Artistic Works Allows The Society Members To Understand Complex Issues More Easily

I agree that artistic works allows the society members to understand complex issues more easily. Generally, the part of the public is not able to comprehend the underlying issues regarding pertinent matters. They are neither scholars nor artists. On the other hand, artists and scholars as well as politicians interrogate social, economic and political occurrences to understand them further.  The manner in which the artists criticize poor policies has often led poor responses aimed at muting them. The exploration of various cases in different parts of the world in this article is amazing. It goes beyond America and looks at cases of African countries like South Africa and Kenya.

There is a fantastic discussion of the situation in the US after the September 11 crisis as it regards art work. An example of the efforts to make sure that Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary was kept out of the market. This is among the artistic productions which exposed the negative effects of poor government policies. It specifically reveals the role of the American war in Iraq in causing the terrorist attacks. This shows the lack of freedom of speech in many countries of the world as dissenting voices get silenced.

An extreme situation like that cited about Kenyan Ngugi wa Thiong’o should be avoided.  This is a literature or novel writer who wrote a number of hilarious artwork pieces in vernacular. He was at one point jailed for fear that his views impacted on the society as people would hate the ruling regime. He had to run away in exile later.  It is agreeable that money is given to politicians in the right wing to set a stage for muting others in the left wing. Due to the power of artistic work in communicating to the general public, art work that represents the ideas of the Left Wing have to be stopped from teaching the people.

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