Hip hop in American culture

Hip hop in American culture


New York’s South Bronx is believed to be the origin of the hip-hop music in the year 1973 and it was developed by Kool DJ Herc whose native is Jamaica. He identified this new form of music during a Halloween dance party of her younger sister. He used the opportunity to try out break dance in the party. It continued to gain popularity in the mid 1970s but its first song was commercial produced in the year 1979 by Sugar hill Gang rappers. The main culture that was identified with form of music was breaking which involve employing movement of body parts during performance.

In the recent past, there has been high rise of controversy that is associated with the effect of hip-hop songs on the American culture. It is presumed that most of the youths are associated with violent behaviors. There has been concern over the violent nature of most of the youths in both homes and learning institutions.  Hip hop as well as other forms of music has to undergo a lot of scrutiny when it comes to determination its social and historical effects. Hip hop is in most cases sung to show the negative attributes of the African-American culture.

It has been realized that hip-hop culture has been adored by youths from both urban and rural communities in America. Most of the youths that do not reside in urban centers are normally willing to be associated with urban culture. Most youths are growing up to be associated with music that they were once prohibited from listening to. The hip-hop music is loved by all youths despite their respective races.

Hip-hop is embraced by most youths across America as they seem to believe that they are running away from a society that was once dominated by adults. The adults used to control everything in American societies and the youths were expected to follow whatever they were told. When hip hop was introduced and youths realized that they could no longer be under the control of their parents and could be independent. They decided to embrace this culture and that is why they imitate everything that is said and practiced by their favorite hip hop singers.

Hip hop is expressed in graffiti whereby it is expressed visually and that is why most of is performed in live performances. There is no one in America who does not the cultures and teachings of hip hop. Ranging from children to youths to adults they are all aware of the bad culture that is associated with this kind of music and majority of them have become keen followers of the hip hop culture. It can be said almost all youths in America is a lover of hip hop music and keep observer of its culture. Hip hop is in the course of spreading its ideology and ways of thinking to the youths in America. It is nolonger a form of music as it w presumed but it is turning out to be a movement with massive youths as its members.

Hip hop has even influenced the kind of language that is used by youths all over the world. Hip hop has eroded the American culture by spreading its complex ideology amongst youths. Several people have questioned behind the power of hip hop in America.hip hop has both philosophy and ideology such as prison culture and street culture respectively. It is a combination of latino american and African American cultures making it a very popular form of music.

Hip hop has recently become very popular in the world of white Americans who earler thought it was a rotten music that was only associated with the African Americans. Most of the angry white youths have slowly been embracing the hip hop culture and foregoing the culture that they had been taught by their parents that when you are a white youth in America would help one attain his dreams easily.

It is a concern for the societies in America to try to figure out the reason as to why most of their youths are attracted towards hip hop culture. It has been determined that most of the American youths are not only excited by the hip hop culture but they believe that it enables them to have the practical view of life in America. They belief that hip hop is the only real way of life why al that the government is telling their citizens are all lies. They also believe that hip hop is more real compared to Christianity and is the only way of life that all youths in America should embrace.

Hip hop is perceived by most adults in the united states of America as a violent culture that is making their youths to lose the right ways of life. American youths have come up to be different from their parents and actually developing totally different beliefs and customs. They have turned out to be very radical when it comes for demanding teir rights are normally associated with riots and lootings. They are very brutal and inhuman. They call themselves gang stars and are willing to take anything that they think they deserve no matter the cost. Hip hop culture being associated with violence and crime majorly has made a very negative impact on the American youths with most of the opting to become criminals instead of working hard to achieve everything they need in life.

The culture of hip hop is experienced in every part of American youth. They speak very vulgar language and broken English as they copy their favorite artists who are largely affected by their African origin. They dress in casual wares and hang several bling bling around their necks everywhere in America. They are very violent even in learning institutions and are mostly associated with criminal activities throughout America. The culture that is presented with hip hop has made several American youths to be very arrogant to whoever disregards their hip hop culture. They believe they are living in their own world where they are the ones under control of it and hip hop is their way of life.

There is no doubt that the above discussed hip hop cultures have taken control of almost all the youths that live in America and even the whole world. Youths have turned out to seek recognition and they are not willing to take anything for chances. They have the desire to take control of all the social welfare affairs and they do not want to be guided by their elders in any way.


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