Each student will find an organization of his or her choosing that has recently experienced a merger or an acquisition (M&A) for the year 2019 or for the year 2020.

Find an organization of his or her choosing that has recently experienced a merger or an acquisition (M&A)

In a 1200 to 1300 word paper, discuss the organization’s success or failure for the M&A; was the merger a good move for the organization?

Discuss whether the merger or acquisition was a move for international expansion by the organization. Give possible suggestions to address any issues with the M&A.

Your paper should be in proper APA format. Your paper should be in proper follow the Formatting & Writing Styles guide. Submit your paper to the “Assignments # 4” tab on Canvas after having to submit it to the appropriate Turnitin portal.

a. Title page, in addition to the title over the body of the paper (where the report starts).

b. New Times Roman font face type, this includes your Header and page numbers.

c. 12 pt font type size, this includes your Header and page numbers.

d. A reference page in APA 6th format and if you use a website link, you should be able to find the author and a publication date.

e. Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner. Your title page should include the- Assignment title, your name, the date, the class, and the instructor. (All should be in proper APA format).g. (Do not use first-person pronouns (I), second person (you), or some third person pronouns (we and our) when writing this assignment. See the Formatting & Writing Styles Guide document.

1.   Formatting:  The format for the written assignments and any Power Points will be in APA 6th Edition.  Web links that contain resources for APA formatting have been emailed out to all students in your syllabus in week one.  Please use this time to re-familiarize yourselves with this format by following the web links.  a.   The written papers should have a title page with:  Title, Student Names, Course Name, Date, and Instructor’s Name (Dr. Jimmie Warren—not Mr. Jimmie Warren).b.   For all pages of your paper, the margins should be 1-inch.c.   All sentences should be double-spaced (not multiple) and with the correct spacing between sentences and paragraphs.  (To ensure this, click on the “Paragraph” tab on your MS Word document under the “Home” tab.  In the section titled “Spacing”, the headings “before” and “after” both should be “0 pt”).  d.   The font face/style should be consistent throughout you papers:  please use the Times New Roman font face with “12” font style.  Make sure that your page numbers and headers are in this font face and type style.  e.   Make sure that pages are numbered in the upper right-hand corner and in the same font face and style in (e) above.f.    An abstract is not required for the papers, unless your desire an abstract.g.   Do not copy and paste charts that belong to another author into your paper or Power Point.  If you need a chart, make up your own chart with the data you wish to display and if the data belongs to another author, properly cite it.  If you use a chart, make sure that there is an explanation of what is in the chart and what the data in the chart means.   2.   Writing Style and Sources:  This is an area where quite a few students get into trouble.  a.   Your sentence structure should be clear, with clarity, and should be easy to read.  You should be consistent with your “tense” (past tense, present tense, etc.).  Do not use first person pronoun (I) (Me) or second person pronouns (you, your); use only third person pronouns, in a limited manner, such as (they, them).  Avoid third person pronouns such as “Us” or “We”.  I am not interested in your opinions!  State a fact that can be backed with a reference (properly formatted).  You can state an opinion without using first or second person by simply referring to yourself or your team as “the author or the authors or The team”.  Now, you may or may not have many references, but you should have references.  b.   In addition, a paragraph has between three to five sentences and the length of a sentence is no more than three lines long.  Some paragraphs will go over the maximum of five sentences.  This is ok.  However, the standard is three to five

sentences per paragraph.  In addition, any number nine or less is written in “word” form, not in number form (three instead of 3, eight instead of 8, etc.).  Any number greater than nine should be written in “number form”.  c.   Do not use declarative sentences without a reference unless the statement is “common knowledge”.  A declarative sentence is a sentence stated as a fact.  If this is so, it must have a reference to back it up.  You must understand the difference between statements that are “common knowledge” and statements that are not “common knowledge”.  When in doubt about this issue, put a source (in-text citation).  If you use a declarative sentence without a citation, follow that declarative sentence up with two to three sentences with a reference or references to back up your non-referenced declarative statement.  d.   Make sure that the sources you use within the body of your paper appear on the reference page.  Please title your reference page as “References” and not “Bibliography” or “Works Cited”.  The difference between the two is this:  the reference page contains sources that you actually used within your paper where the bibliography page contains all of the sources that you used and did not use to help you research information to help you write your paper.  e.   Do not use colloquial or slang language (your everyday non-formal speech) in academic papers.  Be careful to find the correct words to form your sentences; these are formal papers and should written as such.  Do not use conversational language in academic papers.  3.   Words of Encouragement:  Do your readings and research and you should do ok to well on your papers.  This means that your social life will have to be put on hold so that you can achieve the highest level of academic performance for these assignments.  Peace!

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