In 400 Words, Explain How The Strategies Described In This Chapter May Help You To Craft Your Own Argument About The Relationship Between Some Aspect Of Food And Culture.

Relationship Between Some Aspect Of Food And Culture

Writing in the social sciences

Social science is the study of people’s behavior and their relations including organizations facilitating their interactions. Study of human behavior involves conversing and arguing with them. Good writing in social sciences involves explaining personal opinions, demonstrating thoughts by combining views sourced from others and testing personal thoughts with other people’s thoughts. The initial step is to listen to what other people have and later on presenting feedback through responding to their discussions. Areas of disagreement in American culture includes sexuality, morality, violence, and political fears. Journalists in America say that citizens are divided hate each other and fight unending battles. However, that is not the case, it is a generate assumption obtained from activists.

Writing in social sciences begins with a strong introduction, follows with a thesis statement, and a literature review. The later section follows with analysis of the writer, data presentation, and implications of findings. The introduction explains briefly, what is written in the paper, it sets out thesis of the whole paper. The literature review is a summary of the topic and paraphrasing as well as quotation of major points. In addition, writers are required to characterize other author’s works in affair manner accurately as they select important details according to their observations. After summarizing points, it is a requirement to give credit to authors through citations from original works (ACKERMAN, n.d). The analysis part involves data presentation of information obtained regarding human behavior. Data may be qualitative or quantitative derived from primary sources. Conclusions are drawn from findings obtained.

In explaining relationship between food and culture, strategies discussed in the chapter will assist to divide the discussion into different sections including a strong introduction, thesis statement, literature review, data analysis, data presentation, and implications of the findings.

Food and culture


Culture differentiates groups of people according to their embraces human life aspects, ways of communication and interaction with others. Food is much related to culture because it plays a major role in the lives of people thus influencing their culture. Many cultures have different types of foods from various ingredients as learnt from their culture. Thesis statement: People are what they eat regardless of the way they eat it or cook it since it is a representative of their culture.

Literature review

Food and culture are strongly related attributed by factors such as religion and traditions. According to religion, food shows respect in communities. Most communities obey commandments placed by religion, which dictate various ways of preparing foods. Christianity uses bread to celebrate Holy Communion representing the body and blood of Jesus (Chabad-Lubavitch media center, 2016). Israel religion has strict laws of eating food since they do not consume animal fat while accepted foods should be prepared using recommended methods. Pigs are forbidden in the religion since they are considered dirty animals (Department of health and human services, 2016. Food is related to various festivals according to the culture in the community. Food is used to indicate certain celebrations in arranged festivals. Different tastes of different types of food is obtained by using varied ingredients as dictated by community culture. Culture is therefore influenced by food according to set religions, families, and traditions.

Data representation and analysis

Human consumption of some animals is forbidden according to their culture. Judaism prohibits consumption of pigs because it is a ruminant with split hooves. Since the pig does not chew cud and its hooves are split it is thus considered unclean. They avoid its name, prohibit raising pigs. Pigs is connected to religion since they were offered as sacrifices to Hellenistic gods, which prevents people to eat it. According to Judaism pig carry diseases, spread filth, and is a symbol of hypocrisy (Chabad-Lubavitch media center, 2016).

Data analysis and conclusion

The above literature reveals that food is related to culture since Jews cannot consume pigs according to their religion set by their culture.


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