Your Central Task Is To Take Stock Of The American Dream.

“American dream is gradually becoming an unforgotten slogan. It is not enough to be well educated to have a better life; much is demanded and it can only be for the strong willed” Said Laura a journalist.

Similar to Laura almost 80% of people are no longer relying on American Dream. Many things are at stake in America and it can no longer be termed as the world giant.

The New York Times has it that it is now Canadian Dreams; currently the American dream continues to derail because inequality continues to grow tremendously.  Unlike Canada, America Health care is not all free and people need to work more hours.

It is also clear that the American economy is not steady anymore. It is clearly indicated in the observer that only 25% of the population who think that America is doing alright while 60% think otherwise.

The above is proving that even the citizens are finding it difficult to believe in the current situation of their country. According to the observer; only 25 per cent are said to be “satisfied with the way things are going in America”

However, America is not the only country that is experiencing these challenges since the Taiwanese among other people suffer the same economic blow. Therefore, America to them still remains a dream country.

“I don’t want to experience the same things like my mother while working in Wal-Mart” Said Lister, when she was asked the meaning of the American Dream to her.

When asked about how her children lived the American dream Anne, aged 78 said that “There is no single day that my children tried to identify themselves with the American dream since they found it so vague.

A poor economic crisis happens to be not only experienced by the elderly since they never experienced the American dream because some of young people are having a difficult time to realize the American dream.

This is perceptible in the observer since it is argued that “The American Dream is now just that for its middle classes – a dream”

“it seems that even America has nothing to offer to us since of late it has become hard for even the American middle class citizens to find a job in America, so I can not be able to attain the American dream “said Xing Hang when asked why she cannot live the American dream.

Observer supports Xing Hang argument “While the wealthiest Americans are outpacing many of their global peers,” says the NYT, “across the lower- and middle-income tiers, citizens of other advanced countries have received considerably larger raises over the last three decades”

The statement is very articulate for it shows that America economy is deteriorating and even the green card visas can no longer bring any luck to immigrants/ winners.

“American dream can only be realized by the super superior since inequality is growing at a very higher pace, and I think I better realize my dream in China since it has too much to offer” said Chiai.

Chang Loin was also convinced that America has nothing to offer since he had worked in U.S and he commented that “Many are the people who have risked in order attaining the American dream but only the chosen few could have it”

“While I was residing in America, I found it so hard to survive since government controlled the whole economy” said Chang Loin. He said it while asked if to live in China was easier than in U.S.

New York Times records that “Economic mobility is tricky to measure, but several studies show that a child born in the bottom 20 percent economically is less likely to rise to the top in America than in Europe”

The statement above raised so many reactions from different people. When asked about the statement above Chen Laing said “the poorer continues to sink in the verge of destitution while as the rich continue to climb the radar”

Bruce Lee said, “I have never been an admirer of America since I believe that even what they are able to attain could only be attributed to the upper class and the rest were given less recognition”

Bruce lee added that “In China even the poor continue to have the hope for the future since their effort is recognized and well rewarded; indeed unlike America China boasts of “our” achievement rather than “my” achievement”

 Taiwan lady Jackie Chang said “My American dream is so real for it is here that my children learnt how to survive, after coming to America we had to hustle and my children learnt the importance of time management.

Jackie Chang added “My children and I had to work with what they had and so studying and working were paramount to survival and from then we were able to become millionaires and help other Taiwanese realize their dreams”

According to the observer, “America was defined by an unprecedented period of economic prosperity. Jobs were plentiful and well-paying, with generous health and retirement benefits”

“Despite the fact that America economy is not steady it does not mean that it will be the case for the rest of the years, its hopeful that good years are still ahead” retorted Laura when asked future thoughts for America.

“Democracy plays a vital role in a country and so if the American government does away with autocracy of economy American dream will be attained” added Chen Laing.

Wavering of the economy which makes America dream to fade does not necessarily mean that it is permanently faded, this dream is very sound in the minds of younger generation. Therefore, good things are still coming.

America is just like any other country and economy is one key agenda that continues to handicap all the efforts of other nations. Hence, finding a way out should be the only way forward.

Economy can be compared with life, since life is like a wheel so does the economy; today it falls and tomorrow it rises. The years ahead will be better and worthwhile.

 According to observer “Educational inequality is reflective of a larger trend of growing income disparities across US society. So, as Americans saw their wages Stagnate, their economic anxieties increase, their debt levels skyrocket, their retirement savings shrivel and their future prospects dim, the very rich got much, much richer”

 In my opinion, every person is essential and so impartial education for all is very essential for every single citizen in America. Education is key for the economical growth since equal opportunities triggers harmony and harmony brings prosperity.

Educating young Americans without disparity can only bring the American dream to live as progress will resonate in every person mind. Together income disparities will be combated and way forward realized. “An an-unified battalion is sure to fail”

Lack of education can fail the economy in a very diverse way so is  an income disparity and so equality has a very big role to play in realizing the American dream not only to the locals but other people across the globe

American citizens continue lamenting what about foreigners? This question should linger in every persons mind and together redirect the thoughts in building the American economy. As president Obama “Yes we can; together we can”

Laura 36 a journalist.

Lister 23 College student

Cheng Laing 47 political scientist

Jackie Chang 56 business man

Chiai 45 university lecturer

Bruce Lee 32 counselor

Chang Loin politician 53

Anne 43 librarian.

Xing Hang 54 Political analyst

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