Interview A Relative or Family Friend Who Lived Through A Specific Period of American History about Their Experience and Memories

A Relative or Family Friend Who Lived Through A Specific Period of American History

My father was born in Hong Kong one of the biggest cities in china in the year 1966. During this period there were a lot of political social and economic changes that were taking place in Hong Kong and china as a whole. Politically, the process of decolonization was on the course and all the Chinese were behind it. The Japanese had also started occupying most parts of china with Hong Kong being one of them. During this period that my dad was born, district administrators were appointed through elections and this was a new development politically. The civil service was undergoing expansion through localization. Hong Kong remained useful to the mainland of china since it was importing water and food from it. The cost of living in Hong Kong was not that much high due to cheap food that they imported from the mainland. In 1960s the industrial produce was mainly plastics, electronics and clothing. The other exports were formed from labor intensive activities. My dad stayed in Hong Kong for nineteen years before he came to settle in United States of America.

When my dad arrived in United States of America in the year 1985, there were a lot of civil rights movements that were being formed across United States of America. Schools in the north were undergoing desegregation and several whites were against this as most of them thought that the blacks had received more than enough in the recent past. These white extremists were very hostile to the minority groups in the United States of America sparked violence in social places. They fire bombed churches and even schools. There was wide spread of poverty in almost all parts of America with several money lenders exploiting anyone who borrowed loan from them. There was introduction of cocaine in most learning institutions and urban centers which affected the lives of several youths in America.

In United States of America my dad attended CDY Press College between the year 1985 and 1988. He joined USC in the same year he completed CDY Press College. During the year he joined USC, they launched the Institute for Molecular Medicine and the Center for Scholarly Technology. The following year the university became the first to offer doctorate in occupational science in the whole world. My dad was lucky to be identified with the university as it made such a wonderful milestone. In the same year, USC formed one of the best collections for trade texts and journals in Los Angeles city. In 1990, the final year that my dad spent in USC, they were able to raise USD 641.6 million during a campaign and therefore improved their infrastructure by constructing several other buildings in the university.

When Los Angeles took place, my dad was out of the university and lived in the downtown. The riot took place in the year 1991, on 3rd march. Rodney king was pulled out of his car and beaten merciless for fifteen minutes. The police officers who participated in the beating claimed that he was on drugs and he was opposed to arrest. They caused permanent head damage to Rodney king in front of merciful crowd but little did they know that they were being filmed. My dad was one of the people who watched the whole scene as the police officers were showcasing their brutal nature to the crowd. During this period of time Los Angeles was affected by racial discrimination and police brutality. The whites who were the police officers were against the minority in the society. This situation really frightened my dad to an extent that he could not continue staying in downtown any longer. He was forced to move to Diamond Bar CA with his parents. They felt that downtown was no longer a safe place to stay in so long as you were a non-white.

In the Diamond Bar CA house, he lived with his parents and his other siblings. His siblings were Amy and Patrick. From downtown, diamond bar was located eastwards approximately 20 miles far apart. It has several neighbors such as Pomona, Rowland Heights and Walnut. This area however lacked any water body adjacent to it. My dab and his family moved to diamond bar CA just two years after it was incorporated. They however found peace when they moved to this new place and decided to continue with their stay in this place. They lived happily as a family. While still year they could not help comparing this place and their native home, Hong Kong. Lifestyles were just different in these two separate worlds. There is a lot of differences between California and Hong Kong with time difference being the first one. Hong Kong is ahead of California by 14 hours and therefore if they wanted to contact someone from Hong Kong they had to make calls between 5 pm and 9 am. In Hong Kong credit was awarded for achievements that were made in groups while in California things were different with everything pegged to personal achievements. In Hong Kong people used to keep close friends who were handy in times of need as opposed to California where friends are very many but they do not support in times of need. Law is applicable to everyone in United States of America while the opposite is true in Hong Kong; there are several factors that determine how law is applied to a given individual. When it comes to business, Hong Kong and United States of America are totally different. When Chinese make deals they do it quietly while the Americans are very pushy and aloud when making deals.

While in Diamond Bar CA, my father helped Connie, a friend to my grandparents to establish a Chinese restaurant at Buena Park. He helped her design the restaurant and therefore he was offered a job opportunity in the same restaurant upon its completion. He still works in the restaurant up to date. During all this time was helping Auntie Connie to develop the Chinese restaurant, he maintained a long distance relationship with my mother.

My mother Alice would later join him in the United States and then they formed a happy couple and gave birth to children. They say a lot of changes have taken place both politically, socially and economically.  We enjoy staying as a family and life is very enjoyable this side as this is my home and I do not know much about the difference between California and Hong Kong. However, I am grateful to my dad who has been very open with me in helping me understand the difference.

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