Write a concise 800 word analysis of the building, analysing it in terms of its context, function,form, planning, style and construction.

Analysis of the building

ABPL10004 & ABPL20030 2020-S2: Assessment Task 3
Graphic Building Analysis Assignment
Weight: 20%
Due Date: Monday 21 September 2020 10:00 am
Word Limit: 800 words

Submission Procedure and Format:
Make sure you upload BOTH a word document containing your textual
analysis and references and a PDF of the 2 A3 sheets to canvas.
Your assignment should consist of two parts:
1 Two A3 pages designed graphically, in either portrait or landscape orientation.

These A3 pages should not contain any footnotes, bibliography or list of image sources but you
should include enough information about your key images so that the reader understands what they
depict. You can do this by giving them figure numbers and captions.
Your two A3 page submission must:
• contain your name and student number on the front of both pages
2 A Word document containing footnotes, bibliography and a list of your image sources.

You don’t need to include the images themselves in this Word document, the images only need to be
on your A3 book pages. Please note that the textual content of this Word document must be
exactly the same as the 1000 word analysis on your A3 pages. We require this separate document
so you have somewhere to include your references (citations) and so the assignment can be
submitted to Turnitin and checked for plagiarism.

Your Word document submission must:
• contain a header with the following information: name, student number, course code, tutor
name and tutorial day/time (to add a header to a Word doc. use Insert/Header);
• follow the Chicago 17A and 16A Footnote Style for all citations, including footnotes (noting the
exact page numbers of your reference), bibliography* and image sources. (*Please include your
web sources in your bibliography even though the Chicago Style does not instruct you to do
• be typed in 12 pt font, at least 1.15 spaced and stapled.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop:
• your analytical and observational skills
• your research skills in finding historical sources and images
• your writing skills in analysing the building
• your knowledge of architectural terminology
• your graphic presentation skills
Assessment Task Instructions:

  1. You are asked to look carefully at images of a building of historical importance in Melbourne
    from a list of available choices. We have included a set of images on Canvas and you are also
    encouraged to look online for images to understand your building visually. (However, on the A3
    posters please use historical images – See Point 5.) Please sign-up to the list on Canvas to choose a
    building. Buildings groups are listed under People.
    Given current COVID-19 restrictions, you may analyse your chosen building and draw it based
    on photographs sourced online and those we have made available on Canvas.
  2. Write a concise 800 word analysis of the building, analysing it in terms of its context, function,
    form, planning, style and construction. You will need to do historical research to explain its physical,
    social, political and historical context. See the brainstorming questions on page 3 to get started on
    your historical and visual analysis. We have also put links up on Canvas to online sources
  3. Reflect on the use of architectural styles in your analysis and how the choice of style can reflect
    the function of the building and the values associated with this function.
  4. Consider whether the building belongs to a broader typology and comment on that typology
    in the Melbourne context.
  5. Locate historical images of the building to include in your graphic presentation (consider both
    exterior and interior images). See the Canvas page Research and Library Resources for a list of good
    online sources of historical images.
  6. Use your own hand-drawn sketches to illustrate the building, providing two views or details
    of the architecture. These are based on photographs of the building. You should scan or photograph
    your sketches and then insert them into your A3 submission.
  7. Present all this information graphically on two A3 pages. Combine your images and your text
    to produce an integrated analysis of the building.
    To Get Started:
    Read the sources relevant to your building posted on Canvas (you will find extracts from Philip
    Goad, Melbourne Architecture and an article on the Syme tomb). Further sources suggested for
    historical research are listed on the Canvas.
    Brainstorming questions – historical research
    When looking at photographs of your building and undertaking the research. Ask yourself:
    • When was it built?
    • Who commissioned it?
    • Who was/were the architect/s and contractors (if known)?
    • What was its original function? (don’t focus on the current use of the building)
    • How does it relate to its historical context, i.e. neighbouring buildings or urban elements
    such as streets, squares, parks or transport?
    • Are there any references relating to sources of design, materials and construction mentioned
    in the history of the building?
    • Does the use of a architectural style relate to the building’s function?
    • How does the building express the socio-political context of early Melbourne?
    Brainstorming questions – visual analysis. Ask yourself:
    • What adjectives you would use to describe your overall impression of the building: grand,
    welcoming, spiritual etc.?

  8. • What are its formal characteristics? For example, how large is it? Do the elements relate to each
    other and form a coherent whole? Are there any particularly dominant elements?
    • What is the plan of the building? How is the interior space organised?
    • Is the building designed in a particular architectural style or styles?
    • What specific architectural elements can you identify (from those introduced in lectures,
    tutorials and site visits)? For example, Doric column, pediment, podium etc.?
    • Of what materials are the different building elements made?
    How much historical research do I need to do?
    The emphasis of this assignment is upon visual analysis so you only need to do enough research to
    feel confident you understand the key facts about the building’s initial design impetus, construction
    and early use. If you can answer the brainstorming questions above you’ve done enough.
    Make sure, though, that you understand the key stylistic elements of the building, If you can’t

  9. identify these you may need to do more reading on the architectural style/s it draws upon.
    Some of the questions above will be more important than others, depending on your choice of
    building .You don’t need to include everything in your written analysis. It’s up to you to choose what
    you think is most important. Aim to structure your material clearly and write succinctly.
    Assessment Criteria (checkboxes have been supplied so you can check you have
    complied with all requirements prior to submission)
    Analysis – 35 percent of the Total Mark of Assignment
    Addresses the assignment criteria as outlined in the seven instruction points.
    The building’s historical context, function, form, planning, style and construction are analysed.
    Use of research to explain the historical, physical, social and political context.
    Reflection on the use of architectural styles and how the choice of style can reflect the function of the
    building and the values associated with this function.
    Consideration whether the building belongs to a broader typology and comment on that typology in
    the Melbourne context.
    Research – 25 percent of Total Mark of Assignment
    Evidence of appropriate research that is relevant to the selected building.
    Research provides an understanding of the historical, social and political context.
    Graphic Presentation – 20 percent of Total Mark for the Assignment
    The graphic layout of the two A3 sheets is clear, professional and presents an integrated analysis of the
    The layout includes appropriate headings and the textual analysis.
    It also includes historic images and/or architectural drawings and the required hand-drawn sketches of
    the building.
    Complies to submission requirements.
    Format – 10 percent of Total Mark for the Assignment
    Word document has been submitted online.
    Accuracy of references and adherence to Chicago 17A or 16A Style in the word document.
    Images are appropriately referenced in the word document.
    Complies to submission requirements.
    Written Expression – 10 percent of Total Mark for assignment
    Writing is clear and fluent; spelling, names and terminology are accurate
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