Case Study 2: Implementation Strategies for Nicolet Plastic Company. Identify Any Significant Changes That Your Organization Might Reasonably Make In Its Product

Implementation Strategies for Nicolet Plastic Company

Offerings in The Next 3 Years. Explain The Competitive Benefits Of This Change.

Significant changes in product offerings

The companies operating in present time’s competitive markets are forced to develop successful improved products to ensure their survival and growth. However, the development and design of products are very risky and costly and thus effective strategies for Nicolet plastic company are needed to shun the risk and cost factor. First, the company goal should be to account for the variations in the product performance and consumers preferences across the various usage situations and conditions. Therefore, any product that is designed should be robust in the variations on customer’s preferences and performance. However, achieving the robustness criteria depends on the application of Multiple-Objective generic Algorithm (MOGA) to incorporate the multi-functional criteria to identify good designs (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). For example, the generation of the design alternatives for the prototype enhancement will be achieved by using an iterative MOGA in search of the new design while at the same time incorporating the robustness criteria in choosing the process. The future market will depend on the nature of the product to satisfy customers and also to be different with other competitors.

The classic strategy for product development is by merely concentrating on the needs of the consumers. The company would need to understand the clients and obtain feedback from them to design the products. The future products need to be well branded and have a high quality photorealistic renders and well-colored pictures that suit customers’ expectations. Therefore, the company would need SAP algorithm technique to obtain feedback from the clients to get the design and their best coloring (Themistocleous & Corbitt, 2006). This is important since effective and efficient clients’ feedback cannot be obtained manually or on one on one basis. The company ought to introduce an electronic virtual design process to provide us with a high quality packaging system that is attractive to the customers and able to create an appealing appearance. Therefore, the company ought to train or employ a team of experts on design who can innovate and read out the ideas from the customer’s feedback and translate it into reality. This strategy can create a distinctive gap on the ratio of quality those other competitors’ offers in the market. This medium will attract consumers globally since quality attracts.

Responding to the environmental challenges in the most companies should be a win to attract the society. The idea for effective ecological management programs will automatically result in an increased profit for the company based on the widespread appeal. Therefore, based on the new concerns in the society, wisdom has emerged that promises on the reconciliation of both the business and environment. Thus, with this information, Nicolet should concentrate on developing the various ways to redesign products so that it uses fewer environmentally harmful or decreasing the use of depleting raw materials. These will result in a cut in direct manufacturing cost and the inventory savings. This strategy will establish a connection between the Nicolet plastic company and the environment. Therefore, since the society is inseparable to the environment, the business will gain support and preference in the market than other companies (Themistocleous & Corbitt, 2006). However, the company could wonder how to implement the strategy for the future benefit of the company. The benefit comes from the fact that most of the plastic industries are known to be an enemy of the environment through pollution. Therefore, Connecting with the environmental problems through the various initiatives will assist the company to stand in the market. The success of the company is not dependent on how much the company releases to the market, but on whether the product is acceptable by the society who constitute the clients.

Information system

There are many types of the information system that can assist to boost the performance of the company in the next three years. However, the information system based on the product design provided can introduce the technology as well as the environmental aspect of the product offerings. Therefore, ensuring that the products are manufactured from materials that are environmentally friendly can create a transformation on what the new product should have for the sake of acceptability (Themistocleous & Corbitt, 2006). The role of the product offered to the customers, and the general society should be able to solve a problem that is presently an issue especially for plastic manufacturing companies. The product should be designed in a way that is acceptable to both the society and the environment. This will involve a design method that is split into the system regarding manufacturing products based on consumers and industrial products.

Moreover, the introduction of a design process that is automated to bring out high quality in the final output can form part of the transformation. The new product is expected to meet the demands of the market and outdo the current existing competition. Moreover, with the constant improvement in technology which will mean that customer expectations will be derived from the level of technology at that time? Therefore, our company should consider moving along with technology to come up with a product that suits the clients. Consequently, the proposed virtual design (VD) can improve the design process to transform the packaging criteria such as labeling and printing operations. The company will apply the SAP business algorithm process for automation and technological advancement (Themistocleous & Corbitt, 2006).

The capabilities of the new product

The capability of the new product should be incorporated into the initial information system because the latter development should be an elevation to the previous information system development. The initial information system is also the integral part in the development of the products towards sustainability and accordance with the customers’ expectations. The role of the second information system is primarily to improve the existing system regarding creating an improved product that can outdo the competitors in the market. For example, an introduction of a designed product that is environmentally friendly is an improvement. The means that the new product should have better qualities as compared to the other products. Therefore, if the previous product was made from materials that end up polluting the environment, the new product should be developed in such a way to solve the problem. Thus, in this case, there was an introduction of a specific raw material that is friendly to the environment and removing the ingredients and materials that can cause pollution. The new products cannot stand on its own since it will be costly to the company to incorporate a new design. Therefore, the company should integrate the new product to the existing operations (Harmon, 2014).


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