Fry Electronics as Official Retailer of Verizon

Fry Electronics

The mission statement for Fry’s Electronics is “Electronics for everyone.” From this statement, it is evident that all customers are incorporated in this store where rich or poor, young or old; of course it is a store that offers electronics for everyone. I would like to express my experience with Fry’s electronics in my bid to purchase Verizon products.

I would like to say that throughout my encounter with this retail store, I have never loved how they normally treat as their customers. Since electronics are brought for everyone, I think they have chosen to treat their customers as the least important persons because that is the exact treatment I am always accorded every time I visit the store to purchase Verizon products.

Quality is not an issue for the management of the Fry’s Electronics and I still do not understand how such a key element of trade has been neglected by such a big organization. I once purchase a Verizon premium wireless from the store at a discounted price. I did not open the box until I reached the house. On trying the gadget, it was defective and so I returned it. When I lodged my complaint to the relevant employee, he did not say a word but just confirmed whether the product was actually inside the box and handed me a new one. I did not leave but pretended to shop for another electronic appliance only to watch the product I had earlier returned brought back to the shelf at a discounted price. I was really amused by this experience. I felt pity for the unsuspecting customer who would chose to buy the product I had just rejected but chose to mind my business because I had gotten a functional one after all.

As I said earlier, I do most of electronic shopping at Fry’s Electronics but to no any single time have I been rewarded by this particular organization. At first I thought I was not actually doing the kind of purchase they would recognize but I am yet to hear of any of its customers who have been awarded on the basis of purchase. If you visit some of its competitors such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart, you will realize that they offer rewards to their best customers why not Fry’s Electronics which is equally a big company. I have never felt encouraged to buy frequently from this store because of their ingratitude attitude. For instance, I have never received membership only deals, coupons or even point programs as offered by its main competitor. I want to say that this store has never taken my business seriously despite the fact that I make high volumes of purchases from it.

From my experience with Fry’s Electronics, I have come to realize that they have no respect to the words they tell the customers. Since I sell Verizon premium wireless gadgets, I have a lot of interest on this subject. When I  read on the newspaper advertisements that Fry’s Electronics has reduced its price, I rushed there as fast as I could bearing in mind that the amount I had could enable me buy more units that the ones I had bought earlier with the same amount. However, when I reached the store I found a group of customers groaning. They were discontented with the apology and correction that had been glued on the front door. I joined them in the disappointment but there was absolutely nothing I could do to reverse the situation. I presume that this company has perfected the art of the bait-and-switch tactic in order to attract more customers into their stores. Fry’s Electronics cheat their customers in several ways. For instance, I stated earlier that I watched the employees of Fry’s Electronics return to shelf a product that I had earlier returned due to defect at a discounted price. This is deceit that should not practiced by any business institution.  From my discussion with several other customers, I came to understand that I was just lucky the day I had my Verizon product replaced. They were unlucky anytime they complained of defective products, they were blamed for it and no replacement was made and yet I saw a defective product being returned to the shelf.

The next thing I have notice from my experience with Fry’s Electronics is that they do not offer anything near the recommended customer service. Every time I try to approach the employees of this organization, they normally pretend to be busy. They are either busy chatting on their cell phones or socializing with each other but they do not seem to have time to attend to the customers of this business organization. This is the only big retail store I have ever visited that does not allow the customers to see the supervisors in case of discontent or inappropriate treatment. The employees of this organization have perfected a way of speaking to their customers rudely and then requesting their fellow to cover up for them in case the customer demands to report this misconduct to the supervisors.

Finally, I want to conclude by saying that it is a waste of time to lodge complaint against any employee of Fry’s Electronics because the management does not care at all. I have never seen a retail shop of Fry’s Electronics caliber that lacks a central company website. There is no venue to drop complaints either is there a customer-service phone number. The company does not even customer inquiry forms or customer service email. I have never gotten opportunity to raise complaints against the conduct of the employees of this organization. This is against its mission statement of “Electronics for everyone.”

First of all, I would recommend that the marketing manager develop a platform that would allow the unsatisfied customers to put forward their contribution. This would enable Fry’s Electronics to provide best services to it esteemed customers. Employees should also be trained to treat the customers with respect.

Secondly, I would recommend that the market manager sees to it that information passed to their customers is accurate and relevant. This would avoid situations whereby the customers deceived by the retail store. There should be utmost good faith between the organization and its customers.

Finally, the marketing manager should ensure that quality of its products is upheld at all cost. Quality is such an important element for a business generating business that cannot be overlooked by any organization despite its market size. Defective products should not be sold to the customers at whatever cost and in case it happens accidentally, replacements should be done at no cost.


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