Examine The “Execution Of Santee Sioux” Image Located In The “Seeing History”

Execution Of Santee Sioux

Part 1

The imagery shows the conflicts between the Santo Indians and the Minnesota right wing rule. This is represents the people of color and the Whites of US in particular Minnesota. The foreground has the 39 Indians who were to be executed. They are amidst a big crowd where they are placed in the centre. The artist who drew the image considers the crowd to be large to an extent that some people have to climb a tree in order to see those to be executed. The background represents event leading to the scene. This was the reaction of the Indians due to their relocation by Anglo settlers. It led to the killing of 300 Santee Sioux due to their participation in Minnesota uprising (Keenan, 2003). The background shows something like fire and dust to portray how the Santee fought back by killing Anglo settlers. The battle was so fierce that they were not afraid of the American soldiers as they killed a number of them.

Part 2

The painting just like other artistic work makes it easy for own to understand the concept of identity which is the key theme. As seen in it, the minority race and ethnicity is at the receiving end and faces the brutality of the majority. The Indians in general suffers from the relocation from the agricultural valley in Minnesota. As a result of the uprising that they engage in, they are fought back by the White American. The White Native Americans being the majority enters into conflict with the Indians in general. However, the Santee Sioux suffers more due to the treatment of the later in terms of social, economic and political status (Keenan, 2003). The majority Indians denies them access to food causing them to surrender.

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