How To Embrace Ethnic And Spiritual Diversity At Work During The Holidays

Ethnic And Spiritual Diversity At Work

Article Summary

This article focuses on Organizational Behavior at the work place in view to embracing of ethnic and spiritual diversity at work during the holidays. It introduces the usual environment at the workplace revealing that many people experience stress due to lack of appreciation of their festivities. However, the article observes that the company management can create an opportunity for all to enjoy a holiday celebration of an individual employee even if their cultural background is different from that of the others.  At this point, the other thinks that the management can host a celebration in an eventful manner involving activities like awards ceremonies and sharing of profits. December in this regard is a good month for such a celebration. It allows all the employees to experience fun regardless of their cultural back ground even for those who belongs to a religion that do not hold any holiday celebrations.

The article further interrogates the issue of celebrating diversity which is imperative in the creation of team work in an organization. The author advises the management to stop shying away from holiday celebrations. Instead, they should plan them in a way that all will enjoy.

It further looks at how to help employees embrace diversity. This is in the view that such celebrations where people of diverse cultures are brought together creates an environment for critiquing each other’s beliefs and practices. Nevertheless, respect can be established by engaging in such activities like compiling fun interviews. This can be done on a large number of the employees. Then they will be put in newsletters or even a video and be presented in a manner to make the event to be positive. Employees will be encouraged to appreciate their diversity in an exciting way.

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