How Naval Power Was Employed In The Balkans Crises Of The 1990s?

Naval Power Was Employed In The Balkans Crises


The Balkan crises of 1990s originated long way even before the birth of Christ. These crises are identified as Bosnia-Herzegovina and can be trace back from Yugoslavian beginning. It is believed that the roman had once conquered the areas during the BCs to use it as an intermediary of their trade and commerce. However, this area had been having crises since then because it is source of rich wealth. After the creation of the empire, it eventually fell due to existence of minor wars. Thereafter there was a trail of wars between kingdoms that rose as the area of Balkans became a main place of trade that determined the world economy. This series of changes took different turns according to the leaders and kingdoms that were involved (Eldărov,2013).

Naval power

During the 1990s the Yugoslavian government had struggled with all they could to restore the unsuccessful economy and the issue of Local nationalism. As a result, committees were formed to solve the problems but unfortunately they did not function purposefully. The entire state broke up in 1991 and thus Slovenia and Croatia had their independence.

The restoration of Bosnia’s Integrity was another way that reflected during the Balkans crises. There was withdraws of Serbian artillery due to the existence of NATO ultimatum. Later on there was peace conferences that were held as a form of bringing back the integrity. During this time, there was an agreement to form a government structure in Bosnia that consisted of six members. In 1996 the Herzegovina and Bosnia’s government was handled over the land near Saravejo while the capital remained in the areas that were ruled by the majority of Muslims under the signed peace treaty.

The land and power fracturing did not end there, crises concerning leadership and military came over and Bosnia was divide into two. These were the Radovan Karadzic holding one side while the other side was ruled by people who followed the indicted criminals of war. The two sides never retained powers, the ex-president Radovan had no option other than to resign due to the fact that he was termed as a criminal of war. He was also accused of illegally trafficking trade items and other forms of corruption.

After the Balkans 1990s crises, the European Union (EU) tried withal means to reinforce all the existing security systems as well as developing the infrastructure as a form of taking charge of their military actions. This included, acquiring strong military weapons that could cater the potential high end war-fighting as well as providing global security as this was the responsibility of the EU. Nevertheless, this has not been the case; the European countries have been reluctant of giving mandate of military power on Lebanon, Afghanistan together with Congo for what they believe that it poses a global threat.

There was measure of self rule that was practiced by the Kosovo’s. During that time, Slobodan Milosevic came up with what was referred to as Serbian Apartheid. Therefore the Kosovo’s just according to Hooper the U.S government specialist at that time confounded to the international community by declaring a war of liberating the state therefore embracing. This approached condemned other nonviolent ways that were given by the preceding Kosovo leading to parallel civil society construction. According to Hooper, the nonviolent ways had lost the credibility and they represented as sign of weakness. It is said that the ways could not operate well during that time as it was seen during the issuing of military weapons between two equal forces of Croatia and Serbia. Although it was hard to deal with dictators at the time such as, Tudjman their way of war worked because these forces were acting under high military violence that could not be solved by nonviolent ways.

Later on, it was evident that the United States overtook the European military and overpowered it due to the approaches it applied. It is believed that the displacing of Europeans was successful as they were given dirty work to in the name of strengthening its military and taking power while the united states were busy strategizing and working out how they will conquer(Schurman, 2015). According to Dayton, the Bosnia-Herzegovina was portioned to bigger Croatia and larger Serbia. This was successful after trying to harmonize the two groups which could not come together, they distributed the military weapons among them a as well as providing training in order to achieve their mission.


During the Cold war, the United State had no other option other than calling the Europeans to join hands with them so that the strengthen the defense mechanisms. The Europeans engaged in the agreement to work in the United State. With time, contrasting interests were evidenced and the gap of unity started to broaden as a result of unequal power sharing agreement with NATO that favored the United States (Eldărov,2013). Consequently, there was an increased expenditure from united state and decreased expenditure from the Europeans that made it very difficult for the two unions to work together.

During the 1990 Balkans war, Europe was underestimated due to the reality that it could not cover the independent military rejoinder. On the same note during Bosnian crises it still failed appallingly to deal with its own predicaments. This because the policy makers involved could not give adequate information about the type and capacity of military equipments to be used as well as mastering of the political environment. In addition to that, the whole issues recurred in the 1999 during the NATOS Kosovo campaign. During this time, the Americans were totally represented and in large numbers while the Europeans turned up in smaller numbers that gave out limited contribution. It was thus concluded that European Military could not operate independently and it portrayed the signs of weakness (Schurman, 2015).

Strengthening of power

France and Britain were not impressed by this sight. As a result they put their political differences aside and joined efforts so that they could develop the required military capabilities that would ensure that they were strong union. Up to date the peace stability and the issue of power is a major issue after the Balkans crises. All the states holding powers are at the first line of developing its military powers incase of any problem that may arise. However the leaders from the regions over time have sat down so that to discuss on how to bring peace in the land to avoid more war. It is also an issue of discussion whether United States and European Union will come together in harmony to build the military powers together that will govern and protects the human race.


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