Within You Without You (1967) By The Beatles

Within You Without You (1967)

The background on the artists and the song style

The first song to be recorded by the Beatles was a single entitled “love me do” and broke up in the year 1970 after undergoing a lot of changes. The Beatles consisted of a group of four youths that were very funny on stages and a distinct hairstyle. They dressed on all types of clothes and kept long hair.

The Beatles started their song on rock and roll while still in Liverpool, and most of their songs were mostly based on the theme of love.

The Beatles did not attack the rich in the society neither did they sing about social injustices despite the fact that they came from relatively poor families.

The Beatles attacked the political class for the first time when they released an album entitled the “taxman”

The Beatles made a change on their lyrics attitude in the year 1965 after realizing that their form of lyrics was simple and shallow compared to the form of lyrics that was practiced by their fellow musician. They had to change because they did not want to be dull to their music fans. The Beatles saw music as a weapon and a spiritual element rather than a form of entertainment.

The song that remains a breakthrough to the singing career of the beatles is “Norwegian wood” which made them realize that lyrics is more important than the music itself. The beatles abused the drugs publicly with an objective of discovering their new worlds and increasing their creativity as far as music is concerned.

What does the song reveal about the culture?

The factors of culture represented with song in 1967 included; freedom, drugs and drug abuse, pop, affluence and youths. The beatles through their song within you, without you, they were able to express these ideologies, therefore influencing the thinking and the culture of people who lived during that period. It can be seen that the year 1960s marks a great milestone as far as social, economical and political developments are concerned.

The beatles expressed affluence amongst youths through their song within you, without you by encouraging youths to work to get money to pay for their entertainment. They recognized youths as potential customers as opposed to earlier notion which consider youths unable to afford entertainment services, therefore leaving it an affair for the elders. This was achieved through orienting their song to capture youthful audience.

The song portrayed how much the youths were abusing drugs. LSD and marijuana are the drugs that were commonly abuse during the period this song was produced. The artist themselves captured the film abusing these drugs hence encouraging their youthful audience to join the suit.

The song portrays how much inequality was present between the old and the youths. The old were very rich while their younger counterparts were considered to be poor. This lead to the rise of human rights movement whereby the youths sought to be employed so as to get money to enable them enjoy themselves.

The song also had lyrics that the youths used to express their feelings to each other. The song was not attributed towards any political issue but only on the social issues of the youths.

What is the message of the song on artist view of the world?

The Beatles through their song within you, without you, saw the the world as a place with required money and power. They believed that after one has possessed power and energy then everything will subsequently follow. The Beatles while performing their song within you, without you, they presented their German audience with energy and power because that is all they asked for. The Beatles show music as an opportunity to earn money and through this song they tell youths that they have all the energy and power within themselves to earn money and use it to pay for their entertainment services.

The Beatles came from poor backgrounds but this did not deter them from achieving their goals. Through this song they show their audience that the world offers equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of one’s background. The power and the zeal to be successful in this world solely depend on the personality of an individual.

The view of the world according to the Beatles in their song within you, without you is actually a dynamic phenomenon which keeps on changing. The youths ought to change their style of viewing things and start viewing things from within themselves.

The Beatles saw the world as a place with generational gaps. They knew there was a great difference between the old and the youths. They performed this song dressed as their youths and smoked LSD as their youthful fans. They represent the group they belonged to. They saw the world as a better place with energetic and powerful youths controlling all its activities.

How do its musical elements characterize a distinctive musical style?

The musical element of the song within you, without you by the Beatles in 1967 was typical to the rock and roll which was considered a black music. The song also has got elements such as blues and rhythm, skiffle and doo-wop. The beats of the music were similar to the Mersey beat or what was mostly known as the sound of Liverpool that had earlier been established in the early 1960s. it was blues and rhythm form of music that was anglicized. The beat was also characterized by clean harmonies and a swinging beat.

The song within you, without you by the Beatles in the year 1967 had a distinctive musical element because it was modified with unique electronic effects and additional instruments were introduced into the studio making it a musical style with several directions. The additional instrument that the Beatles introduced into their song within you, without you was a sitar and it enable them to increase the base of their audience across Europe due to the oriental sound that was consequently produced. The musical element of the song within you, without you by the Beatles was more or less a pop music rather than the perceived black music.

This song had several musical effects mixed together to achieve the desired results. A higher level of inventions was achieved through this song by mixing the following musical elements; vaudeville, surrealism, rock and mysticism. The influence of black music was actually eliminated by the Beatles in their song within you, without you by bringing a fresh feeling of pop music to their fans.


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