Why is homophobia such an important aspect of the social construction of masculinity?

Homophobia is the negative feelings, behavior and thoughts that are always identified by an individual on his/her perception on the social construction of masculinity. Homophobia is a problem that is deemed to be part of the community. There are some variables that have led to increased levels of homophobia among most of the high school students throughout United States of America. 

 The federal governments spend most of their resources in financing the public education system and even most of the high school students are accorded the opportunity to spend most of their time in college. This has led to increased homophobia among high school students. This makes homophobia a very important aspect when it comes to social masculinity construction. These students in high schools are able to learn homophobia during all the time they spend in their respective schools and then allow it to grow amongst themselves. Homophobia has great relationship with social construction of masculinity as a sport.

Homophobia is therefore deemed to have negative impacts on the education system of high school students who are interested in the construction of masculinity. The current educational system and even the society are affected by homophobia towards construction of masculinity.

There is a connection between athleticism and masculinity this makes homophobia an important aspect. Men are perceived to be masculine in nature and women are believed to be less masculine. This homophobia is very critical when it comes to the participation of women in the respective areas of sport. Women who are masculine in nature and are willing to participate in track events, are viewed to be bisexual and are discriminated upon by men and even fellow students. These students normally shy off from participating in athletics because of the homophobia that is identified with athletics. Females who are better athletes are stigmatized upon and this shows how feminity and sport compete against each other. The society is therefore using homophobia to control the feminine participation in sports and other extracurricular activities. This explains why most high school female athletes normally shy away from participating in sports.

Homophobia is not only used to control women in participation in sports only but it is also used to control men too. The whole society is corrupted by homophobia as far as the current studies are concerned. Men who are less masculine are discouraged from participating in sports because they are considered to be weak and may not put up a better performance. It is however important to note that all sports are not created equally and therefore some of the sports require masculinity compared to others.

Homophobia is at its highest rate in participation of core sports such as baseball, football and basketball. It is however a fact that most of these sport activities that are athletic in nature make part of social institution. Athletics being a social institution, it is important in the social construction of masculinity and at the same time it is affected by homophobia. This suggests why homophobia is considered an important aspect of masculinity. Students who participate in extracurricular activities that are nonathletic are less affected by homophobia. It has been identified that most of the students that are affected by homophobia are males against their gay counterparts with females being less homophobic to their lesbian counterparts. There are some other social structures that are identified with increasing levels of homophobia in students that are still in high school.

Masculinity can be identified by the participants in its construction through one of the following illustrated ways: the first way is perceived to be recognition of the masculinity and is normally influenced by factors such as locations and social factors of the participants. The second way is whereby the participants identify their masculinity subconsciously or intentionally depending on their self-beliefs and behaviors. The third and the final way of identifying masculinity is through acceptance whereby the participants are expected to perform all the exercises that are associated with masculinity.

Homophobia due to social factors, social locations and social identities such as religion, gender, race and social class is a very important aspect in construction of masculinity. Most men in high schools and even communities select activities that actually compensate to the social construction of masculinity. Most of the Kameron and black students in high school claim that they are normally forced to construct their masculinity in order to be accepted in particular groups in the school compounds. Their black male peers belief that masculinity is the only way that makes them to be identified as men. This is the driving force behind most of the back students competing to construct their masculinity immediately they join high schools. It is however, disadvantageous on the parts of the students who are trying to construct their masculinity in order to fit in given social classes because they are consuming time that are meant for other activities such as reading and reflecting on their course work. Black males feel that they are forced to understand and identify their masculinity when they join high schools.

Some of the black male students in high schools have been able to reject homophobia that they were forced to ascribe to when they joined high school. The homophobia that is associated with masculinity by the black male students is that they normally tend to be gays. Some of these students have changed some of the beliefs they obtained when they joined school that masculinity was the right definition of being a man. They have tried to identify their true self and therefore reject the homophobia that is associated with social construction of masculinity.

Social construction of masculinity is associated with homophobia whereby transgressors from black male students are normally labeled with several demeaning terms in case they go against the brotherhood code set up by their black male counterparts. They are forced to construct their masculinity and therefore misuse their study time. Students who opt to spend most of their time in studies are considered to suspects by their male counterparts. They are even threatened both verbally and physically or teased. These are some of the tools that the black males have been using to ensure that their masculine behaviors are practiced throughout the whole schools. The black male students are even marginalizing their fellow gay students are willing to construct their masculinity. Acts of such kinds are some of the things that make homophobia an elementary aspect in the social construction of masculine in both high schools and other learning institutions.

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