Watch The Movie And Make My One Page Of Short Review This Is The Movie Name : Generation M:Misogyny In Media & Culture

Misogyny In Media & Culture

Misogyny can be defined as a strong feeling of hate towards women. In this context, Professor Thomas Keith illustrates the persistence of misogyny in the American culture. Taking a look at the past forty years the women’s forums in America have met many of their goals. However, as evident in this documentary misogyny has dominated the media and culture of America. (Rideout, 2010)

In the 1970s the women’s forums in America strived to achieve gender equity in the modern society. An overview of the role that women play in the advertisement industry as compared to men through arouses my conscious about how real gender equity is viewed in the current society. In his quest to establish the reality behind gender inequality through misogyny, Professor Thomas Keith combines the observations made by youths on how painting a negative picture on women in the media impacts the industry. He also takes into consideration the ideas of women in power and a plastic surgeon’s perspective of how women strive to achieve ultimate perfection. He does this by using a variety of examples including sexualized dolls, video games, music videos and advertisements that implicate the deterioration of culture as a result of negative gender role messages. (Rideout, 2010)

In as much as women have increased their level of attaining higher education, the documentary still brings to picture how the corporate world in America was and is still dominated by the male gender. Males have always proved to be the most effective and the movie is just trying to affirm this. Maybe it is to help still in pushing the women to do more than they have done so as to match their counterparts. (Rideout, 2010)


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