White Like Me: How Was Tim Wises Childhood Different Than Most White Americans?.

White Like Me: How Was Tim Wises Childhood Different.

When Wise Was A Student At Tulane, A Black Female Student From Another University Challenged Him About Something.  Describe This.

Question 1

During his childhood, his parents send him to a pre-school program at Tennessee state university a black university. Therefore, he had a chance to interact with the black and learn to respect them since the teachers and the manager were also black which. This made him different from most of the white Americans.

Question 2

Respect has the power to create value for someone or an individual. Tim wise learned to respect the African authority figures at school. Therefore, according to this to fight racism, we must start with training our children to respect other people of color.

Question 3

The black female student asked Tim that for the four years he had been in New Orleans what had he done to address racism and anti-apartheid. This showed that he had a chance and great opportunity in the town to address the issues of racism which he never did.

Question 4

According to David Duke, racism is still in the United States in America, and it is still part of the society. This is according to his response through his radio station that he is a racist.

Question 5

When the white people like him are blind to racial inequality and our privileges.

Question 6

At the beginning of the book, he says that the truth can only be learned when white people become Negros. Wise states that he never understood the statement when he was a child.

Question 7

The white people had more privileges than the people of color as history records through the congress laws and policies.

Question 8

The naturalization law of 1790 stated that free while people and only free could become full citizens of the United States of America. This was a privilege that the whites were given based on the skin color and the blacks together with the northern immigrants could not have during that period based on the law.

Question 9

The social security act provided services to the workers such as agricultural, cultural workers who were only available for the white people. The domestic workers with the majority being the black people did not qualify for the social security system.

Question 10

Loans were given to the middle-class workers to assist them to own their homes. This assistance was not for everyone in the states and for that period about 98% of the beneficiaries were white people.

Question 11

The G.I bill of rights provided the veterans with benefits such as low-cost mortgages, cash payments, funds to begin a business, living expenses and others. However, the bill did not protect the black people who also qualified for the same just like the whites.

Question 13

The programs were instrumentally created to benefit the millions of people in the United States of America to stand up to the system. Wise says that the programs were good but the discriminatory to benefit only the white people aspect was the wrong doctrine.

Question 14

The election of President Barack showed that the majority of the white people have transformed and were able to give the black people a chance in the States. The statement means that it was challenging for the whites to elect a black person during the racism period. It was an indication of a transformation process.

Question 15

Most of the Americans felt like the blacks were getting the same privileges as they were. Moreover, they said that the black is being treated fairly.

Question 16

  • The medium wealth of the white families is still 20 times greater than the medium wealth for the black families.
  • About 70% of the students of color go to a school where the majority of the students are black and brown with the school having a high level of student poverty.
  • The college-educated African Americans are nearly twice likely to be unemployed compared to the college-educated whites.
  • The white job applicants with criminal records are likely to be called back for interviews than the blacks’ applicants without criminal records.
  • The children born to African American women are twice more likely to die within their first year compared to the children born to white women. Moreover, the black women who don’t smoke have a higher rate of infant mortality for their children than the white women who smoke.
  • Based on life expectancy, black women are more likely to die three years earlier than the white women while a black man would die five years earlier than the white man.

Question 17

Reverse racism is the claim that the whites are being discriminated from some opportunities and jobs in the states. Tim wise address this as being unrealistic using the affirmative actions that for every black person getting an opportunity two of the whites will gain as well.

Question 18

The 1950s was a period of leaving it to Beaver where the American conservatives held so dear to them since it was marked before the struggle for inequality and justice begun. Therefore, the group is demanding for days of equality and justice in the States.

Question 19

The media departments and political systems in the United States are harmed by the views since favoring the whites and undermining the people of color.

Question 20, 21, and 23


The political elites have managed to create a boundary between the blacks and whites based on their benefits and racism. They have manipulated the majority of the white people to consider themselves essential and distinct compared to the people of color. The elites have created the system then none of the citizens’ benefit from due to a rotation factor on claims on the benefit factor.

Question 24

A color-blind society would mean closing up our minds and eyes from the truth and assuming that everything is ok. Therefore, it is practically impossible to understand racial inequality or discrimination if we avoid the situations.

Question 25

Implicit bias is a stereotype or attitude that influences someone’s ideas, actions, and decisions in an unconscious way. Wise at first thought that the black pilots are inefficient and would probably crash the plane. However, he fought with the stereotype and won.

Question 26

Tim wise concludes the video by saying that the society needs to be color conscious and not color blindness. He says that we need to learn from the people who fought for equality and racism in the United States of America and read from the materials. There is no gain for the whites to learn and read from the people who promoted racism since it will not solve the situation but worse.

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