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Effective help desk software package is that which fits in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards. Different companies have produced help desk soft wares whereby evaluation of them will help tell in view to the ITIL recommendations helps the organizations to make their selections. It is not easy to make a decision in purchasing of software noting that it is not everyone who is competent with the new IT technology. Even though companies have IT experts managing the service desk, they may not have come across these applications. There is need to learn on how to evaluate then to select a quality one. This paper evaluates “BMC Remedy Service Desk” Software. This one of the major help desk computer applications that has been releases to the market in help in among others multi- location.

Evaluation of “BMC Remedy Service Desk” Software

BMC Remedy Service Desk is software product produced by BMC for Help Desk application. In the package, there is incident management application. This package is made to help address the problem of disruptions. Through its application disruptions are supposed to be kept minimal. In this regard, the services will remain available at all times as ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) standards maintain. Occurrence of crisis is rarely predictable and their occurrence leads to reduction or lack of the services that are expected to be offered. On the other hand, with the BMC desk software, this can be reduced in a company setting. ITIL observes that the service desk is charge with the obligation of IT delivery (Moss and Atre, 2009). This is in addition to the idea that it part of the larger IT organization. It never uses the term Help Desk for which it is our concern in this case.

Among the key duties of the service desk is to oversee incident management. This will be possible through ensuring a mode of communication that is efficient to solve the customer problems. It should also seek to get the root causes of problems and document them as part of its role in problem management. Still, it is charged with the work of doing evaluations and approving which problem should be given priority in the process of solving.  Also, the service desk identifies the connection between the various items which are components of the IT infrastructure. This is in addition to the task of release management seen in the rolling out of various equipments in form of hardware and software to mention but a few (Brown, 2011).

The formation of the BMC Remedy Service Desk software for the Help Desk application takes the above considerations. The idea is to improve on the quality of service noting that service Desk is very crucial to the functioning of an organization. Though the ITIL definitions seem to distinguish Service Desk from Help Desk especially in its definition of the roles, the two are much linked (Blokdijk, 2008). Help Desk has always carried out the above mentioned tasks as part of the larger IT department. Actually, the Help Desk has for many years been charged with the obligations.

The recommendations on Service Desk software fits in description of Help Desk software system for an organization. It recommends that one track the surrounding incidents in view to the configuration item. All the configuration items link to make the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB). However, ITIL do not provide the method to tract the configuration items (Higgins, 2007). It is clear that there is a great possibility of the occurrence of implications in selection of software for the purpose of enhancing Service Desk operations.

Despite the fact that there is little description on how to follow the configuration by ITIL, it deems necessary to configure ones system and be able to tract the process. There are no limits to the stages . The more the configuration is complex and long, the more secure will be the data. Selection of BMC Remedy Service Desk software allows one not to use a programmer but use meta- data which is a modern method which is more secure. Similarly, it has the option for setting of the links between different items. The Help Desk should be able to link the various items as it is defined under the IT department of an organization (Beisse, 2009). This moves from one to more and more items to one or even many to a range of items. BMC service desk soft ware is designed in a manner that it enables one to view the problems that are linked to a single one (BMC software, 2014). It also allows one to see how the various aspects are related establishing when a certain matter is likely to impact on others. This is what can be referred as all direction views. A situation where selection of a single configuration item leads to provides all the aspects that are associated with it. This reveals the possible problems and incidents that are likely to accompany a certain change that is to be carried out at one point of the organization.

BMC help desk system of software is advantageous because it allows one to new objects for the business without the use of programmer. This is a characteristic of an efficient modern Help Desk software system. The software can also allow modifying of information that one has come into contact with because it is flexible allowing location of related items. It is further designed in a manner that it can undergo updates more easily without causing any complications. It does not need a programmer for this matter. This is noting that the various activities of the Help Desk are linked and they can never be separated. It includes the identification and management of problems, the changes, configurations and the release management (McBride, 2000). All are integrated into holistic system despite the idea that they are different aspects. BMC Service Desk software is appropriate because it gives one a chance to do selection as what parts best suits their organizations. If the aspect is no t important for the business probably because it is a small size, then one will only need not to integrate it.

BMC system also meets the right standard of modern era software. It has the potential to allow storage of large amount of data and easy retrieval. The Help Desk software system it easy to manage such massive data including images and descriptive documented information. For instance, the BMC software offers the process of creation of records. One needs to move through a number of steps starting from clicking at Create. After a dialogue box appears, one is supposed to type in accordance what he/ she needs. Then one is provided with options after clicking on the Select Icon. The application for typing a record appears and one is able to create the record of choice. The process of searching for records is also easy. The difference in the applications that individuals use determines the process of retrieval. But the common trend begins with clicking Search. Once the dialogue box appears, one selects the record that one is searching. Then one enters type of record after the appearance of another Select option. Then the person goes ahead to access the records though the insertion of the appropriate details (BMC Software, 2006).

The software method of storage, retrieval and management of information is easy and much more preferable to be used in an organization. This is in comparison to the traditional methods. The software promises more benefits even though the process of installing it and doing away with the old methods is not easy. It is in the idea that the earlier methods had great roots in the organizations. There is little willingness to abandon them for this method of Help Desk application. On the other hand, it is advisable to purchase the software because it will save money and labour. It allows one to pull quickly any issue regarding a customer or any other incident regarding the functioning of the enterprise and service delivery. In addition, the system is easier to maintain and even configure. Therefore, understanding the benefits that will accrue from installing the software will be the motivating factor into making the new change.

BMC Help Desk software also allows multi- location or web- enabled access of a single data source from more than one location. This solves the problem of the inability to share a database location. The software makes it cheaper unlike the old applications. It is based on the idea that maximum use of internet can bring more benefits. The Help Desk software reduces the frustrations that were earlier experienced through the use of mainframe applications. BMC clearly explains this. Location of CIs and even bulk inventory items in a similar manner of more than a single location is made clear. One needs to select General Functions from the navigation pane and into the Incident Management. Then from here one will search it in that location available. Thirdly, you choose CI or the bulk inventory intended to be located. If it is to relocate, you will click Relocate. A dialogue box will appear with Search Inventory Locations. Specify the criteria for search in regard to the location you want to relocate the CI. A result will appear that offers the name you have indicated. Then you select the location you want to relocate the CI (BMC Software, 2006).


The BMC Remedy Service Desk fits in many ways in the ITIL definitions of a standard help desk software packages. This includes providing a way of applying a strong configuration. It also allows a close view to the problems that are linked to a single challenge. It is the same case with other aspects like the various matters regarding a particular customer. The software enables easy storage and retrieval of records. This is the same with the management of information is which becomes very compared to the old methods. In addition, it makes multi- location to be easy and cheap. BMC software is much recommendable unlike the earlier systems that used programming. In conclusion, similar softwares should be adopted by organizations because they will not only save time and human resource but also make managerial to be easy.  


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