Umass Lowell And GUST Partnership: Write A Detailed Marketing Plan For The Purpose Of

Umass Lowell And GUST Partnership

1.  Marketing plan

a).Executive summary:

The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) and the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) decided to form an education partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to expand high quality educational opportunities in Kuwait that will involve the opening a branch of the UMass College of Engineering in Kuwait, to increase research, incorporate more programs into the curriculum, and promote the economic development of Kuwait. to facilitate these objectives a marketing plan must be implemented and this is set to begin on September 2014. The marketing plan will engross the target customers, unique selling proposition, pricing and positioning strategy, offers, marketing materials, promotion strategy and referral strategy among others (Moore, 2008).All these are well thought and designed to ensure that the intended change by Umass Lowell/GUST is achievable.


 In 2012, a first-of-its-kind educational partnership in Kuwait was announced between The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) and the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The purpose of this partnership is to expand high quality educational opportunities in Kuwait that will involve the opening a branch of the UMass College of Engineering in Kuwait. This partnership, to be called UMass Lowell/GUST, is also designed to increase research, incorporate more programs into the curriculum, and promote the economic development of Kuwait.  In addition, the partnership will see the opening of UMass College of Engineering in Kuwait. Bearing this in mind this research paper aims to produce a well detailed marketing plan as well as a branding plan.

c). Target customers.

Umass Lowell /GUST partnership is a developmental program that aims to improve and develop the life of many young and agile people. For this reason, it is going to work with every student who is aiming to do the following degree courses in Umass College of Engineering.

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Architecture Engineering.

This means that the main target for the above courses will be the young people out of high schools, students from other colleges, students in need of changing their career path and also professionals who are in need of increasing their knowledge. Nevertheless, having a will to do the above degree and the urge to join the Umass College of engineering is not enough to help our targets to be admitted to the college for commitment, marks of the previous exams, and determination to be an asset to the society will be a higher requirement.

Umass Lowell/GUST terms engineering as a vital necessity especially in the contemporary technological world; this means that young people and other gifted and talented people should be enlightened and encouraged to do engineering. By so doing, the world will have well informed people to deal with the challenges and threats of everyday life which can only be learnt in the field of engineering.

Engineering is interesting but demanding course and so the college emphasizes that those willing to join should have to meet the following requirements except on very exceptional cases. They should be between the ages of 18 to 45 years of age, they should have a passion and not just ambition to be engineers, and they should be able to deliver the quality of content needed in their assignment. It should be noted that engineering is one career that needs the most talented people for they are highly respected for their wit and so those who are interested both male and female who want to be recognized should join and bring a constructive change to the world by choosing Umass college of  engineering.

In addition, the partnership will be working towards increasing research, incorporating more programs into the curriculum, and promoting the economic development in Kuwait.

This means that the target customers will be the companies who conduct researches, the ones who set the school syllabus like the education ministers and the investors who will be will to invest in the country to develop the economy. These key targets will be chosen keenly to ensure that there is progress and development.

d).Unique Selling Proposition (USP) (Moilanen & Rainisto,2009).

Umass Lowell/GUST will try to make the Umass College of engineering as one of the best colleges in the world and its main objective is to produce the best in the whole world. In addition, the partnership will ensure that the services offered are second to none. Therefore, the USP will be encompassing the students, the investors, researchers and education ministers or educators. The overall message will be sky is the limit; “come as you are and we will make the world out of you”. This is a very unique motto for the college is willing to utilize the little knowledge that the students will come with and turn it big.

The message to be included in the advert and other informing sites will be as follows; UMass Lowell/GUST is a partnership that is determined to bring change in education, the nation and research institutes among others.  “Come one come many and be the part of the change that you see in Kuwait”

e).Pricing and positioning strategy:

Some courses are more expensive than others but this does not necessarily mean that one is better than the other. The bottom line is that some courses demand more resources than others; the following table shows the fees structure for the coming year.

N/B the fees structure is inclusive of accommodation, food, and learning materials among others.

