Bullying: Face To Face And Online, What Strategies And Resources Are Used To Deal With It?


Bullying can be defined in different ways since it consists of at least four types of abuse namely emotional, cyber, verbal and physical. In general bullying can be defined as an aggressive behavior or a repeated activity that is intended to either physically, mentally, or emotional hurt another person. This means that the bully uses superior power or influence over another person in order to force him or her act in a manner that he wants (Goldman, 2012).This research paper intends to discuss what face to face and online strategies and resources are used to deal with bullying.

Types of bullying.(Hinduja et al, 2009).

Physical bullying: This involves hitting, kicking or punishing another person.

Verbal bully: this involves taunting or calling another person names.

Emotional bullying: this occurs when the bully destroys peer acceptance and friendship

Cyber bullying. This occurs when the bully uses electronic means to destroy and hurt other people.

N/B emotional, verbal and physical bullying happens in early years especially in the primary school while as the cyber bullying is commonly used in secondary school. Bullying can be either simple which is one –on-one bullying or a complicated one when the bully have his own recruits who assist him to bully others (Goldman, 2012).

Due to the damages that bullying can cause to individuals or a group of people there have been some strategies and resources that are being used to deal with these bullies or bullying activities (Ted, 2010).

Strategies that can be used to deal with bullying.

  1. Which strategy that can children use or what they can do (Ted, 2010).
  2. Use of humor. Children can use humor or make a joke to stop a bully who is a bout to attack them.
  3. Be assertive with the bully. The child or the one being attacked could be tough with the bully by telling him or her to leave him alone and then just move on.
  4. Use a friend. The children could use their friends as their defense by ensuring that they are always together.
  5. Make friends with the friendly kids. Children could be advised to work with the friendly children and make friends with them instead of dealing with the bullies.

b). Strategies that parents can use (Puresight, 2010).

  • Parents should ensure that their children are self confident and they are able to speak out and be assertive with the bully or anyone who is mistreating them.
  • Parents should be on the first line in spreading the word on how bullying is dreadful for the bullies.
  • Parents should make sure that they raise the subject on how their classmates and peers are relating with them.
  • Parents should be able to model good relationships in the family by ensuring that the children at home are relating well.
  • Parents should not tell the children or teach them how to fight back by creating anti-bullying habits
  • Parents have to ensure that children engage in social gatherings and they must ensure that the children understand bullying.

Strategies that principals and teachers can use to fight bullying (Hinduja et al, 2009).

  • Principals should be able to develop a school code fo conduct that clearly indicates the acceptable behaviors and good values that are to be used in school and the consequences of acting otherwise.
  • Teachers and principal must increase the adult supervisions for this helps to deal with the bullies.
  • Teachers and principals must conduct bullying prevention activities.
  • In the computer room or to prevent cyber bullying the teachers and principals must set rules to ensure what is to be done and what not to be done by the use of electronics be it phone or computers.
  • Teachers must conduct classroom activities around bullying
  • They should create a space to discuss bullying with the pupils and students.
  • When any case of bullying is reported the teacher and principal have to take an immediate action.

Resources for dealing with bullying:

There are several resources that can be used to help deal with bullying. Particularly the parents are supposed to know their resources. to start with they should use the school as a resource by reporting if their child is being bullied or is a bully by seeking help from teachers counselor and principal for help. if the parents finds out that there is little or no help for them they should try  to seek help from the police or education department(StopBullying.gov,2014).

  • Teachers, parents  and student can use the stop bullying.gov website to find help by learning about bullying policies and laws
  • Book with CD-ROM (No Kidding about bullying is another resource that can be used.
  • The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander is another resource that can be used.
  • Use of MetLife Cyber Bullying detection is another powerful resource that can be used to detect bullying in cyber domain and deal with it.
  • a DVE by the name Stand Up To Bullying is another resource especially for the little kids.
  • Parents can also use the Bully project which helps to combat bullying in school and community.


To conclude, Bullying is not a good thing when happening to anyone and even to the bully himself. Therefore, it is essential to use all the strategies and resources to ensure that it does not occur or to stop it. Most of these strategies and resources have been used and worked perfectly well with a great number of people and so it is essential to deal with bullying to create conducive environment for every person and especially our children.


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