The Development Of My Self-Concept And Self-Esteem

Self-Concept And Self-Esteem

How you control your self-concept and changes you have or can make to maintain that power

Briefly describe five experiences that have been growth provoking for you. These are experiences that have had the greatest influence over how you’ve developed into the person you are today.

My relation with my age mates has not been easy mainly when adolescence started approaching and during my teenage age. I had grown up in a strong Christian family with a single mother. My mother had taught me to dress according to what she called decently and to practice my faith with passion. My friends saw me as somebody peculiar due to my conservatism. I had to think deeply before engaging in any activity especially on matters of sexuality. They realized that I did not want to couple as they started getting girlfriends and boyfriends.

The issue about my family background has also been important in the defining of my self- concept. I was born in a single parent family unlike the popular notion of a nuclear family. I kept on asking myself the reason as to why I could not identify myself with a male figure like my counterparts. 

I have always performed very well in school something that has been of encouragement to me. School performance has allowed my name to be mentioned often as I receive awards. I get proud and feel that I am above everyone. This has been satisfying and raised my self- esteem.

I am very conscious for what I purchase because I feel that it has an effect on my self image. This includes the mobile phone, the clothes and other personal accessories. The phone that I bought last was because I needed a smart phone that could enable me to chat with my friends over the social media. I had seen my friends engage in the same in a comfortable way unlike myself and so I had to purchase similar phone.

The common notion with many people is that a big house with several rooms brings comfort. I have not been privileged to live in such homes in a prestigious estate. I have been admiring my friends who live in such homes and I hope that I will be able to earn more and live in similar one in the future.

What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses? Discuss the specific experiences that have contributed to these perceptions.

The five aspects of my life mentioned above can be used to evaluate my self- concept. My values in this context are: liberalism; a complete nuclear family with father and mother; success in education; new fashion and a great home in a rich estate. I am strong on the matter regarding my great performance at school. I have learnt to appreciate new fashion since this is what rather than go by my mother’s will. On the other hand I am not sure I should retain my religious stand though I am sure many of my friends don’t like it.

Generally, the social environment has made me develop the perceptions. My friends have contributed more in this regard though there are other sources like the media and the general image in the society. The values of the society have been imparted in me as I grow up.

What would you say is the source of your self-esteem? What do you rely on for self-esteem?

From the above observations, it is clear that my self- esteem has developed from my failures and successes in life. This is in accordance to the society’s definition of success. I agree that the feedback of other people can be a strong influence on our sense of self. For instance, my friends would claim that to have a girlfriend or boyfriend during adolescent is the right thing. They held the image that I was lesser than them because I failed to acquire one. I felt withdrawn and suffered emotionally sometimes having to walk together with friends of opposite sex to satisfy them. I would get afraid of my mother because I knew she could not tolerate that.

Similarly, I concur with the idea that ultimately, we have control over our self-concept and self-esteem. It is based on the idea that we have power to see things differently from what we have seen in the media and what other people say. This is especially on the fundamental aspects of our life that build our self esteem. High self- esteem is very critical as portrayed by Maslow in the renowned hierarchy of needs (Roosevelt, 2000). It therefore important to avoid measuring our selves in view to what others are but by using our own measuring scales based on individual abilities and achievements.

It takes our consent to feel inferior just because of what others say or do. If we don’t question their feeling and their role in imparting it in us, we then adopt them as they form our self concepts. The problem is the creation of low self- esteem because we cannot meet or possess what they claim we should (Roosevelt, 2000).

Since I have the knowledge that I need have the control over my self-concept, I will make sure that I hold the definition of what is best for me. This will be crucial in defining my self image (Roosevelt, 2000). I don’t have to depend on what others opinion to develop a positive self image. For instance, I will be making sober decision on what to purchase because I am sure I need it.

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