Demonstrate how psychological studies are designed conducted and reported in Psychology

How psychological studies are designed conducted and reported in Psychology

Chapter 3: Demonstrate how psychological studies are designed, conducted and reported in Psychology (36% of overall module mark)

In this pre-seen untimed workbook chapter, you will need to participate in the year group experiments yourself, collect data from 3 participants and write up one of the year group experiments. You will collect one participant for each one of the three conditions within the experiment you chose.

You will then analyse the data full data set collected by you and your colleagues and write up the study. 

The write up of the experiment will comprise of the following sections;
Title (not included in word count)Hypothesis (not included in word count)A method consisting of the following sub-sections: Participants, Design, Materials, ProcedureResults (Method and Results total max 400 words)Discussion (max 400 words)Reference list (not included in word count)Supporting materials (not included in word count)THIS IS WHAT IS SHOWN TO THE 3 PARTICIPANTS

You are being invited to take part in this study. Before you decide if you want to take part it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully. 

What is the study about and what will it involve?The study will involve you  Multitasking. I am looking at your ability to hold a chopstick in your mouth in a particular way while watching a video and then completing a questionnaire.  The study will involve you completing a Happiness questionnaire.

Why am I being asked?The data is been collected for a  Research Methods & Statistics assessment. You are either a student on the module or have been asked by a student on the module to take part. If you have been asked by a student on the module it is because they have identified you as a current student  not studying a psychology program.

Do I have to give my consent? No, giving your permission and taking part in the study is entirely voluntary. Also, if you do decide to take part you are free to withdraw at any time during the study by closing the browser window. However, after you press submit after the questionnaires your data will be recorded anonymously so it will not be possible to remove your data. Completing and submitting the questionnaire will be taken as proof of your consent. We do not believe that there are any risks or disadvantages involved in taking part, apart from the cost to your time and effort. There are no direct benefits to you, although you might find the experience interesting as it might make you think about how you see yourself. 
What will happen to the findings of this study?  Any information gathered will be coded with an anonymous participant number and there will be no list of names that could permit you to be personally identified in any way. The results will be analysed for coursework along with questionnaires from around 450 other individuals. The researchers will not be looking at individual scores, but at general patterns in the test results.

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