Having Watched An Inconvenient Truth And Read The Article, Do You Agree Or Disagree With The Film About What It Characterizes As A Looming Climate Change Crisis?

Keystone XL Pipeline A Looming Climate Change Crisis.; What It Characterizes As A Looming Climate Change Crisis

The whole world is currently concerned with what has become a day to day talk in many forums both locally and at international levels. Global warming is beginning to click in the minds of many people and not only the conservationists. However, with industrialization and what we call modernization, it is becoming hard to actually find a solution. In one hand, the world is talking and on the other it is escalating the same matter even more. In this article, there is a proposal for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline which I totally agree will be a crisis as far as climate change is concerned.

This pipeline if done will trek about 2,000 miles through Alberta, Canada and Texas. The pipeline is in fact thought to be one of a kind in that it will be transmitting among the world’s murkiest fuels that is tar sands oil. En route this pipeline of course will devastate ecosystems, contaminate water sources and threaten public health. It has set to extract a zone which is the size of Florida and one can only imagine the impact. In production of Tar sands oil, carbon dioxide emission levels are up to a level that is four times that of conventional oil. The estimate emissions expected daily could be more than that of 5.6 million fresh cars. In the processing sessions, vast amounts of chemicals, heat and water will be used. In extracting just a single barrel of oil, three water barrels will be used. 95% of this water is extremely polluted and thus it is stored in tailing ponds to give time for the strong bitumen to sink. This contains ammonia and cyanide toxins which later seep through to rivers and neighboring fresh water supplies. 

Agriculture: the worst mistake in the history of humankind

Agriculture is a practice or science of farming that includes soil cultivation and animal rearing to provide mainly wool and food. Agriculture came by when man sought for a better life. Forests were cleared to create farmlands and due to year in year out tillage of land, it got weaker or malnourished thus needing supplementation in order to sustain crop production. Despite the fact that agriculture has brought some serious challenges to human health, I cannot take it as the worst mistake in the history of mankind.

Anybody in opposition of agriculture must have his basis in the fact that hunters and gatherers lived superb lives as far as lifestyle diseases are concerned. However, it is not only nutrition that can interfere with human lives. There are many other issues like poisons, diseases, insecurity, natural disasters etc. Hunger for example is not good for a human person. In the early days, people were not as many as they are today. The foods found in the forests could have managed to feed this small of population and not forgetting that they themselves did not bother to plant but rather gathered what was readily available. If agriculture was not established, people would have starved for lack of enough food soon after exhausting the quality foods they collected. Agriculture has provided food security as well as money for those who do it commercially. Everything has its share of short comings but by far agriculture if properly practiced can overrule this fall outs. Agriculture has enabled for many species of food to be introduced and cultivated in many parts rather than their originalities whereby this has allowed for sharing of their goodness to many.

Twitter As a Promoter of New Forms of Civic and Political Protests

Twitter can be described as an open micro blogging facility which was founded in 2006 by Biz Stone and Jack. At its heart are 140-character bursts of data that are referred to as tweets. Operators can include in their tweets affiliations to other content where broadcasts can be public or private. Twitter has grown into a public broadcasting juggernaut since its foundation and its popularity is the core gauge of effect. The internet is enabling all these linkages whereby they have become the all-important tools in many fields. In the political world, social media is actually stimulating a fresh mode of political protest, organization and mobilization courtesy of the internet.

Social activism has been reinvented by the new tools of social media. Through twitter, Facebook etc., the original affiliation amongst political power and popular will has been toppled easing the collaboration and coordination of the powerless.  This has become a platform to give voice to their concerns. Ten thousands of protesters once took to the streets of Moldova in 2009. They were all against their government over communism. This protest was labeled the twitter revolution because it was through it that the protesters had managed to come together. In another incident, at Tehran, Twitter witnessed a very queer request to have its planned maintenance service postponed to give the administration access as a demonstration was on course and twitter was such a key organizing tool. The KONY 2012″ viral campaign also in the twitter has attracted such an interest unlike in all the other times that it has been in existence. With these few examples it is obvious that the internet has now become more of conversation as well as interactivity. No matter how small your means are you can air your concerns via twitter thus being able to contribute in certain issues.

Science and Technology: Evolutionary process

The evolutionary process is a process through which modern organisms have descended from prehistoric ancestors. It is responsible for the remarkable resemblances that we come across through life and the incredible variety of the same life. Science and technology are actually intervening in that as known, genetic variation is such a fundamental where selective forces could act enabling evolution to occur. Genetic variation is a scientific development as well as a technology that have studied genetic differences that are innate and can be passed to the other generation. In the evolutionary process, this study is very important as it is used to interpret some issues in the process whereby the scientists involved are able to perform modification via this study.

Genetics as well as biotechnologies are good for us. They have enabled for treatment of serious conditions through mutations. Though they may cause complications, nothing is perfect and sometimes they are applied in dire situations with no big chances of survival.

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