Airtel India (Bharti Airtel Limited)

Airtel India (Bharti Airtel Limited) is a telecommunication company. I found it to be a very interesting business since it is leading globally with it operations in Asia and Africa. Airtel is a booming business since it offers a lot of services to its customers and target audience (young and old generation). Airtel is very competent in offering enterprise solutions for most businesses across the area of its coverage. These business ranges from individual business to company businesses including even the sports (Airtel, 2014).

Airtel business offers mobile services such as prepaid recharge, postpaid bill pay, giving new connections, prepaid packs, creating plans and mobile homes. it also offers internet such as broadband bill pay, 3G packs, 4G packs, and 2G packs as well as connecting internet to peoples home. Additionally, Airtel has landline services such as landline bill pay, view plans, check coverage, buying and selling of landline phones and delivering and connecting landline to residential areas. More so Airtel is a business that works with digital TVs in offering digital TV recharge, providing new connections, view packs, offers a service to order movies and also provides digital TV homes. Lastly, Airtel offers Airtel money services for loading cash, making payments, sending money, finding of retailer, and Airtel money among others. All these services are very vital for they help in promoting the network services which helps individuals to connect to their favorite sites including the sports events (Airtel, 2014).

Different from other business Airtel has its unique goal which is partner policy. Airtel strives to conduct its business in an ethical manner reflecting its vision and brand essence and it does its business with partners who are very committed. Therefore, their targets audiences are partners (youth and working class situated in different geographical location) interested in long term relationship and are more focused on mutual growth and trust. These partners are obliged to ensure that the Airtel brand essence and vision are adhered to. This means that the partners must make sure that their employees are able to understand and follow the Airtel vision and brand essence (Airtel, 2014).

Apart from offering all the services that are named above Airtel believes in corporate citizenship. It aims to protect the environment where it operates and it helps its customers to remain committed to share their commitment in protecting the environment by following the environmental codes and guidelines. it also expects its partners to show high standards of integrity and conduct(Airtel, 2014).

Airtel uses sports to communicate with their audience using different strategies. Firstly Airtel is able to offer SingTel TV channels that are able to reach about millions of its customers. In these SingTel channels it has a SingleTel Mio TV which brings all kinds of sports news. These channels are very essential for they are very reliable to all the people who are interested in sports. it is in these channels that people are able to follow all the news about any kind of sport and also watch them live in their comfort zones. Secondly, Airtel has sport page link where those fond of sports are able to connect and to different clubs such as Airtel Cricket Club. People can be able to use their USB Data card to connect to either the laptop or the PC to gather information about sports.  Thirdly, Airtell uses sports events and teams in its sports marketing which helps in improving the awareness of its audience (Airtel India, 2014).

By using the sports marketing they are able to attract many audiences for they are capable of covering different kinds of sports. By so doing, Airtel is able to bring all generations together for sports is everyone’s favorite. However, each sport has its viewer and by being able to cover all sorts of sports there is no one who feels left out. For example, soccer is a very good game and everybody can be able to follow it using the channels provided by Airtel. Rugby is mostly loved by younger generation and Airtel ensures that it also covers it and advertises it using the language well known and acceptable to the younger generation. Sports marketing is a booming business and Airtel is able to cover it by even bring the news of the latest heroes of sports and even the information about anything bad that might have befallen one of the sports person. 

Airtel improves its advertisements, network connections, its coverage, its plans and data offers and other services. It also ensures that it stays global by covering all the information that is happening in other countries and especially the sports. Most recently, it was able to cover the races that are being held in Athens, London and other countries across the globe. It also remains top in providing details about games that are taking place across the world. Airtel ensures this by providing unique services to its customers especially in their mobile applications. Most essentially it is able to sponsor sports in different parts of the world (Airtel India, 2014). Airtel also offers its services in rendering its help to many sports club.

Airtel is effectively using sports marketing since it focuses on promoting the sports events and teams and also it promotes products and services using the sports events and sports teams. Sometimes it is able to use a certain sport brand name making that sport well known by its target audience. Airtel sports marketing comprises of Airtel  Rising Stars-largest grass root level football talent hunt, Airtel rugby tournament and Airtel Rising Star Championship Wins PRSK Award and many more (Airtel, 2014)


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