This Assignment Asks You To Research A Technology Invented Or Introduced Into Society Between 2000 And 2010 That Significantly Affected Society And Analyze How It Affected Your Home Region In Particular.

A Technology Invented Or Introduced Into Society Between 2000 And 2010

Modern Marvels: Impacts of Engineering Technologies of 2000-2010

Turkish broadband

Turk Telecom introduced Turkish broadband in 2003 by Turk telecom, which has widened commerce market. Subscriptions increased from 18,600 to over 12.7 million (Information and communication technologies Authority (ICTA). The subscribers are torn between mobile and fixed services with ADSL (7M) becoming popular and mobile internet (5m) as well as 450,000 having cable communications. The society enjoyed increased speed of 8mbps from Turkey fixed broadband and subscriptions. ADSL 2, ADSL 2PLUS AND VDSL technologies have permitted companies to expand their ADSL lines capacity to 100mbps. Tulk Telekom network grew by 30% to 128,000 kilometers. Packages were allowed for download rates of 32mbps. In Middle East, Turkey telecoms has spinned, a web of data cables inside and outside the country to link the country with abroad and the whole world (The Report, 2012).

Self-healing polymers and elastomers

Braham Cohen introduced self-healing polymers and elastomers technology in 2001 to respond to health issues in Middle East. Human health restore it functionality after damaged and eliminate fatigue form body. Polymers trigger repair action after damage, transport relevant materials to damage site and start repairing the body chemically (Commins, Hara, &Naumov, 2016). Scientists in Abu Dhabi have benefited from self-healing crystals such as organic polymers after being cracked and fatigued

Touch screens

Apple Company introduced touchscreens in 2007. In Middle East, touch screens are available in Mubai and supplies LCD and LED touchscreen monitors, in one-touch computers, through glass touch, and touch screen kiosks. Touch screen PCs are available in 46”, 55” and 65”.the screen combine multi-touch technology in fully flat screens along with inbuilt intel PC and networking added with HD graphics (Touch screen middle east, 2016).

Roomba robots

Roomba Robots was introduced by iRobot Corporation in 2002 and is today widespread in UAE. Traditional methods of cleaning such as scrubbing floors with brushes has been overtaken by  technological iRobot manufacturers who introduces iRobot Roomba 800 series vacuum cleaning Robot and iRobot Scooba 450 floor scrubbing robot in UAE market. In Middle East, sanitation has improved as well as reduction of time when cleaning. Human health has had a boost with iRobots offering much of expert cleaning services (Tbreak media, 2014).


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