Memorandum to Homeland Security Enterprise

It is necessary for us as the homeland security enterprise to give the best to the society hence meet their high expectations. We should do the best to improve our effectiveness as time continues. This is especially because it is imperative that we keep in pace with the tactics of terrorism. Also, we should not undermine other responsibilities in disaster mitigation and management. Effectiveness will also include the ability to maintain observation of the rights of the American citizens in the efforts to reduce terrorism. The terrorists are coming up with new tactics of attacking their targeted populations. It means that all the members of the enterprise should work towards maintaining high level of vigilance.

I appreciate the efforts that everyone has been making because it is through it that we have achieved the security that we have experienced after the 9/ 11 attack up to today. Nevertheless, it will be very wrong if we do slumber and assume that all is well. On the other hand, we need to sharpen our tools and work together with the international communities, the public and other relevant stakeholders to see success in the future. As homeland security enterprise we ought to involve the foreign governments fully. The terrorist cells are operating from different countries of the world and they are able to use attack us using various airline destinations. If these countries are not vigilant too, then we cannot achieve our goal of protecting the American citizens.

The aviation industry remains to be core area of concern in terrorism mitigation. However, the security in the airports should take into consideration the possibility of new ways of attacks. The working together with the public will allow better security measures. Therefore, all members of the team will be in a position to receive and give information regarding any possible threats and remain ready to act in case of related incidence.

Teamwork is very crucial in improvement of the homeland security enterprise. All the personnel is supposed to offer the best at whoever type of expertise that one is offering.   The intelligence persons should be committed at all moments because this is a fundamental part of our workforce. It is in noting that the group is involved in prevention of attacks. We cannot stand any terror activity in the country nor in our embassies in other parts of the globe. The team’s appreciation of its working with the federal intelligence Community is very core. This idea is based on recognition that Homeland’s Security various bodies requires to work together to attain maximum security in the country in regard to terrorism and disaster management at large.   

The making of reports involving terror issues should be given serious attention. This includes the information that is acquired both the foreign sources and from within America. The academic researches should be given plenty of attention since they contain data that is collected with considerable keenness. Academic research has been extended to other countries to promote gathering of information on terrorist activities and breeding. The obtained work should be accessed by the intelligence and used together with that from within the country to bring effectiveness in our work. For instance, it will show how the members of terror gangs acquire financial aid from other countries through transfer of money. In addition, it will be easier to locate their migrations and even identify actual individuals. Working with the community is thus crucial in finding their operations.

Similarly, the work of Homeland Security Enterprise will increase in effectiveness if the personnel realize its deriving of power through its teamwork with court system. This is because the intelligence do not have the responsibility of prosecuting the criminals. Once it gathers enough information and basically the evidence. It should proceed to the court where the arrested suspect will go through the legal court process. The intelligence work has been distributed worldwide so as to prevent terrorism activities from developing in other countries and later attacking America. Similarly, such terrorists are dangerous to the American citizens who visit other countries because of different activities like business and tourism.

Further improvement in the working of the homeland security intelligence and actually in its importance will be brought by a continued partnership between the federal governments and the directors of the body. The reason for this is that the worst from of threat is that which originates from within the country. Everyone should understand that fusion bodies are supposed to be used to the maximum levels in their facilitation of movement of information (Treverton, 24). The Department of Intelligence is part of these bodies and any information that it acquires need to be accessed and further investigations be done by the intelligence. Information collected from the public could lead to catching of a terrorist. Where such a report from a citizen has not been neglected, it will encourage others to participate in the process of maintaining security in view to issues of high magnitude. This is in reference to terrorism which is a terrible disaster which has scared the American population mostly after the September 11th Attack.


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