In This Assignment You Are Asked To Submit A Two-Page Single-Spaced Proposal In The Form Of A Memo. In This Memo, You Propose To Write Your Final Report And List Three Up-To-Date, Relevant Sources Of Information

Submit A Two-Page Single-Spaced Proposal In The Form Of A Memo


TO:                  Marko Davidic, Samantha Richard, and Elena Iliana

FROM:                        Joe Student

DATE:             November 03, 2016

SUBJECT:       Proposal to write my final report as a technical report on computer information systems.

This memo is a proposal to write my final report as a technical report on Computer information systems. My final report will focus on identifying network security systems, types of viruses, their prevention and important of network security services to users. The report aims at identifying appropriate ways to prevent computer systems from virus attacks and reduce current attacks to manageable levels. Moreover, the report will create awareness among IT managers to sense and prevent virus attacks in systems.

 The problem

Criminal gangs are continuously using sophisticated malware to direct target organizations with an aim of stealing valuable data. Hackers are examples of criminals who read exploratory emails sent to organizations and spy on useful information such as company secret deals and security codes. As a result, there are plenty of attacks on ICT systems. Kaspersky Global IT Security Risk Survey of 2013 indicates that over 91% companies received security attacks on their computer systems, thus raising the need to research on appropriate security measures to ensure security of computer systems. Moreover, administrators experience problems of constantly adapting organizations security systems to new and emerging threats. Deutsche Telekom’s honeypots record over 800,000 attacks daily and reports that malware programs are growing exponentially. Additional problem includes the increasing professionalism at the disposal of hackers to attack computers.

Primary audience

The primary audience for my report are computer system users since identification of various types of computer viruses will assist them to choose the best security measure to install to give them the best service.

Outline of sections

The following memo proposal will concentrate on identifying network security systems, computer, or system virus prevention, and network security services.

Network security systems include authentication mechanisms, encryption devices, intrusion detection mechanisms, firewalls, and security management. Understanding various security systems assists to identify security issues in the internet and develop new technologies to solve security problems, internet access and internet security.

Computer or system virus prevention is important to identify viruses sent by computer criminals to uselessly consume resources, interfere with functioning of computer systems and gain knowledge required for further exploitations.

Network security services

Security-as-a-service offer solutions to security from cloud and improve on security as well as protecting company ICT. They include firewall, IDS, Cryptographic systems, SSL and IP Sec which improve on confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and availability of data.

Background on the situation/problem/opportunity/research question

System viruses are computer programs that spread from one computer to another interfering with operations of computers. Viruses corrupt delete and slow down performance of computers. They attach in email messages and instant messaging to spread to other computers and erase files in the hard disk. Viruses hide in illicit software, are spread-using internet downloads, funny images, audio and video files as well as greeting cards. Viruses begin their work after running infected programs and infect document templates after booting respective programs. Infected programs are modified such that proper running of code is prohibited and the virus code continues to run. Few instructions are modified to jump initial instructions and jump to access storage of virus codes.

The virus code is activated and controls the personal computer. Resident viruses dwell in RAM memory overcoming and interrupting operations executed by the system. They corrupt programs and interfere with closed files, opened, renamed, and copied. Overwrite viruses delete information contained in infected files rendering useless. Direct action viruses replicate infecting files in folders and computer directory. The virus is situated in drives root directory and acts after booting of computer systems. File infector viruses infects files and executable programs. Boot viruses infects the boot sector of hard disks and floppy drive making it difficult for computers to boot up. Directory viruses alters the path of the location of files. Users run programs unknowingly since the original program has been moved to another location, making it difficult to locate the files.

Proposed solution and its benefits

Preparing a report on network security systems, computer or system virus prevention, and network security services, assists to identify different types of computer viruses and methods they employ to attack computer systems. Various network security systems such as installation of firewalls are identified to prevent virus among other computer attacks. IT managers to manage current attacks and prevent future attacks identify network security services such as Cryptographic systems and SSL. Moreover, I intend to show personal interest in the field and work professionalism through this project. The project will be listed on my resume and a copy of the report will be attached to my portfolio. Additional help will be useful in my interviews for jobs in this field.

Description of the report

The report will be three pages long double-spaced text. It will explains major computer attacks such as virus attacks and the use of computer security and services to eradicate and prevent further attacks.

Method and procedure

In writing the report, three steps will be followed;

  1. Use of notes and textbooks for computer course and relevant library information.
  2. Peer-reviewed academic sources will be consulted from university subject librarian who supervises my field of study.
  3. Internet sources will be consulted to get latest information on types of viruses.
  4. Interviews from computer experts within computer industry and instructors will be conducted.

Having begun my preliminary library search, three important sources were identified to help in completion of the project:

  1. (Daya, B. (2008).Network security: History, importance, and future. university of Florida department of Electrical and computer engineering, 1-13.

Network security is important to computer users, the military, and organizations. Virus threats among others can be prevented with firewalls to detect and report any intrusion attempts. Encrypting all data connections and transfers, authenticating through synchronizing, using timed password and security certificates improves on network security.

The website discusses resident viruses, overwrite viruses, direct action viruses, file infector viruses ,boot viruses, directory viruses alters the path of the location of files.

3          Kizza, J.(2005).Computer network security. U.S. Springer publishers.

Network security systems include encryption devices, intrusion detection mechanisms, firewalls, among others.

Popular types of computer viruses are discussed including, resident viruses; overwrite viruses, and direct action viruses.

My qualifications

My qualifications to work on this project are being a UO student pursuing a major in computer engineering and will receive a degree in computer engineering. I have already taken short computer courses such as Information technology, which concentrates much on identifying internet and attacks on computer systems. My short courses have assisted to identify common difficulties faced by computer users and assisted my students to solve them.


The study of computer systems security and services as well as understanding various modes of attacks has its importance to computer users and IT managers. Engineers and students interested in computers have an opportunity to learn more about how to protect their computers from malicious attacks. Questions regarding the report are encouraged on (613) 000-0000 and through email address

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