In His Essay “The Beeps,” Josh Freed Implies That Modern Gadgets And Their Sounds Make Life Much More Complicated And “Frantic.”

Modern Gadgets And Their Sounds Make Life Much More Complicated

Write An Essay Considering Whether The Various Kinds Of Technology Make Our Daily Life Easier, Or More Difficult.


According to Josh Freed essay “the Beeps”, technology is not one of the things that have made life easier. He argues that the latter and its gadgets have made life more intricate and uptight. However, Josh is not the only one who thinks so. Millions of  humans from a sector of global population in one way have found technology twisting life into something else resulting to lack of knowledge on how to use various gadget that improve on daily basis. On the other hand, several thinks that the emergence of new technology has made humans to go extreme on what they term as “unnecessary research” that brings no noble news to human species rather than warnings. For example: billions of dollars that are spent by scientist studying the space, has made a lot of critics that those are so much money incurred and the results are just worrying how the Earth and its spices will vanish, existence of life in other planets, escalating human populace etc. Many biologists on the other hand believe that the rise of population has nothing to do with the planet collapsing since the nature have its natural ways to minimize it as it was from the beginning. Basically, those are all kinds of thoughts that people have.

Technology impact

Apparently speaking, technology has far much impacted every single human life on earth in today’s world. Ranging from very simple tools used at household level to complicated modern machines used by the sophisticated scientists are all part of what has transformed human life if not to a better level, a different level. It’s unimaginable how the world would be if it were not the use of mobile phone that people use every day to communicate. Additionally, the everyday tools in life that one uses e.g. shaves, driers, cookers, cleaners, televisions, electronic pumps among others. Therefore the weight of technology is something that is levied to everyone making difference in the past generation and the current generation. Just like every other emerging trend has advantages it has disadvantages too. What importantly matters is the weight between the two. If the recompenses outdo the constraints we go with them and vice versa.

Ways technology has made life easier

Technology has made life so much easier following the solution of the problems that led down the growth level of global economy. At the same time it has increased the efficiency of work and made life easier than it could have been cutting through industrial sector, health sector, agricultural sector and many other sections in the world (Kim, 2004). Same of the major ways that the technology has impacted the world in a very simple but benefiting manner include:

  1. Easier communication: as mentioned earlier communication has improved following the use of mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. gone are the days when people used to send letters and before they cross from one continent to other it was almost 3months, today at the touch of a screen a person is able to send very important document to a person so far away and they communicate in a very simple way.
  2. Use of virtual money: reflecting on a while ago, a person had to carry so many notes to buy a certain thing. Use of coin and notes made storage and transport of money a bulky task. Today, the world is highly operating in virtual money circulation where ATMs, credit transfers and credit cards are used to access everything a person needs without necessarily giving out tangible cash. Internet banking is highly spreading thus saving time to do hectic calculations transactions as well as reduction of crimes.
  3. Business technology: today people conduct business, attend meetings and earn money while sited in their houses. These activities include the teleconferencing that enables on to attend a meeting like any other person and give views. Online binding where people can buy various items in competition with other customers. Online jobs that are transferred from one person to other, done and returned to the same person without these people having met in facially. Credit transfers where the money circulating through such kind businesses are transferred from one person to another (Kim, 2004). This has made the business more effective and cutting out the superfluous cost may be during travelling and many others.
  4. Social networking: the world we live today is like a small village that can be accessed by anyone. The social networks have made different people from all ethnic groups In the world socialize, impact and educate each other regardless of the color, religion, believes and much more. People have leant the culture of others thus improving living standards. The sharing of events, pictures, videos to different people a made an historic world peace promoter than it has ever existed.


In conclusion it is clear that the technology is overtaking the world. However his does not mean that the mistakes that comes with it should not be rectified. It means human beings should sieve what is good and leave what is unnecessary and harmful not to affect the world.


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