Research proposal: Feminist movements

Feminist movements

Various sources have been used in this compilation to obtain diverse opinions on the matter at hand. Pippa Norris in her book addresses the issue of gender equality and its influence on the culture globally. The book has provided the honest discussion of gender equality by the illustration on both the merits and demerits. Moreover, Nancy Dziedzic in her book explaining the issues of feminism movements. The book provides a modern outlook to the fight on gender equality, and it offers various debates on the pros and cons of these movements that exist in the society. Manheim in his book provides an in-depth account of the different methods that the feminist movement uses to achieve what they want. Margret Walter explores many significant issues of feminist in the article. The paper proposes to examine the significance of social movements such as feminist movements globally.

The purpose statements

The purpose of this proposal will focus on the feminist movements by illustrating the effects of these movements on the social factors such as culture and political systems. It is significant to understand these movements since they are becoming prevalence globally. The primary purpose of this research proposal will be on feminist movement. Their creation and formation are imperative to understanding their point of view and demands. Moreover, among the United States feminist movements some have obtained cross-cutting solidarity from some of the married women whose lives were more closely tied to their men in the general life (Carroll). These forms of support have triggered the feminist movement to the great length of success in their fight and struggled for their causes in the society. It is vivid that the support from the married women may be because of being considered inferior of the two genders and thus disrespected.

There has been a massive effect of feminist movement on the culture and politics in the society which is becoming more prevalent. The increasing number of women in both government and industrial sectors is one of the achievements of these movements in various nations. In the past, the number of women in the society who were successful was countable as compared to the present life where more women are successful, and this is attributed to the feminist movements. Consequently, another importance of the research proposal is to highlight the changes that have been brought by these movements in various cultures. The Islamic culture and other traditional communities where women were mistreated obtained a transformation as a result of the feminist movement (Carroll).

The research questions

  1. Is feminist movement effective?
  2. Why were the feminist movement formed in the first place?
  3. Has the feminist movements in the societies succeeded since their inceptions?
  4. What positive and negative influence has this movement had on politics and community norms and traditions?
  5. What role as the married women played in the movement?

Major claims

I anticipate finding out that the feminist movement exists in the society and has an impacted the world by their desires and objectives.

Therefore, my claims will be 1) that the feminist movement was formed to seek for gender equality to pave ways for the women in the society. 2) that the movement was created to fight the aspect of women being mistreated in some cultures by the norms and traditions that have no place in the current civilized society.3) that the present increase in the number of women taking posts in government systems is as a result of the movements. Moreover, the level of social balance in some cultures like Islam has been an achievement of the feminist movements.

The research strategies

  1. First I will obtain information by checking on the overview of the topic feminism movements through various articles.
  2. Based on the training on the library search class, will search through the library electronically. I opt to find the reading sources such as books, articles, newspapers, and diaries such as Manheim and other relevant on the issue of feminist movement.
  3. Therefore, after the discovery of what is available in the library, I will request the librarian to assist me access and get the required reading sources.
  4. Moreover, I will make use of the internet on sites such as Google scholars for more books and other websites for visual media.


The feminist movement enhances gender balance and goes against the aspect of gender discrimination in the economic, political and social structures. The feminist movement has become prevalence in the society and has made significant achievements in accordance with meeting up with their purposes globally. Ideally, since the beginning of the movement to the present, we have seen an increase in the number of women in the political and industrial sectors. Moreover, we have seen a transformation and decline in gender discrimination both in the family and community level. For example, in Chicago during the 1960s, a new wave of feminist movement emerged known as the women liberation which argued that women suffered so much in the male-dominated societies.

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