What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Internet As Academic Information?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Internet


Internet being a powerful channel for sharing as well as access of information has made it a widely used tool globally. Many people have found an easy way of getting direct information instead of necessarily visiting the library for the manual reading. Since the concept of “Galactic Network” that was launched in the untimely 1960s, it fame has grown widely like bush fire.

Sharing of extensive information regardless of the geographical location as well as one second click obtaining of required information has created no doubt in the use of web. According to many important people who have come up and developed the concept and the content of internet, many people have found the earth to be the “global village”.

Internet is nowadays used almost everywhere ranging from academic institutions, workplaces as well as at the individual levels. Installation of webs in small portable gadgets such as the mobile phones, tablets and so on, have strengthened deeply the roots of internet in such a way that it cannot be eliminated sooner by any other thing. “Internet is the reason why you find every individual on their laptops, ipads and smart phones trying to concentrate regardless of the places they are located” a Bosco university lecturer claims. He argues that before the internet era people were so much interested in what happening all over their surrounding and they used to obtain information from the library (Birnbaum, 2000). Contrary, today everyone is busy looking and concentrating on their gadget concentrating on even more than on site.

View of internet

It is so interesting however to find a thousand of sites trying to compare the weight of benefits and constraints of internet. Many researches over a decade now have concentrated much finding worthwhile results about internet, a thing that has made contradiction since despite of having pros still many want to justify the drawbacks and make them t be part of the latter.

Referring different types of individuals, internet seems to be a very unique and complicated thing. A research made on a school in Australia, students says that the internet is the best thing to have when it come to education matters that involve massive information. They  argues that buying of books to feed in the libraries have consumed a wider part in the budget and as well they cannot retrieve all the information and if they can, it is not as quick as it may be required. On the other hand the lecturers and older researcher claims that they have brought laziness to the generation which came after this period as they never strain their minds to find their own content. They continue to argue that the information on these webs were once created by a person’s mind that justified imperative to be shared to others and that why it was launched on the web. They say that if the trend prolongs, there would be no further inventions as every mind rely on the internet sources (Laurence, 2000).

Advantages of using internet

-Brain focus

Use of internet encourages people to have hub in several contents. Michael Merzenich, a neuroscientist as well as a professor at the university of California, believes our brains are always “massively remodeled” by continuous escalating web usage and related media. He once conducted a sequence range of experiments where he rearranged the nerves in the hand of a monkey. The nerve cells situated in the sensory cortex quickly reorganized to generate another mental dimension of the hand. Concluding that the brain is highly sensitive to focus on massive range of thing and enhancing concentration.

-Time limits and geographical location

Time is an important asset everywhere we go and as well it is linked to the information. Referring a book by Harris ‘Evaluating Internet Resources’, information grows as the minutes go on. Each minute count when it refers to the quality of information because it’s dynamic in nature. This means that a certain web may change its data, addresses as well as its dimension depending on a specific timing. Moreover it is less time consuming to retrieve information from the web compared to someone who goes down deep in books.

The disposal of information in the internet, allow everyone to view it regardless of their location as well as give the feedback on how they view it. For this reason, a person can view much information from different part globally at once thus enhancing reliability and quick retrieval.

Disadvantages of using the internet

-Interruptions and distractions

Referring to the work of Roman Philosopher Seneca, the internet is a source that opens many sequential programs at once that are not capable of being accommodated in the human brain at once. In accordance to his research, it is shocking on how the human brain is subjected to damages of overworking. He argues that individuals who read and obtain information from web with a very short time have a lesser understanding as very little content enter their brain as the rest was like jus copying. As well, people who watch active multimedia presentation have lesser capacity to remember the actual message than the others who get focused on one work.

Use of internet of late is even more cumbersome as the days go on. On practical event, it obvious to find someone on net running more than five sites at once doing a research on academic work, at the same time the e-mails, updates and other interesting materials are incoming. This is apparent that of course on will take time to reply an email or a facebook message before progressing to their original work thus causing destruction.

-Copyright and plagiarism on the internet

Internet has led to momentous incidences of plagiarism as many academic researchers are found to be related directly to the original source. As mentioned earlier in the paper, it has become difficult to get creative minds as many rely on internet sources as their first-hand information thus leading to lack of valid originality of the information. The assuage of the “copy and paste” method as well as looking for the easier way to find information due to laziness has marked a higher increase of plagiarism.

In many academic institutions, many students believe that everything is found in the internet. Though there are more than four billion accessible website, only six percent have educational stuff. Most of site are just out to make their individual profits and are less concerned with the academic content.


Internet can be a very precious source of information on academic fields and can give very diverse ideas from different individual across the world (Sullivan, 2010). But it should be noted that student should rely less on internet sources during academic work as opposed to direct use of library materials. In this they will enhance the brain capacity, create a room for creativity and innovation therefore giving more solution to various problems arising on a daily basis.


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