If Leadership And Management Are Different, Discuss How The Differences Between Them Might Impact On The Delivery And Effectiveness Of A Health Service.

Leadership And Management Are Different


Leadership and management roles are some of the aspects that are different but interconnected. It is difficult to acquire good leadership without an organized management system as well it is not possible to get good management without a well-built leadership. According to researchers, leaders are meant to innovate and develop the existing ideas while the mangers are meant to administer, maintain and put in order what is there. The ability to define the two principles still remains undefined as most of individuals think that they are the same.

However, leadership and management can be brought in a broader and precise way. Leadership can be defined as the ability of a person to sway, inspire as well as the contribution of effectiveness that is directed towards the organizations success. On the other hand, management comprises of control and giving a way forward to a group so that to harmonize it and push it towards the targeted goal. For this reason, it is evident that leaders are there to mange people who manage while mangers are there to control or manage work presented.

It is vital to note that some faculties require a high sophisticated leadership and management not because they are typically special but because they need a special attention that is too critical to be ignored.  Faculties such as health care need a very organized management and leadership systems in order to coordinate all the activities that are needed in the sector.

According to the recent scandals, the shortcomings that come along from these sectors are as a result of conflict between the leadership and the management.

Effect of leadership in healthcare

The value and authority that comes as a result of well-built leadership has been recognized as very important toll in health care. However, as recommended earlier, the first leadership or the most top rated leadership are supposed to be portrayed in these areas as a result of intricate process and systems that comes from the healthcare itself (Barr, 2008).

As a far as leading with people than  services is all what revolves around the healthcare, good outstanding leaders should come up so that they can give a clear direction and offer a close supervision of the human personnel. It would be so critical to leave just the management to operate its process since in not all workers are motivated according towards work as viewed in the theories X and Y.

Conversely, there are tools are needed by such leaders that are almost unconsidered in other sectors. A leader in this case should be able to possess the toll of understanding with the people around him so that everyone who is working should also be able to trail along. It would be very risky to find differences among the people being led when probably it comes to sorting issues as a group. As well, healthcare involves a larger and a broader area that absolutely does not consider isolation at all means. Other key tools include vision or mission sharing where a leader should absolutely empty what he/she plans and give it to others to consider because there is no single idea can be applied in health care without a strict scrutiny that comes from the both leadership and management side. Moreover, enhanced timing skills, excellent communication and situational approach have to be evident in this area.

It is believed that: efforts that disburse from anywhere regardless of where it comes from can be as a source of motivation to a human being provided that they consider it to worthwhile. Due to this fact, the effort is considered to come within and less from any external force in whatsoever reason due to requirement of informed decisions. Thus a leader in this case has to be the not only a source of motivation but also a strong person who believes in what they say. The work of leaders in this faculty however, can be cumbersome in respect to how they give ideas because most of the incidences time is limited and thus motivation should either come indirectly each time and directly when there is an adequate chance to everyone. The moment a leader notices that the personnel have been fully motivated they can as well give task that challenges them in order to keep the momentum.

How leadership works in these sectors

In health care, there is no rigid plan that has to be followed to enhance a leadership rather; leadership here can take any form of aspect as long as it goes hand in hand with the faculty. The situation models take assumptions that any apposite leader should be dynamic in respect to the situational incidence. Considering Fred Friedler theory, the Least Preferred Co-worker theory, the behavior of leaders should be either oriented towards relationship or should be task-oriented adjusting in accordance to the appropriateness of the situation involved. They seek to build up trust and respect their subordinates through consultation, communication and enhancing their cohesiveness towards them.

It is worth notable that even if the ideas should be distributed for the discussion of other personnel in healthcare, the powers of a leader remains constant and is not strange when they sometimes give orders. Some decisions involves much of risk taking and even the management ma go against  the ideas but at the same time risks should be handled in some difficult situations that seem to be complicated and no simple solution is applicable. Thus the management may take it the way it is as their work is to work out on those risks to find and possible solution.

Effect of management on health care

Having the key skills to obtain and acquire the knowledge of the faculties, managers are vital in every ranking. No work can coordinate well without the proper distribution and allocation of resources to where they are supposed to be. According to the organizational theory that was derived from the different faculties recently shows that the efficiency and the quality of a particular productive process depend heavily on the respective co-ordination of work that ate involved. Works and tasks that come as a result of management must be correlated irrespective of the divisional boundaries that come along.

 Taking an illustration, doctors and nurses work always on the same department that involves cure and care respectively. However, it does not mean the argument that came from a different time in organization nor the division of powers that may bring conflicts should be carried down to the work itself. Patient should be treated at the same time cared for. Due to that factor, management has to make sure that rules that are contained in the health care faculties working respect to the professional involved. Concentrating on the same area, a certain systematic review was conducted to promote the collaboration and understanding between the doctors and nurses.

A research was made, and the review was conducted on different healthcare departments while other departments were left without applying the same (Davies, 2001). There was a significant change in the order of management that went down to how the nurses and doctors related in the selected areas while the other places remained with the same routine that used. In the first incidence the doctors and nurses underwent a serious training section, motivation was reinforced and their works in the respective areas were recommended under merits. Managers took time to correct where mistakes occurred while giving instruction under close supervision on how the work was conducted. The exercise took place almost six months and there was evidence of change between the two involved areas.

There was patient that were in the places where the system was used had a better treatment, amazingly, as well as quick recovery. According to the questionnaires filled, the involved hospitals recorded a high improvement level of improving in the recent history. This is due to doctor-nurse cooperation, conflict solutions between them, good recommendation of work and above all support from the leadership faculty. On the other hand, the hospitals where the systems were never applied remained the same and others at the same time moving to worse.

How management works

The management system involves managers from different ranks who coordinate different but correlated tasks. They work towards fulfilling their own individual work but finally the work becomes the centre of what a health faculty constitutes of. Managers supervise work and give diffraction in the accordance with the manual provided from the leadership system (Wheeler, 2000). They have to make sure that everything goes hand in hand as directed without handing or eliminating anything. The only place the managers have to execute their own rules are when they recognize a different way to implement the rules so that the work the best.

The combined effect between the management and leadership nevertheless is what more vital thing because the managers should get instructions from the leaders. In addition, the management is given facilities and it’s upon them to know how to coordinate and know how they should work at best. Leaders cannot work without managers as well as the managers.


Both leadership and management need guidelines and focus, inspiration and motivation as well as inner friendly spirit. The managers are there receive new things to try. However, interestingly the same leaders challenges the outcomes of what managers produces so that to evaluate if it still needs more efforts so that it can work out the best. Moreover, it is not only all about the management and leadership, in health fraternity, values of knowledge come from all sides depending on the urgency of matters. Individual such as students doing research are among those who give ideas either directly and indirectly contribute towards the effectiveness of health care. In more advanced areas leaders appoint managers not to manage work but to define a purpose of their goals. They only way leaders enforce the managers to work is when they need efficiency in work or when they feel there is misappropriation of resources.


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