Most Empirical Research Indicates That Religiosity Is Not A Significant Factor In Ethical Behavior.

Religiosity Is Not A Significant Factor In Ethical Behavior

Activity: 1.

  1. I agree with the two statements because I am sometimes pushed to do things that I would rather not do due to morality role, conformity bias and overconfidence bias among others.
  2. I agree with Fracesa Gino, Mark Matousek and Dan Ariely for most people do not tell the truth where a lie can do better. This is always done to safe their self image and retains a positive image.
  3. This indeed does not surprise me because I know that there is a role morality which compels people to act in a certain manner faced by different situations. So the atheist and the religious people have their own beliefs and they are overconfident on their roles whether pushed by the faith or personal believe.
  4. I know that good people do bad things for I have experienced it personally and heard it and read in the media. This is due to the conformity bias, overconfidence bias or role morality which makes most people to act in a rather strange manner in order to retain and maintain a positive self image to self and others.
  5. Most people who are seen as good or even me tend to hide their malice behind the mask of virtue. This is done either intentionally or unintentionally depending on the class of people a person want to be associated with or identified with. For example, a pastor can act in a rather strange manner not just because of what he believes in but due to the people he is associating with. Masturbation for instance, is bad and evil but most religious people do it in order to safe their self image.

Activity 2:

  • Acting ethically is not just a matter of wanting to badly enough; because people are rational, but only boundedly so hence we tend to act in a way that suits ourselves depending on the situational factors.
  • The environmental factors are a kind of situational factors that can make it so difficult for well-intentioned person to always do the right thing. One of the environmental factors is the domestic violent. If a person grows in a violent home where the father always beats the mother and he has no control over it the tendency is that he too will become violent as he grows up. Meaning that the person will tend to take his frustrations on his wife using as his father did.
  • I remember one say I was so pressed up and I felt like my bladder will break up, I rushed to the toilets only to find that they were full and only the men toilets were empty. I could not wait and I had to change the toilet labels to suit myself. I had to depart from my standard due to the circumstance and the situation I found myself in.
  • The person who has acted unethically of late is Zuma the South African president caught in the rape case. I think he was so unethical as a learned person and as a president, he decided to do evil while he was supposed to be a role model to his citizens and especially the youths. I think he did so out of natural desire.
  • Yes and no because acting rationally is influenced by the situational factors. Hence it is yes that a person can be completely rational when making an ethical decision if the situation is normal. And no the person cannot act completely rational if the situation is dire.

Activity 3:

  • Having worked in a special school I really wanted to help the deaf children attain a good certificate in their life. I was faced by conflicts of interest for I wanted to set a simple example to enable them pass and my professional responsibility was to set a standard exam. I decided to ensure that I set the standard exam and then give the special student the same questions for their assignments.
  • When I perceive potential conflict I think I should deal with the conflict in professional way in order to avoid acting unethically. For example I can follow the professional code of conduct to guide me in my actions.
  • The doctor conflict of interest greatly impacted on me and others because we were not attended to on time and the doctor failed to grant us our right. The doctor had his own private hospital where he spent so much time and neglected his duty to attend to us this impacted on us for some of us were given wrong medication and some were not even attended to.
  • The policies that organizations should implement in order to reduce conflicts of interest and their costs is to ensure that the employees strictly follows a professional code of conduct.

Activity 4:

  1. I remember that I ones cheated on an assignment for I just copied from my colleagues as other students did. I fully regret doing it for I failed my final exams.
  2. It is very true that cheating is contagious this is because we tend to cheat as my we see or hear others do. For example, children follow what their parents do and as they cheat the children cheat. We too cheat as we find our friends and those around us doing.
  3. Loyalty makes us to act ethically or unethically; especially when it comes to making decisions that are rather unethical I find a way to try and balance it by acting in a fair manner. For example, when I was working in a special school there was a lot of money coming in to help the poor kids but the condition that they were living in was very bad. I felt so bad, I wanted to reveal this to some donors that I knew but I could not due to loyalty for my school. Therefore, I was talking to student and incite them to fight for their rights as a life orientation teacher.
  4. Groupthink works as people follow the mind of one person or certain people in the group. We tend to follow blindly on others decision. During the strike I too was a subject to group think for I acted as I was directed to do.

Activity 5:

  • Ethical fading is where we employ a moral disengagement process whereby our brain enables us to turn off our usual ethical standards. This happened to me when I used to take my mother’s phone and transfer some of her air time to myself. It went on for a long time and I kept on claiming that it was not stealing after all I was just picking some.
  • I vividly recall how as a high school kid I teamed with my friends to mock one of our classmates. For some time it seemed as fun but later it became ugly and people rebuked our behavior but with my friends we went ahead even to take her books and spoil them. I deeply regret this action for I later learned that we actually made the environment so hard for her to concentrate.
  • Yes in the recent past the discussion about the 800m athlete Caster Samenya of South Africa is a great example of an ethical fading. Discussing and treating her in a very bad way because of her physical appearance and organ imbalance is very unethical. Samenya was so humiliated as her body condition was revealed to the whole world; I mean how bad she felt for the world knew she has both sexes.

Activity: 6.

  • This can affect my choice of life simply because I would not like to act in a manner that I will suffer at the end. For example, if I have some goods which might give me profit even at the expense of the people I will do it. For instance, if there is no sugar in the country and I have plenty stock and I bought is cheaply I will take advantage of the situation and earn double the profit.
  • I remember as a young teenager I used assists my aunt in her shop and I could measure sugar incorrectly just to sell the remaining in order to get the pocket money. I don’t regret it for it greatly helped me to go through school life comfortably.
  • Politicians and advertisers use framing to channel people decision by studying the mind of the people and using this study to attract them to the advert or the person. When this occurs the people registers in their mind that a certain product is good or that a person is good for a certain position.
  • Framing may affect my ethical decision making in my projected workplace for it will influence the manner I act. Framing help a person to escape the blame and so I can utilize it for my benefits like achieving a preferential treatment.
  • I can try to always apply a professional code of conduct to ensure that ethical considerations are always intact.

Activity 7:1.

  • I can arrive at these same theories if I have authority to decide on major issues. For example, there is a public swimming pool in my area but there is no enough water to satisfy the residents. I can decide to do away with the swimming pool to dig a borehole that can benefit all the people. Even though people will be denied their comfort it will be better to give them life in form of water. In addition, water will come with great opportunities for the people who can use to even do activities that can promote self-employments. People will remain connected as they share the ideas on how to use the water in their activities. Therefore, even though one thing will be denied of them they will benefit a great deal. So basing my choice with the overall good of the community will be much better than basing it on the good that comes from the individual. Few people enjoy swimming but everyone enjoys water.

Activity: 8

  • When I was working in special school I focused so much on spoon feeding the syllabus to student so that they can score better in my subject. By so doing I was promoted as the lower classes overseer thus increasing my pay. By then, I saw my job as a money making machine.
  • Student’s game grading by copying the assignment and using website for doing their activities. By so doing, they are able to improve their year mark tremendously. This means that even if they do not perform well in exam the assignment will pull them through and then perform better.
  • I think gaming is very unethical in that it involves cheating by manipulating the opportunities provided for us. This is because it is the same as reaping where a person did not sow. it is the responsibility of the person who exploits gaming to ensure that he/she stops it.
  • I am not sure that there is an extent to where a person can draw the line between gaming and cheating. Gaming and cheating are one and the same for gaming involves cheating. It is through gaming  that people manipulate pay-for-performance schemes and also pretend for personal gain and this is the same as lying.
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