Analytical Essay Analyzing George Orwell Writing On What Is Science By Engaging It With Some Aspects Of Technological Writing Science/ Faith

George Orwell Writing On What Is Science

Does Science have a tangible definition? One can only wonder since most writers who decide to tackle the issue of science always says what scientists do or should be doing without defining Science. Similarly, most people have a misconception that science is a very complicated field and those who tackle are way beyond other people who engage in different fields. Yes, this is concept of faith and it is hard to do away with their convictions.   I think this is the reason is to why George Orwell tries to focus on two fundamental areas on what Science is or not. He also tries to show how scientists are more privileged and accredit similar to how people honor their God or gods depending on their conviction. Therefore, this analytical essay will be analyzing George Orwell writing on what is Science by engaging it with some aspects of Technological Writing Science/ Faith (George, 1945).

To start with, George Orwell opens his critical writing by alluding to a timeline which was written by Stewart Cook. John Stewart points out that the dangers of scientific hierarchy can only be avoided by firstly ensuring that all members of general public receive a scientific education. And secondly, encouraging scientists to come out of their cocoons and participate in political and administration activities (George, 1945).Most people can identify with the script of Douglas Adams as he tries to emphasize on the issue of the artificial God (Is there an artificial God) (Douglas, 1998). Science and Godly concepts are so fundamental and they most of the time goes with the faith a person have on the two. Yes, every person agrees that there is God for it is claimed that he impacts on every person’s life in a very profound manner. Yet, a scientist seems to explain it in a different perspective, a Christian has a different vocal point while as the devil worshipers and the atheist have a very different opinion altogether. In my opinion, the belief about the artificial God and what science contributes to the ideologies those individuals have about God crops from what a person holds as faith. Truly, the Bible says that faith can move mountains and so am greatly convinced that whether a person applies science, artificial God or the real God who is the creator of the universe then the results can be similar depending on what a person aims to achieve

According to Orwell, Mr. Cook assumes that science is just experiments which can be made under laboratory conditions. Additionally, he Orwell mentions that the adult education neglects the scientific studies that are in favor of literary, economic and social subjects and economics and sociology are not in any way regarded as the branches of science (George, 1945).This points as back to the main question “what is science” George Orwell highlights that the contemporary world tends to give science two distinctive meanings which obscures the question of scientific education. Firstly, science is defined as the exact science such as biology, chemistry and physics or secondly, a method of thought which obtains verifiable results by reasoning logically from the observed facts. The second meaning bear more weight and this is what the human beings believes for they know that since happens in the laboratory. Science is associated with all the scientific apparatus such as Bunsen burners, pictures, test tubes and microscopes among others.

Nevertheless, astronomers, biologists, and sometimes psychologist and mathematicians are termed as man of science. More so, the person who says that young people should receive a scientific education implies that they should learn about radioactivity, heavenly bodies, and physiology among others. Why then should they not be taught to think logically and exactly?  So I don’t think that I will be wrong if I compare science issues to the matters of faith; what a person believes in gives him or her direction in life and it helps in determining the faith he/she has in something.

The meaning of science creates confusion and the belief about God has own share of confusion as well. This poses a great danger for the confusion of meaning gives the scientifically educated individuals more credit. In the actual fact, scientists are seen as “Mr. knows alls”… Scientifically trained people are seen as more intelligent in regard to all subjects unlike other people who have not received scientific studies (Dotlich et al, 2006).

Similarly, all the scientists opinions are highly valuable; their political opinions, opinion on sociological questions, concepts on morals or philosophy and even arts are highly appreciated compared to the layman. This is an indication that the world can be a very desirable place to live in especially if the scientists are controlling it. This strong faith in scientists is a true manifestation of how people tend to rely on others based on the conviction they have about them. Scientists are given all the honors in this world while as other professionals are considered mediocre.  Indeed, science is a specialization in one of the exact scientist and millions of people believe that a chemist as well as the physicist has more intelligence in political matters than the poet or even a lawyer (Mannoia, 1980).

George Orwell, tries to undo this belief he argues that scientists approach to non-scientific problems are not good than other peoples. He gives an example of withstanding nationalism; sciences is termed as “international” but, George highlights that in practice scientific workers across the globe are entitled to line up behind their respective governments with even fewer scruples than the ones the writes and the artists feels. He refers to German history as he states that even the German scientific communities could not offer any resistance to Hitler. Indeed, Hitler was able to ruin the long-term prospects of German science but there existed so many gifted people who were able to do research on synthetic oil, rocket projectiles, atomic bomb and jet planes who contributed so much in construction of the German war machine (George, 1945).

To me a scientist mostly deals with scientific matters but this does not necessarily mean that it is more essential than any other subjects. In fact, other subjects are fundamental to most of the researches that are conducted by the scientists. Being a scientist does not rely only on books but also the talents and the gifts that a person has within himself. Hitler was not fond of the scientists who opened a room for other ordinary men with gifts and talents who assisted so much in the construction of the machines. So it is not advisable to give all the attributes to the scientists while despising other people who can offer much contribution to the scientific field. Basically, a certain scientist argued that what is not written down is not science (Dotlich et al, 2006).Fine but the fact is that our forefathers were able to cure themselves and perform other scientific activities even though they were not scientists. How then can it be so possible for people to claim that this person is more intelligent than the other or this person is valuable than the other? Well this can be compared with the matters of faith where people are convinced of what they believe in be it artificial or real and it is so impossible to make them think otherwise (Mannoia, 1980).

I agree with Orwell as he states that scientific education is essential to everyone and it is very crucial in every person’s life. Surely, science is a means of looking at the world and it is not just a body of knowledge. Therefore scientists should not be considered more important than others. In addition, both the scientists and other professionals are going to benefit from each other’s knowledge (George, 1945). Similarly, all people can benefit from the knowledge they will have on the belief that people have on their gods.

To conclude, apart from science being a method of thought which obtains verifiable results by reasoning logically from the observed facts it is a means of looking at the world and so every person can be termed as a scientists. Therefore scientists should not be considered more important than others. Scientists should be ready to learn and not to insist on the fact that other people should benefit from scientific studies. similarly, when it come to matters of faith people must learn to accommodate and embrace each other since everyone belief is crucial to him/her and it can benefit others even if not directly. Science is essential in everyone life and every person can offer something to the universe no matter how little it is.


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