Write A Paper That Addresses An Innovative Employment Opportunity For The Nurse Practitioner

An Innovative Employment Opportunity For The Nurse Practitioner

Normally a nursing practitioner working base is mostly a hospital or a clinic. For decades these are the most expected places where nursing practitioners would be found. However, as the time goes so the world and its innovative opportunities grow. Health has become a big issue and the world populations have continued to grow though nursing practitioners cannot really claim to have hit the sky as far as working conditions and remunerations are concerned. This combined with high costs involved in tackling health issues have led to innovative ways that enables for less costs and accessibility for health services. Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner, Home Health Nurse Practitioner, Employee Wellness Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Research Nurse Practitioner are just but a few innovative opportunities that have come up in recent times. This has led to some of the Nursing practitioners taking a step outside the norm to actually work in unfamiliar environs. New markets have cropped up and with the benefit to work odd hours and to explore on the available new markets; the nursing practitioners have seized the opportunity as their demand have continued to rise offering them an expansive scope of experience unlike the norm.

Employee Wellness Nurse Practitioner

This is an opportunity that is mainly based in a particular company premises whereby as opposed to sending their workers to designated health facilities which are mostly exploitative, they prefer to hire their own nursing practitioners whom they offer a premises within their areas of operation.

Services available in an Employees wellness Center

Whereas the professional health scenery is reactive, the nurse practitioners who work for operative wellness platforms are proactive and focus mainly on ensuring that employees are healthy. Big companies have opted to hire professionals on health care to actually practice within their premises whereby they treat patients from within and assist with managing the chronically ill. They are involved in treating everything ranging from injuries, acute illnesses and precautionary health services .This has been prompted by high insurance costs together with frequent sick offs that can delay or slow a company’s growth. Some companies offer kindergarten services to their employees and thus instead of an employee taking a day off to take their kids to the hospital, they are easily assisted in the employee wellness centers thus saving them the hustle as well as enabling them to report to their working areas in time.

Why is an Employee Wellness Center an innovative opportunity?

An Employee wellness center is quite innovative in that it is an out of norm opportunity for a nursing practitioner given that it is neither a hospital premises nor an emergency response center. This is just a thought that has cropped to satisfy a need from a certain company but which has provided an opportunity for a certain nursing practitioner who would probably be on leave or resting awaiting his or her normal shift. It is also innovative in that it has been created by an employee who was looking for a way to keep his employees at work as well as save some money. The nursing practitioner had no plans to work in such a set up but by a need, an opportunity has risen within a set up very different from the normal practicing arena. In this platform, he will be capable to tackle a range of areas unlike where he could be specializing on a certain area according to the needs of a hospital.

Practicability of Employee Wellness Nurse Practice

This is a practical practice in that it is there in many companies aided by the fact that nursing practitioners are flexible and can organize to work in multiple locations at given times. Companies have even come up with terms like company doctors who are the nursing practitioners that have been contracted to work with various companies.

How current health care environment might impact on the Employee Wellness Nurse Practice

The current health care could have a positive impact on the Employee Wellness Nurse Practice because it has become a bit occupying taking so much of a practitioner’s time due to shortage of practitioners which triggers wish to resign or a better working schedule. Again, with health services cost rising now and then, employees as well as employers could prefer a permanent arrangement that is based on mutual understanding between a doctor and a company. People have also developed a sense of possessiveness whereby they prefer only the services of certain practitioners a factor that cannot be accomplished at a main hospital environment at all times.

The weaknesses are that whereas a second practice area offers job opportunities, they are limited in the scope of practice a phenomena that is not there in the employee wellness center. In Employee well centers, a practitioner can easily choose their area of interest as well as a schedule that fits their way of life while in the second practice area one can only fit in the specified rules and regulation.

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