Planning For Non-Traditional Families Is Becoming More And More An Issue As The Homosexual Rights Agenda Spreads Across America. How should a Christian estate planner approach planning for these types of families?

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Homosexuality can be defined as the attraction of the people or individuals of the same sex. This issue has been there since time immemorial for it is even quoted in the Bible especially in regard to Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality is one of the volatile and significant issues that are facing the contemporary church. Many theologians, pastors’ priests, Christians and evangelists among others are trying so hard to understand this issue of homosexuality. For this reason they try to answer one question in mind of many people be it Christians or atheists is homosexuality an alternative lifestyle? Precisely, Planning for non-traditional families is becoming more and more an issue as the homosexual rights agenda spreads across America. For this reason it is essential to focus on one question of how should a Christian estate planner approach planning for these types of families in a moral/ethical perspective (Mark, 2010).

Homosexuality has been debated in different perspectives as people from different cultures and nationality. For this reason many people try to discuss it according to their own perspective. For instance, so many Christians find it so difficult to accept bearing in mind that God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. Therefore, it is not easy for Christians to accept this marriage as they find it to be very controversial. On the other hands many Christian think that it is okay to allow homosexuality because God created these people as they are and so there is no one who is expected to judge them no matter the dilemma that they find themselves in. For instance, God says that we should treat others as we would like to be treated and this is the golden rule. Hence, as Christians there is no way we should judge these people because God has created them as they are. If I am the one who is suffering from this kind of problem where my son is homosexual should I not accept this child? Therefore, I should accept other people’s children as they are if it is a situation that they cannot be able to change. However, it should be noted that God does not mince his words and he more specifically points out in Leviticus18:1-29 about the unlawful sexual attractions. In this whole chapter God tries to tell people on how to behave and act when it comes to sexual relationships. Additionally, God himself was very clear of the punishment that should be given to any one who engages in homosexuality. For example in Leviticus 20: 13 He clearly states that “if a man lies with a man as he does with a woman. This should be considered detestable and should be put to death”. Therefore, taking homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle is still a volatile issue (Cannon, 2009).

Nonetheless, should the church remain dumb or duck this question? No! Following the events that are taking place in different places especially the murder of Mathew Shepherd- homosexual student in Wyoming and also the current reports about pedophile priests in the Catholic Church is a big concern central to the American culture.

Right and wrong exists and traditionally moral values were based in God. This is because naturally God is holy, perfect and good. He is also just, merciful, generous, loving and patient this by itself portrays his character and a reflection of who God is (Boswell, 2001). For instance, God says that it is our moral duty to love our neighbors as we love ourselves this means that we should not steal, murder or commit adultery. Therefore, the right and wrong should be pointing out to doing contrary to Gods commandment. Therefore, to be morally right is to live according to the will of God which means that irrespective of whether we follow our tradition or the natural law we must try to fully align with the ways of God. If he says it is not right for a man to lie with the other man who are we to say otherwise. But; at the same time if He says we love our neighbors as we love ourselves who are we to act otherwise? Nevertheless, following the right and wrong in relation to homosexuality and also quoting Gods own words pertaining to this issue how we can determine what is right or wrong.

Homosexuality raises the issue of the non-traditional families. It is clear that traditional families comprises of father mother and children; father -man and mother- woman. But in a homosexual family we find both people of the same sex as either father or mother depending with the agreement (Cannon, 2009).Therefore, moral approach to this question of homosexuality poses a very big challenge because a Christian who intends to fully serve God in a nuclear or extended family should try to fully imitate those early Christians who practiced traditional marriages. If homosexuality is entertained what will be the fate of the children and those of little faith. Remember it is clearly stated that whoever, will cause one of these little ones to sin should be put a mill stone on his neck. As a Christian the little ones are those with a weaker faith and trying to make them re-interpret the bible in the way that will accommodate even the homosexuality might be so controversial and hard for them to understand.

For instance, the emotional and psychological state of a child who is growing up adopted by the homosexual family will be so much affected. This child might not be able to understand why the father is a woman or vice versa. Morally, is it right to try an ask this children to term them as father and mother or should they just be allowed to grow in a homosexual family without such titles? This is yet to be discovered and so the homosexuality issue still remains volatile. However, it should be noted that Christians wants to be a light that shines in the dark. They should be kind hearted and affectionate to all people. By so doing they will be able to win the spirit of the sinful back to God. This is because homosexual problems do not lie on their sexuality but a need for Christ himself. Therefore, some of the behaviors that leads to sin or termed sinful should not be entertained by Christian. They should try to avoid them and condemn them; homosexual acts are sinful as there is no greater sin in Gods eyes. Hence, as Christians it is our moral obligation to love the homosexuals by nature as we try to help them come out of actively engaging in sexual activities. There is nothing wrong in being homosexual but the wrongness arises when the person actively engages in sexual intercourse with another person of the same sex (Boswell, 2001).

Therefore, planning for homosexual family is not an issue when a Christian knows what it right and wrong in Gods eyes. According to my own point of view such families can only be entertained as we help the homosexuals to grow in love of God and themselves but not allowing them to marry and adopt children thus creating a huge dilemma to the society at large. However, this does not necessarily mean that homosexuals should not be given their rights; but this does not mean right to engage in sexual activities but right to live normal life without being termed as barren or unworthy.


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