Calvin Klein Pre- Fall 2014 Collection Involves Influences From Utopian, Futurist And Constructivist Ideas.

Calvin Klein Pre- Fall 2014 Collection

In the pre- fall women wear collection 2013, long length was so much evident with several collections but with Calvin Klein, they had additional definition to their collections through the synching in the waists of their models. The theme suggested that the coats were not to fall to the floor and were to stop just short. The Calvin- Klein 2014 pre fall involves influences from Utopian, Futurist and Constructivist ideas.

 The 2014 pre fall Francisco Costa who is the design aesthetic for Calvin Klein presents his collection with a mood that is cozy but at the same time a luxurious feel. This time round is much different as he has preferred silhouettes of different lengths but same color with much of layering giving a relax look. The theme is much of oversized overcoats which are double breasted and then fastened with maxi buttons which have been alternated with wide pants ensembles as well as tank. Alternatively, there is the chunky sweaters that have been layered over slip dresses which are clinched at the waist with wool string in place of a belt.  The whole lot in the collection has an inviting and relaxed feel right from shearling to woolen tops. The silhouette and the shapes also share the same feel whereby the silhouette wraps but it is not constraining making it cozy but with an appearance that is well guarded. Their evening dresses are much of an attraction to the eyes due to their light silhouettes which are long and made from either cashmere or embroidered chiffon enhanced with shading effects and metallic sequins. The collection as a whole has different things combined e.g. the colors which are mainly silver, dove, concrete grey and baby pink. The shapes are sack dresses with slightly flared, oversized and loose characteristics. The materials in use are sequins cashmere, chiffon, tweed, shearling, silk, knit wear and boiled wool. The Accessories evident are slippers in ponyskin, slim wool string in place of sandals and felt sandals.

How does a Calvin Klein collection influence by Utopia?

For one the calving Klein designs are full of simplicity and much uncolored. Whether the runway models or the reality customers no one seems to put effort on Calvin Klein clothing since they just flow. The models for example wore clothes cut of the same pattern and uncolored typical of the Calvin Klein collection. Second, according to Thomas More Utopians point of view save for a few who’d had occasion to go abroad- all that grandeur was merely degrading. Thus they reserved their most respectful greeting for the least distinguished members of the party, and completely ignored the diplomats themselves, assuming from their gold chains that they must be slaves. The gold chain came in for a lot of criticism. Utopians always live the life for their selves, the nature were enough for them the stars, trees, animals. They didn’t understand people who think himself better than other people because of their clothes.

Thirdly, Calvin Klein continue to appeal consumers in high rates as demonstrated in the Media Radar’s when analyzing the fashion brands that are much talked. The marketing strategy which has much of social media gives Calvin Klein a global platform. The #mycalvins” which is a social media campaign, which has increased engagement of influencers and consumers, increasing awareness and brand appeal globally. The “show yours” innovative marketing that is interactive creates much of consumer interactions whereby their imaginations are captured and put to reality as designs in Calvin Klein collections. Their clothing are as per the demand which is much of femininity and practicality producing a stylish and not explicitly sexy lifestyle. Francisco costa idea of sexy as he confesses is about insinuation and much of his interest lies on how a garment dangles on the body of a woman and also the silhouettes it creates when a woman is in motion as opposed to what could be on show.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          How does a Calvin Klein collection influence by Futurism or not

Calvin Klein must be influenced by futurism because as clearly demonstrated, Francisco Costa has actually renovated the American Sportswear meaning he has focused not on the normalcy but much of the modern needs. Again, though the base remains the original Calvin Klein pared down aesthetic, Costa has put to use fabrics that are luxurious and innovative to come up with female silhouette which is profoundly re-envisioned. Awards has been worn in the fashion wear industry  such as the 2006 and 2008, designer of the year for the women wear awarded by the American designer Council and the 2009 National Fashion Design Award. This is evidence that Calvin Klein has an eye for the future whereby they will have to be more innovative as to retain awards or win others. However, the 2012 collection garnered plaudits as more possessive of the additional traditional aesthetic which was slinky. Trends like the women being much into dresses as opposed to other clothing are witnessed and Costa says that sales must be made hence the trendy edge which is futuristic. The brand is seemingly on the move in a bid to excite the clients whereby they have improved on fabric as well as the cuts. The act of not stagnating on particular designs synonymous with the Calvin’s is a show of modernization and projection.

How does a Calvin Klein collection influence by Constructivism or not?

The collection has ensured that a client feels that they are adorned in clothes that are not only classic but gorgeous. This in itself is evidence to the fact that the collection influence by constructivism as remaining stuck to the older cuts and fabrics cannot bring classiness to any clothing. As a reductionist, editing on the designs makes them exemplary hence an act of constructivism influencing the outcome of any design. Fitting is much of a Costa’s ideas of style whereby we can conclude that the collection influences much more as it ensures that a client will be well fitted to be announced stylish. Again there is no way a collection can appeal worldwide just by remaining original rather it will be in a better position if designs are twisted or wholly transformed to appeal even to the most fashion sensitive people. By the fact that Calvin Klein has garnered worldwide customer base, constructivism must be true in their designs as in their systems.

In conclusion, Calvin Klein has continued to appeal to its customers and has embraced technology both for marketing and feedback. Despite this though, they have not depended just on good will but they have put their efforts as seen in their innovative marketing ways. This is a show that for anyone to grow their business, they must as well prove their worth to their clientele. The Fashion industry is highly competitive and even confusing as clients could be easily swayed by the models that feature collection runaways. To ensure that a collection remains relevant, it must thus be very innovative as to retain and satisfy the clients who actually are most fashion sensitive. Resilience must be embraced as a virtue whereby building a mature venture should be the guide rather that quick bucks. To reap profits or clientele, any designer or businessman must endeavor to pump in efforts, innovations and creativity. This would however mean being ever on the lookout for trendy hints.

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