Smart Home Automation System: To Develop a Technology House by Integrating the Feature of Technology.

1.         Introduction

This study is titled Smart Home Automation System. It explains how to integrate the technology in the house in order to develop smart home automation. It has identified the use of some of applications including motion sensor, temperature sensor, LDR and GSM. It further describes the method in the process starting with preparing the component that is needed for the project. Then the second step is the developing of the circuit on paper and the putting it on the PCB software. This is in addition to the testing some of the components on breadboard. It finally explains how to test the Software by basic stamp program as the fourth step. The study is explores the areas that have been researched. This has lead to the description in general, any measurements, experiments or successful testing done in the development of the project. These are: measuring the resisters with miltimeter; measuring the voltage and measuring of the current.

2. Progress Summary

The study has highlighted the project successes and challenges and finally states the work required to complete the project in the following semester. The challenges and limitations were in range. There was experienced a problem in understanding the new language for program including the basic stamp and the command vocabulary. Similarly, testing new component such as sensors was not easy. Still the situation was difficult in the area of developing the flowchart for the whole functions of the project.

Nevertheless, there were several successes due to the various tactics that were employed. This was seen in the developing of the flowchart for each component. Also, in the building of the circuit on schematic diagram PCB as well as in preparing of the specification of each component on the project.

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