You must prepare for a provisional meeting with your manager (Seminar Tutor) to debrief him/her of your progress on your report.

Prepare for a provisional meeting with your manager (Seminar Tutor) to debrief him/her

B2B Marketing (5MARK009W)   Assignment Briefing Sheet 2018-19
Assignment TitleAssignment 1: Monitoring & Improving Customer Satisfaction in B2B Marketing.
Type of AssignmentReport
Word Count2000 (Excluding executive summary, cover page, table of contents and list of References and Appendices.
Issue DateJanuary 22nd 2019
Submission DateMarch 11th, 2019, via Blackboard by 12:59 (mid-day). The link to submit will open one week before submission.
Feedback DateWeek Beginning April 1st 2019.
Issued by (Assessor)Kevin Heffernan
Internal VerifierNicky Selby
PlagiarismWhen submitting work for assessment, students should be aware of WBS guidance and regulations concerning plagiarism. All submissions should be your own original work.  
Harvard ReferencingThe Harvard Referencing System must be used throughout and a reference list must be included in the usual manner. Please consult the Westminster guidance on Harvard Referencing.  
Learning OutcomesOn successful completion of this assignment you will covered/partially covered learning outcomes: 1-6.
IntroductionYou have been recently recruited as an executive tasked with developing B2B Marketing in a rapidly developing company.  Your company is interested in understanding the importance of B2B customers and ways of monitoring and improving their satisfaction.    
Your TaskYour first brief in your new position is to write an informative report which will explore ways of monitoring and improving customer satisfaction within your B2B marketing remit.     Your report should be structured to cover the following areas:   A succinct comparative of the core differences between B2C & B2B marketing. (approximate word-count- 300 words)Selecting a company of your choice, you should discuss the key customer journey taken by B2B customers highlighting illustrated models which companies are using to help understand and enhance the various touchpoints encountered (approximate word-count- 1200 words)Finally, the last section will be your elongated conclusion which will draw together current thinking on ways of enhancing the B2B customer experience. You are advised to structure your key ideas here under clear sub-headings.   (approximate word-count- 500 words)     You must prepare for a provisional meeting with your manager (Seminar Tutor) to debrief him/her of your progress on your report. Your de-brief will last no more than 5 minutes and you will also have the opportunity to seek further guidance at this meeting (Formative feedback). For this meeting, your manager will expect a clear structure and summarised content on 1 printed A4 page [1]. You may also present other information if you have time. Your meeting will be on either Feb 19th or 26th . You should include this A4 Sheet as  Appendix 1 to your final submission. Please note, this is not the same as your executive summary.   To assist your busy manager, you should include a clear succinct executive summary [2]  in your report. This will NOT form part of the word-count.           
  Submission Requirements  This is a report: please number the headings and sub-headings: You should use salient headings (numbered) throughout to signpost your work. Use 1.5 line spacing. Font 11 Typeface: Tahoma, Arial or Calibri ONLY! Please ensure that you include a cover page, a table of contents and an introduction. You are encouraged to use some diagrams, (but not too many). Please make sure these are embedded in your assignment.  Also, be sure that these are also referenced in the standard Harvard format. Please ensure you use Harvard referencing to cite all relevant literature and sources. Avoid including unnecessary appendices; marks will be deducted for unnecessary appendices that are not cross referenced in the report body. Please make sure you use at least 5 journals of academic research sources, in addition to other core texts, data, and salient uploaded articles on blackboard.  
Grading CriteriaThe grading of this report will be as follows:   Preliminary meeting with your manager (10%) Executive summary (10%) Width & depth of secondary research (20%) Ability to apply relevant theories and frameworks (20%) Analysis & conclusions of discussion (20%) Structure, clarity & presentation of work. (20%)  

[1] The Printed A4 sheet should be typed in 1.5 line spacing in font size 11, typeface Arial, Calibri or Tahoma. It should be NO longer than 1 A4 page. You should add your reference list on the reverse side of the page.

[2] THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This should be one entire page written in font 11, 1.5 line spacing, and typeface Tahoma, Calibri or Arial. It should be made up of 4 clearly separated paragraphs. Your first paragraph should briefly outline the aims or objectives of the report. Paragraphs 2 & 3 should outline the key findings of your report. The final paragraph should detail the key conclusions/recommendations to your report. There should be NO references cited in an executive summary. Finally, there should be no bullet points in an executive summary.

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