Visit A Restaurant Store Or Other Place Of Business Where Most Of The Employees Are Visible To The Public.

Visit A Restaurant Store Or Other Place Of Business

I have decided to visit one of the restaurants in my hometown to seek how it conducts its normally daily activities. The restaurant is located along a terminus therefore attracts a large number of people. From sociology point of view, several people who visit this restaurant come to hold meetings or even to catch up with friends. Some of them are travelers from other far places and they visit this place either to eat or refresh themselves. Due to this fact, there are very many employees who are employed in this restaurant to carry out several activities that are aimed at offering services to its esteemed customers.

Hosts in this restaurant are charged with responsibility to make personal reservations to customers. When the customers arrive at the restaurant, they are escorted to their seats by the hosts. For one to be a host he should be prepared to stand for a very long period of time as he/she waits for the customers as they arrive at the restaurant. On top of that a host should be presentable, approachable and well composed in order to create a good impression to new customer. This restaurant has employed a bartender is required to provide servers with drinks to take to bar patrons upon request. He/she is expected to be very friendly to them and heed to their demands. A bartender sits on the drinks cabinet and keeps all the records of all the ordered drinks by the bar patrons and ensure that the drink cabinet is well stocked at all times. Customers are served according to their orders by the servers of this restaurant. They are expected to enquire the preferences of the customers and serve respective orders. The servers are expected to be friendly to customers, show appreciation to customers upon seeking the services of the restaurant. The servers should have a better understanding of both food and drink descriptions so as not serve a customer with a wrong food or drink.

 The servers are expected to balance hot plates of foods ordered by the customers as they serve their respective customers. Servers cannot carry all hot plates of food all by themselves; they need food runners to assist them. Customers are supposed to be served with hot foods at all times, and it is the responsibility of the food runners to ensure that is done. Food runners are required to serve as a link between the restaurant kitchen and the customers. He/she should have a clear memory on the food served to each and every customer to avoid misunderstandings.

 The front runners are required to be responsive to every call of a customer and act swiftly in case of an order from the customer. Another group of employees in this restaurant is line cooks. They are to prepare for the customers food with respect to their orders. The restaurant is kept clean by the line cooks as part of their responsibilities. All sweet foods in the restaurant including deserts, bake breads and even cakes are prepared by the pastry cooks. They work alongside the line cooks to ensure that restaurant kitchen is kept clean and tidy. After the customers have finished eating, the utensils have to be washed, and this is the work of dish washers. Dishwashing is normally done after all the customers have left the restaurant in preparation for the following day.

The performance of all the employees of this restaurant is regulated and monitored by the supervisors. Supervisors in this restaurant are in the management position and are expected to carry out some management roles such as hiring and firing junior employees.

All the machines and equipments of the restaurant are maintained and kept in good conditions by the maintenance workers.  A maintenance worker is expected to repair defective equipments and machines in the restaurant. Goods that are brought and taken out of the restaurant are recorded and the records kept by the warehouse worker of the restaurant.

Bar patrons, hosts, line cooks, bar tenders and food runners are the employees of this restaurant that are classified under front-line employees. They are deemed to have personal relationships with the customers on daily basis. The loyal customers of the restaurant draw their loyalty on the kind of treatments that they received from front-line employees of the restaurant. Since it is the restaurant manager that normally assumes the responsibilities of wrongdoings in the restaurant, he/she falls under the category front-line employees.

In this restaurant, I was able to meet people from different walks of life. There were family members, children, women, men, youths, the rich, the poor and the middle class members. The employers of the organization are competent and they carry out all the activities accordingly.  The restaurant was well furnished and kept clean making it suitable for all the customers. High quality foods and services are offered by the restaurant personnel. The restaurant is not shy of power shortages because it has a back- up generator. All the activities of the restaurant are carried out accordingly due to undisrupted supply of power. The restaurant offers parking lots to its customers free of charge which are very secure and spacious. In case a customer loses anything while in the restaurant, he/she is compensated accordingly by the management of the restaurant. The employees of the restaurant readily provide assistance to customers whenever they visit the restaurant.

Whenever I visit the restaurant I feel really comfortable. This is because I receive warm reception from the restaurant employees. I get necessary assistance whenever I ask for it. I get the best foods and drinks from friendly employees and specifically all my security is guaranteed whenever I am within the restaurant. Immediately I reach the gate of the restaurant, I am directed to the parking lot where my car is well watched by competent security officers. From there I am directed to the reception by a host, as he/she carries my briefcase. At the reception, my luggage is recorded and then kept in a secure place. I am then shown the free table and served with cold drinks of my preference and allowed to have a rest. From then I am allowed to make an order of any sort in case which is served immediately by the servers. After finishing my meal and drinks, I am served with a bill which I pay and then handed a receipt and a balance. From there I am taken around to watch anything of my choice. I feel like spending more days in the restaurant because of the hospitality I enjoy from the wonderful employees of this restaurant.

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