You are required to write a 1 page paper on Piagets Cognitive Developmental Theory.

Piaget’s Toy Project: Assignment One – Piaget’s Toy Project: Piagets Cognitive Developmental Theory

To provide students with an opportunity to further understand developmental theory and to apply theory to child development

Learning Outcomes
Gain knowledge of developmental principles, theories, concepts related to human thinking, behaviour, emotion, personality, and physical growth
Gain an understanding of how culture, biology, and environment influence aspects of development
Gain an understanding and appreciation of your own stage in the developmental process

Assignment Directions
You are required to write a 1 page paper on Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory. The paper will have three sections: an introductory paragraph briefly describing Piaget’s theory and your approach to the paper, the body of the paper, and a succinct conclusion describing how the toys/activities you were exposed to influenced your development.

The body of the paper must include four sections (one for each stage in Piaget’s theory: Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational, and Formal Operational) in which you will:

Describe the theoretical stage, including factors which influence human development.

Explore websites, stores, or catalogues to find one toy that would meet the developmental needs of this stage. Provide a brief description of the toy and how it works. Explain how the toy meets the needs identified by Piaget in this stage.

Recall a toy you played with or a game you played when you were in this developmental stage. If you can’t recall exactly or wish to use the experience of a child you know that is fine. Provide a brief description of the toy or game and how it worked. Explain if this toy or game met or did not meet the needs identified by Piaget in this stage.

Proper APA citations must be provided for at least three sources. Students may use the textbook as one of their sources. The remaining sources must be scholarly in nature.
Papers that are missing a reference list or in-text citations will not be graded and all papers will be checked for academic dishonesty.
Papers must adhere to the APA formatting guidelines set out in your Cites & Sources text. When formatting your paper, select Times New Roman, 12 point font. Use one-inch margins (2.54 cm) on all sides of the page and double-space the entire paper. All papers must be word-processed and submitted to D2L on the due date.
Correct grammar (including correct verb tense), sentence structure, spelling, and terminology are expected. You must also eliminate run-on sentences (sentences that do not end or have proper punctuation) and incomplete sentences (fragments).

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