Drug control in asia

The content of this video is generally a policy issue because it aims at establishment of effective and long lasting drug control in Asia. Most of the countries in the central Asia such as Kazakhstan, Tajiksitan, Afghanistan, Uzbeskistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan lack the required capacity to stage a successful fight against drug use in their respective zones.  According to the video these countries are the leading producers of world’s dangerous drugs such as heroin. Afghanistan is still ranks the highest producer of heroin and possesses the highest growing number of drug addicts in the whole world. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime what is commonly known as UNODC is an agency that was established through the initiative of the United Nations in an attempt to control drug traffic and use in Central Asia. Its roles and operations form the main policy issues discussed in this video.

Some of the causal factors of drug use in Central Asia have been elaborately discussed in the paragraph. Most of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan are able to get surplus of heroin production in Afghanistan leading to increasing rate of heroin abuse among their citizens. It is not only the users of the heroin that get affected by their actions; they also hurt the economy of these nations that are found with Central Asia because they cease to be economically productive.  By doing drugs these individuals become addicts and pose a lot of risks to their lives. Use of opium and heroin is not bad as people may think because their usage has been prescribed in hospitals globally to patients who suffer from a lot of pain. However, citizens of the Central Asian countries have cease to use the drug responsibly as it is required and resorted to abuse. They are not to blamed squarely for their predicament but there are drug lords in these nations who bear all the responsibility.

Some of the policy recommendations in addressing the drug abuse in the Central Asia have been captured in this video. This video therefore focuses on the United Nations agency that is charged with the responsibility of controlling the abuse of drugs in these nations. Supply of the drugs have been reduced to some extent by the agency however much still need to be done to achieve the ultimate goal. The agencies have established checks on various borders of the countries within the Central Asia to gather information and also to enhance security. From the video, there is a plan by the Crime program in Uzbekistan and Antonella Deledda of the United Nations to strengthen their relationship and corporation by conducting a trip through three countries within the Central Asia.

Financial and budgetary issues are some of the policy issues that have been captured in this video.  The law enforcement officers working for the United Nations’ drug control agency are paid three times higher than the officers working for the local agencies making them to be more effective in their roles. The main agenda behind coming with such a pay pack for the United Nation’s agency include; reduce chances of corruption amongst its officers by discouraging the officers from accepting bribes from the drug dealers or pocketing the confiscated drugs. Officers working for this agency enjoy the high pay as incentive for working towards elimination of the drug problem and avoiding getting involved in the drug saga.  Still on the budgetary and financial issue, the video exposed that the program that is aimed at controlling the use of drugs in the Central Asia is mainly funded by the United Nations. The countries whose problems are being addressed do not contribute towards the program. There is need to provide rehabilitation centers in all the Central Asian countries at affordable prices because this would help in reverting the hopeless drug users into economically viable citizens. However, the current financial situation does not allow for such provision. According to the video, there are rehabilitations services that have already been established in various parts but they are paid by the clients. This means that only patients who possess the required financial muscles are able to secure such services while the poor ones can continue to languish in their drug addict life. The implication of such situation stands to derail the efforts of the agency because only a few will benefit from the initiative while a good number will not.

Future implications of the program have also been captured in the video. The program aims at promoting unity among the agencies present in each and every Central Asian countries so as to achieve the same goal. By working together the agencies will be able to share information related to sales and transport of the drugs and then control its produce and supply within the areas of jurisdiction. Through such an initiatives, drug trafficking will become a thing of the past because there will be no favorable conditions for its existence. It is important that this video has established the connection between the war financiers and drug sales. The drug lords are the financiers of the terrorists groups that exist in the region. War on drug use and trafficking in Central Asia can only be eradicated through eradication of production and sale of drugs. However, by doing this, the program will help in eradicating the terror acts that are also financed by the drug itself. There is need for countries which form parties to the United Nations to join hands in supporting this program because the form the target for most of the terror attacks. United States is the most affected nation with the terror activities that emanate from Central Asia which explains their active participation in the program discussed in this video.

Other content-specific information which is relevant to this video are some of the issues addressed by Brussels and Osh in their article that was published in 2001. The article expressed concern on the drug problems that continue to worsen in Central Asia because the drug lords increase the sale to finance terrorism.

Drug trafficking and use are the elements of the crime that have been elaborately expressed in this particular video.

The criminology theory that best explains the drug trafficking and use crimes that have been expressed in this video is the social conflict theory. It explains that the crime of drug use and traffic is committed by persons who have found themselves in an environment that facilitates such acts. For instance, the governments of Central Asian nations lack the capacity to control drug production and sale by drug lords leading to use and trafficking by their citizens.


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