Is the United States a racist country?

United States a racist country

United States is cosmopolitan in nature because majority of the inhabitants came from other nations across the world. Literary speaking, it is possible to find a representative any ethnic group living in the United States. The majority of the inhabitants of the United States are whites coming from all parts of Europe. The minority groups include: the African Americans; the Asian Americans; and the Hispanics. Racism is derived from ethnicity which simply refers to a particular group people who share common belief, values and practices. Based on these principle; United States has been divided into two main ethic groups; the minority and the majority.

According to William Little in his book Introduction to Sociology, he expressed his concerns on the meaning of two important words; ethnicity and race.  I found his definition of these two important words relevant to the situation in the United States of America as I have discussed above. Despite the fact that this book was aimed to express ethnicity and race in Canada, it is easier to point out that it has majorly described the spread of minority across the country. It is quite interesting that the minority in Canada are more or less represented by the same ethnic groups in the United States.

William defined a minority group as a group of persons who have been singles out from the rest of citizens and accorded unequal and differential treatment based on their cultural belief or physical appearances. In other words, minority is represented by a group of people who are discriminated upon in a society. He went ahead to define majority group as a group people who believe on the superiority of the cultural beliefs and physical appearances and have therefore dominated the society.

I have all the reasons to believe that United States is a racist country based on the definitions that William little has provided in his book. The African Americans form the second largest minority group in the United States after the Spanish. The majority is formed by the Whites. The history of the United States has it all on how the African Americans have faced a lot of injustices from the whites since they arrive into America as slaves. I came to learn that Africans were kidnapped from West Africa and then transported through ships into the southern part of America to work as slaves. This act in itself portrays the whites who live in America because they discriminated Africans to an extent that they accorded treatments that do not befit that of a human being.

During the slavery period, the African Americans were treated as servants to the whites. They were subordinates and were expected to serve their white masters without any resentment. From Samara bin Sharifu’s article, “Black Pete is just a bit of fun for the Netherlands, right?’’ it is crystal clear that Black Pete is used by the Netherlands to discriminate upon the Black inhabitants. He notes that the blacks were portrayed to be inadequate and could only speak broken Dutch. They were also expected to follow orders from St.Nicholas without a question. In the same article Samara recognized the fact the African Americans were dehumanized by the white Americans when they arrived as slaves. Racism has been fought in America since time immemorial and it seems it is a fight that seems lost.  African American children have been subjected to discrimination in schools and colleges making them to exhibit low self-esteem.

Even in learning institutions whites and their children have tried by all means to show the whites that their black culture is inferior to the white culture. This is the reason as to why they walked the Dutch celebrating the Black Pete went to Samara’s school and succeeded in diminishing the Blacks.  I would like to use some of these sentiments of Samara to prove my support my opinion that America is a racist country. there was a time when the African Americans were literally lynched by their white counterparts, they were not allowed to attend same learning institutions as whites; they were not even allowed to participate in sports as the Great Mohammed Ali said it. In the year 1995, more blacks became the victims of the anti-black attacks according to the FBI.

In the year 2008 when an African American sought to become the president of the United States of America, most of his political competitors argued that America could not elect a black president. He rose to clinch the presidency of the United States amidst opposition from the white Americans. Personally I thought this brave act of Americans would bury racism to the land of the dead but I was wrong until this year’s elections came knocking. It is pathetic to hear a presidential candidate, Donald Tramp speaking ill against the minority and even suggesting to deport them back to their natives amidst cheers from his supporters. This is a complete sign that United States has embraced and clung to racism so much that it is not willing to give it up. African Americans have done great things for United States, some of them have done earned exceptional achievements that a member of the white community is yet to make but still they are discriminated upon by the whites.

It would not be right to justify the fact that United States is a racist country without discussing the recent terrorist attack of the Orlando nightclub. The attack was aimed at people of a given sexual orientation. The attacker targeted gay person and opened fire at them mercilessly killing 50 of them and injuring several others. I would lack the best word to describe this incidence is not racism. The attacker did not like the sexual orientation of this particular group of people. He was engulfed with a feeling of anger and decided to kill them. Such cases are not new in the United States.  United States has experienced the most number of terror attacks than any other country in the world.

In the news article, ‘Reminder of Slavery’, the author has described United Nation’s concern on the negative impacts of Black Pete as a holyday character on the black community. The whites in Holland in their comments are not remorseful and in turn they have suggested that UN should be more concerned with Hunger and Poverty other than addressing racism. The same comments would be aired by White Americans when advised against racism. I want to conclude by commenting that all the discrimination acts of the white Americans against the African Americans do remind them of slavery.


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