The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Explore One’s Person’s Personal History And Sense Of Cultural And Social History

Personal History And Sense Of Cultural And Social History

As Well Connections among living experience, culture legacy, politics, history, and the creation and study of literature from different parts of the world

Ann Patricia Finn is my aunt who is thirty one years of age. She was born in a little town known as Ohio in 1983. She was the third born in the family of five 2 boys and 3 girls. She and the rest of the family were devoted Roman Catholics and she was about twelve years old while she started to write her life story. Ann relates to me not only as my aunt citizens but also as a youth who is still in search of justice and humanity among a

Her family was a very united family and they were among the middle class people for the father and mother were farmers. They did not live a luxurious life but they were able to attain the basic needs such as education, clothing and shelter. She was baptized at the age of three and from then she remained faithful to God. Her siblings and parents too were of great support since they were also dedicated to God. She and her family spent a lot of time together during leisure time and especially reading novels, going for walks and attending time building activities that were available in their local church. Her family was not so extrovert and so they had only but countable friends. in fact she only had one friend by the name Rosa while her siblings and parents were only associating themselves with one family since others were immigrants from different nationality and so  they felt that they had less in common.

At the age of four (1987)she was enrolled in a nearby school, since while she was growing up the schools were divided along class line where the poor and the middle class had less while the upper class children enjoyed good facilities and the best teachers. However this did not deter them from making a progress in life. She was able to make the little information she got from the available teachers and did research as she was lucky to visit some of her cousins in London while in school vacation and this was a blessing and a stepping stone to make her great in life. In school she was able to socialize with many people from all over the globe and so this made her to have a diversified culture. For example, she vividly remembers how she used to dress and eat like an African American while as she was pure American. However, she was still reminded to remain faithful to the American ways and avoid so much association with the immigrants. Politically, the African-American were considered inferior and so they among the middle and lower class people were the ones who were attending the district schools. Politics of that day considered the middle and lower classes less important while as the African-American were considered as second class citizens.

This class and nationality lines made it so hard for Ann for she had no choice than to cope with the second rate education that she received in the district school in her neighborhoods. while she finished her school at the age of seventeen she was among the little few who were lucky enough to pass exceptionally well which made her to get an enrollment in Harvard university where she enrolled for a degree in political science while she was 18years (2001).It is while she was in the university that she made famous people who taught her the cultures, historical and the U.S politics.

During her four university years she was able to learn the history and ethnic relations which had more to do with her while she was living in Ohio. She came to realize that the class, racial, ethnic and gender relationships that existed at that time dates back to the colonial period. The British settlers were the ones who tried to enslave the Native Americans to no avail and hence there came the import of the slaves from America who was forced to work 0n cotton firms. In addition the British settlers taxed the poor white laborers. This led to the boycotts and protests culminating to American Revolution. This had continued to happen and even though there was an agreement for change most unfortunate people continued to fight for their rights. It is after this entire struggle that there emerges a social stratification where classes and castes though not believe to exist continued to create the gap between the rich and the poor which continued to grow extensively. For instance, the symbols of social stratification were visible and were authentic. The blacks and the whites continued to show their separation even in the labor market. The blacks lived in clustered houses in the inners cities while as most of the whites live in the bigger homes in suburbs all over the country. Particularly in Harvard University Ann found a lot of segregation in terms of class where speech, manners, and dress were so much attributed to class position (Zinn, 2010).

The political life was not any different, Fin narrated that even by then and until now there exists the national government as well as the state governments. U.SA is dominated by two parties namely the republicans and the Democrats there is a low voter turnout and not all the eligible voters participates in the governmental elections. There is so much commotion between the Republicans and the Democrats due to differing on some main issues. The republicans tend to be conservative when it comes to social spending and the moral issues. They are in support of government sponsoring the social programs. They work to strengthen the marriage and traditional family and they are against abortion and the same sex rights. On the contrary, Democrats supports the federal funding for the social programs that only favors a very little fraction of people. The funding has so much to do with the women rights and environment. Ann being a political scientist was so much interested to know more about the two parties and she came to realize that the parties are much narrowed when comes to political debates (Zinn, 2010).

Ann also touched on Social problems and control where she stated that the crime rate was still high and still is in the contemporary America. She   clarified that there is a great decrease of crime rates in U.S though it still remain the most violent industrialized nation in the entire world. For example the African-Americans, the poor and the teenagers were and still are the common victims to violent as well as the nonviolent crimes. She was so touched about this issue for she has experienced such violent first hand even in the university (Zinn, 2010).

While Ann graduated in 2002 she could not expect less than what she had learnt in the history, experience firsthand and even got from her formers. She found it so difficult to get a job in U.S and she had to volunteer herself to work in other countries as she joined the UN that way she was able to prove herself and climb the ladder with ease. Afterwards she was able to join the women unions fighting for the rights of women and also other unions which were in support of equality among all the American citizens.

Today Ann is fighting the standardized tests which are mandatory for all the students irrespective of their locality and their advantages. One thing she cannot fathom is how the poor can and the less fortunate students in the district achieve what is expected bearing in mind that they have the less experience teachers and they have not adequate facilities. She is convinced that even though there is so much improvement of late there is still a lot of malice that is hidden in the mask of virtue.

Being among the upper working class she is so rich and well up and she compares herself with the current president for she has not forgotten the struggles she has undergone as a middle class farmer. With such and experience I can only hope for a better America.

To conclude, it is perceptible that Ann’s oral history is still vivid for it has so much to do with real life experiences combined with a firsthand experience of the narrated story. However, I was not able to understand which party she belongs to (Republicans or Democrats, but I guess she being a fighter for justice can only be in neither.

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