Name of the coursefees for the 1st semesterfees for the 2nd semesterFees for the 3rd semester.
Bachelor of Science in Engineering  $3000$2500  $2000
Electrical Engineering  $5000$3000$2200
Computer Engineering  $3500$3000$2500
Civil and Environmental Engineering  $4500$4000$3500
Chemical Engineering  $5500$5000$4500
Mechanical Engineering  $4000$3800$3500
Engineering Technology  $3000$2800$2500
Architecture Engineering.  $5000$4500$4200

Other services offered will be priced accordingly; however, it should be noted that research and education has to be considered for Umass Lowell/ GUST are aiming to bring manageable development in Kuwait.


Apart from the courses that individual students will choose the college will be offering free trips to different places for more enlightenment and orientation. In addition, every student will be offered a free computer course and a foreign language to make them even more competent. Most importantly, there will be scholarship for exceptionally scoring students.

For the investors, researchers and educators who will be coming to request the services will be given an extra free service and a discount to make life easier and acceptable. for example an investor who brings more investors can be given a home to live freely, the researchers who sends other customers will be given 10 percent cut off in his/her fee.

g).Marketing materials:

The college will use the four well known marketing materials namely; website, print brochures, business cards, and catalogs. Website and business cards are already complete but the print brochures and catalogs need some fixing here and there. Of recent there are so many  people who are making use of the social sites for gathering and sharing information and so using the website will be of great benefit for the partnership for there will be many people who will find the information. It is in this place that the Umass Lowell/ GUST will leave a room for comments which will help the viewers to raise their concerns, ideas, and worries among others (Zarrella, 2010).

By so doing, the set team will be able to collect the information and find out how they are fairing out there. Business cards will be essential for some vendors (the already existing students in The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) and the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) will be given five or ten to pass to their friends. in addition, the investors and researchers can be able to give out the print brochures to their friends who can be interested. More so, while the selected team is going around the schools, companies and other selected places they can be able to give as many print brochures as possible.

In addition, people can be used as the marketing materials by sacrificing their time and energy to sell the Umass Lowell/GUST services to schools and other places where the targets are. For instance, the college will set up a key team who will go round the schools for career orientation. This will be very essential for the college will be well known and the student will be able to make up their mind and join the college as well as encourage others to come. The face to face contact with the high school students will also help them to ask questions pertaining to the courses offered which can help to know if there is a demand for an extra course or a lower enquiry for an already included course. Similarly, the face to face encounter with the investors and other research companies personnel will help in giving the first hand information, clarify agendas and even persuade them to invest in the partnership services.

h).Promoting strategy.

Umass Lowell/GUST is aiming to make a difference in education curriculum, increase research and promote the economy and so numerous promotion tactics will be essential. These comprises of television ads, press releases, online advertisement and event marketing. However, television ads will be in the front line for it will help to reach so many targets bearing in mind that many calibers of people can watch TV compared to swerving the net for such adverts. therefore, the television add will be every day on a several channels for a number of days to ensure that the message has reached as many people as possible.  Media will play a very vital it will make life easier, media time and energy saving, though the cost will be high it will be easier to use media to advertise on television, do press release, conduct online advertisement and do the event marketing. By using the media the whole country will be able to get the information and get back to the Umass Lowell/GUST almost instantly and especially for those who are interested (Zarrrella & Zarrella,2011).

To execute this idea on the media a team of 10 people will be selected. These ten people will sit down and decide on the message that they are going to pass on to the people, decide on how to deliver the message and decide on the date of implementation. this could mean that the elected members could start by writing down the message which is UMass Lowell/GUST is determined to bring change in education, promote economy and increase research programs. it will be a partnership to be envied because it will be delivering a challenging but a necessary message; “if you want to bring change into the world and be an asset and not a liability to the economy of Kuwait come be part of Umass Lowell/GUST! “Come one come many”. Then they should ensure that they include the partnership motto which is “come as you are and we will make the world out of you”. To cut down the cost the team will have to fully decide on the words to include or exclude. Therefore, the team will have enough time to execute the idea using the strongest and minimal words as possible.

Referral strategy:

This will be a referral program that will use the already available students who are studying in The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) and the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). Every student will be encouraged to refer one more student. In order to motivate the students there will be a reward of 10 dollars for every student that they refer.  In addition, the company that will refer many researchers and investors will be rewarded hugely by getting the partnership services with a very little fee. Moreover, the investors who will invest more will be given shares in Umass Lowell/GUST in order to bring more change and motivate them.

i). Date of implementation and cost.

