How Climate Change And Global Warming Is Happening In America.

Climate Change And Global Warming


It is the time to act for any concerned American citizen. It is pretty clear that no one who wishes a calamity to strike on once door. Billions of cash are spent on medication and health faculties to ensure that everyone is safe from any given vulnerabilities that pose threats to human life.

Climate change in one way or another is caused by global warming. Therefore the two terminologies are related thus climate change is the gradual adjustment regarding climatic conditions that affects day to day life. On other hand global warming is the act of temperature raising that affects the environment as a result of natural and human activities.

In this paper, the effect of climate change and global warming is brought fourth in a way that its affects is worth noting that regardless of how humans ignore the effects that results from global warming, the dangers continue confronting the human life at an alarming rate that need attention.

Effects of climate change and global warming

Global warming concerns of temperature increase in the earth’s atmosphere as where at troposphere. When these two are brought together, they resultantly bring climatically change of pattern on earth. The causes of global warming are diverse spreading from natural occurrences to human activities. However, human activities have largely contributed to the global warming than another cause that exists. At the same the rate at which the human activities are affecting climate change is increasing from one year to another. Regardless of climatology becoming a key area in today’s science, arguments on global warming have not seized. This is as result of a percentage of human beings that do not believe that the globe is undergoing warming. Additionally many individuals take the climatically changes as something that is meant to happen. Whether too hot or too cold they never seem not only to bother but to notice. On the same note, there are group of people who know that climate change and warming occur but really do not believe that human beings are part on the occurrence.

The climate change issue therefore has become a challenge and there is no enough condition of human beings to deal with it. People continue to practice environment pollution despite of so much awareness that is brought all over from scholars, scientist and environmentalists among others (Hillel, P120). America has run so many anti-global warming skeptics to educate people on ways to avoid these pollutions so that they may not affect future generations.

From my point of argument I would say that treating a disease from its symptoms may not prevent an outbreak. All what is needed is both awareness and tangible reality that will be at a position to be conceived in skeptics’ minds and bring understanding of why they should be cautious as far as environment is concerned.

The best way to address global warming and to prevent arguments that may curb people from understanding its effect is by giving out evidences.

The rise of sea level

Due to the earth warming, the ice and snow covering most of the tallest mountains, areas near the poles as well as other areas covered with glacier have hold less ice. This is because of the melting that is caused by high temperatures. The melted ice in form of water flow down the rivers to the seas causing the sea level to rise than it should be actually.

According to the scientists of NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment the global sea level raised over 6.8 inches equivalent to about twenty centimeters compared to the last one decade. The level has doubled since that time with no possible reasons for lowering again causing the people living near the shores of American coastlines to be vacated for safety purposes in future. Additionally, the same experts have reported that Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets have lowered in Mass wise to a very wide degree. For example, Antarctica has decreased its ice by almost 36 cubic miles which is equivalent to about 153 cubic kilometers while on other hand the green land has lost170 to almost 260 cubic kilometers which is equivalent to 38 to over 70 cubic miles between the year of 2002 and 2007.

Extreme events

High temperatures do only have effects on the natural occurrences. It has also shown an intolerable condition and climate to human life. Apart from that, the agricultural activities and other overall human activities have been affected in one way or another.

Illustrating recent evidence, the recorded temperatures in United States in 1950 has significantly increased compared with today. Apart from this, the U.S has beheld an intensification of deep rainfall occurrences.

Human and Wildlife destruction

Health complications have been known to occur due to temperature rises as a result of harmful rays that are emitted and passed through the lower atmospheric layer. In the month of July 2006, about 220 people lost their lives in North America due to sever heat waves that hit the surface (Spalding, P65).

A lot of animals living especially in North America have been decreasing as a result of diseases that are caused by warmer climate as well as obliteration of their habitats. Scientist have reported  that a significant number have died due to drowning as they try to swim across water that have melted  from ice in order to reach the areas that have ice floes. Scientists believe that if that trend continues the polar bear will likely to be extinct in areas around Alaska by 2050.

Arguments claims

Some of the arguments that have been brought about by the Anti-global skeptics explain that they do not believe if there something likes global warming. They have claimed that the positioning of weather instruments that near or in urban areas may interfere with the measurement that giving inaccurate measurements due to the Urban Heat Island, which is as a result of high carbon IV oxide concentrations that are emptied from homes and businesses, large volumes of heat absorbed by asphalt, together with the city transportation (Holt, P114).

Other fellows who have learnt on weather patterns and climatic conditions claim that many models that are used to predict future climatically conditions are unreliable to predict the exact thing that would happen in future. This is due to the fact that it is not only, clouds, sun or gases that may contribute to weather changes but there are other factors that are unknown. Therefore computer models are just guesses of what might happen in future. According to these it is difficult to predict a century climate condition of the earth when it is challenging even to predict a week or month of how weather will be.

