considered appropriate and significant to the project. Other design ideas from technological pros would also be necessary since it would help me solve issues that may arise during my project development.


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