Umass Lowell/GUST will commence all its activities early September 2014. This will give the college ample time to find out the number of the interested people and which will further help to know the amount of time needed to furnish and start enrolling new students, registering new researchers, knowing which services are in great demand and completing all the needed facilities come 2015.

Umass Lowell/GUST partnership is setting aside the sum of 20 million dollars to ensure that everything is thoroughly done. Remember perfection is a key element for people who want to design and increase research, enhance economic growth and improve the education curriculum. Therefore, money has to be used in order to create change and persuade others to accept the change.

2).Marketing action plan

Campaign title Invest, research, study and change the world that we live in.
Campaign duration Four months
Campaign objectives Create awareness about Umass Lowell/GUST
Marketing activityResources requiredStaff responsibleDeadlineCost
  media selected members 25th December 20millions overall
  marketing materials directors  
  people staffs from other companies  
  teaching staff   

b). Budgeting the marketing

  • Employees to see that the ideas are executed $2milliona
  • Rewards $1million
  • Buildings $8million.
  • Use of media and other advertising sites, $2 millions.
  • Brochures, catalogues and business cards $500,000

c). Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring the marketing activities will help in finding out how successful the activity has been and help in improving the future promotions and advertising. To measure the performance of the marketing plan sales figures, market share, and profit will be included. It will be advisable to keep records and monitor sales in order to identify the most productive undertakings and the record of the customers, and investors.

The questions that can be asked in evaluation are

  • Where did they hear about you?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Are they families, singles or couples?
  • How old are they?
  • Have they provided feedback?
  • Are they repeating customers?

3. Branding plan: (Dunn, 2004).

                                    Umass Lowell/GUST Brand Plan:

3. Brand vision      Vision:  to bring great change in education set up and Kuwait as a whole; increase research, incorporate more programs into the curriculum, and promote the economic development of Kuwait. 

Analysisissues and strategiesexecution plan
Forecast: 6 forecast achievement about 1000 investorsenroll and help as many students as possibleWork with many researchers by improving them and encouraging them using their skills and expertiseImprove education curriculum setup to an extent of helping Kuwait education be used as a model in the whole world.Bring many investors from companies and individuals.   Drivers The target market accepting our services and offers and join the college and the Umass Lowell/ GUST Partnership. Our targets reviews continue to drive the word of mouth.Advertisement, media and vendors drive awareness and favorable response to the concept. High demands for good quality education drive our service demand higher.The qualities of our services to the investors create more awareness and praise thus bringing more customers in the partnership.       1 situation analysis   Inhibitors. Lack of enough manpower to deliver the services for our partnership is just new.Limited resources.Challenges from the ministry of education. Risks. Building multimillionaire buildings.Too much advertising.Biting more than we can chew.Idea of starting a brand new program. Opportunities. Expanding our services to include writing books and bring our programs life on TV.Offering some programs to high school kids.Building more offices around the city.Being referred to by the state and other institutes of higher learning.Being well known across the globe.2 key issues: key issues (Brick, 2011). How do we stay top of mind in awareness and the critic choices?What can be our long term objectives and goals?How can we continue to expand and stay true to our word?What is in the mind of our target market and how can we quench their thirst. 4:Strategic imperatives Strategic imperative Remain true to our word by delivering all that we have explained in our objectives and the vision above.Deliver our services with perfection to satisfy our clients and attract more.Earn Media drive to drive talk value. Drive the PR strategy among the social media through twitter and Facebook, utilize the market event, doing the random media advertisement to keep people informed and updated.Prepare the business cards, catalogues and brochures to meet our goals and visions and to enlighten clients and investors.5: Executional tactics: (Baskin et al, 2006) Execution plan: Advertising.websites,TV ads,Online advertisementuse Facebook and twitterUse people to do one to one advertising. future plan: More buildingIncrease staff to standardize the process.Building more offices.To offer more services.Be exceptional in our operations and service deliverly. Promotion. Extra class for computer and foreign language.Student trips for more enlightenment and information.Shares for great investors.New ProductsLaunch new programs.Improve the already existing services in our respective universities.Bring education to live in the Umass College of engineering.Explore more activities for 205/2016.Offer scholarship for good performing students and great investors.   6 Brand Budget. Marketing budget. Employees to see that the ideas are executed $2million Rewards $1million Buildings $8million.Use of media and other advertising sites, $2 millions.Brochures, catalogues and business cards $500,000  


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