Between 1998 and 2007, global warming seemed to occur where the northern hemisphere temperature rose making it warmer while the southern hemisphere remained cool. According to many anti-global warming advocates, the global warming was supposed to occur in the whole world but not in the hemispheres only.

 Occurrence of warming from the past

Many arguments say that the rise of temperature has been there since the past. The onset of the preceding millennium there was a “Medieval Warm Period when there was rise in temperatures in Europe compared to today. On the other hand, they claims that in 1930 the artic areas are warmer compared to todays.  According to these explanations, some basic fact shave been omitted that shows the true definition and causes of temperature rise. Historically there were many times that the earth was warmer than it is today. For example in the last about three million years ago such incidence happened (Pliocene).  These disparities were brought about by solar forcing continental configurations as well as Earths orbital sways. However, these conditions did not bring any severe effect than what global warming is termed to do today. Such effect ended at one point while the global warming effects increase daily with no significant sign of deviation. Illustrating the NOAA (US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) analyses, the 1930’s warmer years cannot be compared to today’s warming provided that the factors that caused warming at that time are considered. The earth is warm even in the absence of those factors since the todays atmosphere is warmer a number of times higher as compared to over two thousand years ago.

Influence of sun to the climate

The solar variants have been believed to affects the earth climate. Nevertheless according to arguments sun’s fluctuations in outputs energy is the main cause of the earth atmosphere. This is by the increased sun’s magnetic field that alters and affects the solar wind.

As far are other factors exclusive of the solar variations are deliberated, many other aspects are known to affect the Earth climate. Thus the sun energy output cannot be the cause of continuous rise in earth temperature.

CO2 rise after the temperature increases

The ice cores that are dating back do show an increase pattern of the temperature and the CO2 rises. Evidently the rise in the CO2 has always come after a rise in the temperature presumably as the warmer temperatures have succeeded in liberating gas from the water masses.

This phenomenon is sort of largely true and still irrelevant. The truth is that the ancient ice cores have shown the rise in CO2 after a rise in the temperature by a timescale that is associated with the response of the ocean to the changes in the atmosphere. At the current time scale it is the opposite CO2 is now leading before temperature. The situation presently is different in that the CO in the atmosphere that is extra is from the emissions caused by the man and the levels have shot up higher than before.

Long term data recoded on hurricane and arctic ice

Arguments have claimed that before the era in which there was the use of satellite the observations set of since the years 1970s the measurements were very haphazard. The reports of hurricane where heard of if they had hit a land or even shipping. The general extension of the ice on the arctic was measured during the expeditions that were carried out. The recordings of the satellite with relation to this phenomenon were very short to even justify claims that the hurricanes were becoming much stronger and even more frequent.

The impact assessment of the project on the artic climate noted that the systematic data collection in some of the parts of the artic had kicked off from the 18th century. It was noted by the US National Hurricane center that an organized reconnaissance for the storms in the Atlantic had begun in the year 1944. Even though the entire historic data is not as complete as anyone would have liked one can still draw conclusions from it.

More predicaments than the climate change

Kyoto protocol is said to have not yet reduced the extent to which the greenhouse gas emission. The applied target to some of the countries was too low as noted have all been rendered useless by the various loop holes. Many of the world governments that did enthuse about the entire signed treaty and still look forward for a successor are not going to be able to meet the actually intended target in the (Kyoto Grover, P86). Even though this is really the man-made climate change is just but one among the countless problems the world’s rich and poor. The governments should actually make an effort of having a proportionate response to the issue rather than pretend that the climate conditions are categorized as special case. Some of the economists do believe that having a warm climate would make an improvement in the lives.

Numerous undebatable arguments which have been made over the Kyoto protocol are very much separate from the very demesnes of science, although they have not compacted in the emission of the very precarious greenhouse gasses as much quicker as indorsed by the IPCC.  The most recent investigative personnel from the IPCC report suggested that the influence of the caused man-made climatic situation will be on balance be very harmful in actual to the fewer privileged countries that are in the tropical although the very cold out regions might see a benefit in the essence that there will be an increase in the crop yield. Investments that have been fastened into the competence of energy, the dynamism technologies and the renewables are most likely to subsidize by ample the fledgling and developing nations.


The effects of global warming have majorly affected North America in region such as Canada and United States. The two regions have rated being one of the highest emitters of CO2 globally that contribute highly to climate change and global warming. It is the critical time that the United States get into the act of reducing this effects in order to control further harm. According to a group of performing scientists in U.S, the state can control its heavy reliance to coal at least by 2028 and at the same time investing heavily on renewable energy together with effective energy use that has less harm to the environment (Philander, P99). However, rumors claim that the United States Congress (USC) have done some vital programs and strategies to reduce emission by largely promoting renewable energy to be the main source of energy in the states. Moreover, the U.S government should also help the developing countries to reduce the rate of deforestation and promotion of clean energy technologies all over.

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