Choose any company with headquarters in Europe, which you believe has achieved superior performance. You may decide for yourself how to justify your belief in the company’s superior performance

Assessment Paper
Details of Individual Assessment

[Question 1]
Choose any company with headquarters in Europe, which you believe has achieved superior
performance. You may decide for yourself how to justify your belief in the company’s superior
performance, for example you could use as an indicator one (or a combination of) competitive position
(e.g. market share or sales growth compared to competition), the financial performance (e.g. profit or
sales growth), the brand strength, or the speed of international expansion.
(1) Collect data/information regarding this company from published material (online or otherwise).

(2) Use relevant concepts and models to:
a. defend and justify your choice of organization.
b. identify and critically evaluate the marketing concept/s that the organization appears favour.

c. describe and analyse the marketing environment of this organization;
d. evaluate the factors in the marketing mix that in your view have contributed to this superior
performance and those factors in the marketing mix that are crucial for the long-term future success of
this company. Please ensure you justify your views.
Please state your chosen airline and the location of its headquarters clearly at the start of your

In all instances, references to credible sources (scholarly or applied), rather than pure unsubstantiated
opinion, will provide the strongest level of support for and credibility to the assumptions, arguments,
analyses, justifications and conclusions you will make. As one of the many aims of the assignment is
gauge theory application to practice via evidence, no confidential data should be used. In short, you will
not be permitted to designate your assignment as confidential.
You are not permitted to select an organization (or part of an organization) on which you have previously
focused for an earlier assignment for WBS or any university.

Procedures relating to submitted work
Please refer to your Student Handbook – Assessmentsregarding how to format your assignment and make
submissions online.
Please ensure that you have inserted a completed assignment coversheet, which must be included
as the first page of your script. The template can be found in your Student Handbook – Assessments
– Guidelines for Online Assignment Submission.
When you submit this assessment online, you will be required to tick a declaration box indicating that the
work involved is entirely your own.

We would consider a piece of work to be not entirely your own if it is too reliant on the words of particular
authors (rather than presenting their ideas in your own words), if the essay uses the ideas or words of an
author without referencing them or putting their words into quotations, or if your work suggests that you
have worked very closely with another student.
Please read the relevant notes in your Student Handbook – Assessments – Cheating and Plagiarism
carefully and make sure you understand them.
Please note that students who are suspected of submitting work which is not entirely their own work
will be investigated according to Warwick Business School and University procedures (see Student

Confidential Submission
Please note that your assignments are viewed by markers for the marking purpose. Any submitted work
will not be published in the public domain.
WBS policy is that students are allowed to submit confidential assignments. Once you are ready to
submit your work, there is a confidentiality box under the submission box in the module area on my.wbs
which you can tick if you would like your work to be submitted as confidential.

However students are encouraged to learn how to anonymise your work properly so that you can feel
confident enough to submit through the normal route. If, in discussion with your tutor, you find that
you are dealing with confidential issues that cannot be anonymised in any meaningful way then please
tick the confidentiality box.

The marker will be alerted of any work submitted as confidential as they don’t go through turnitin
detection software and the work will be checked manually by the marker for plagiarism. If the NIE feels
that there is no confidential data in the assignment, they may request that turnitin be used – students
would then be asked to provide proof of confidentiality.
Extensions and Deferrals
Late submissions will incur a penalty of 3 mark deduction per working day late.

Requests for extensions must be submitted via online extension request form on my.wbs under Admin –
Assignment Extensions BEFORE the deadline.
Requests for Deferral must be made via the online assessment deferral form under Admin – Deferring
Modules BEFORE the deadline.
For further guidelines about the extension and deferrals, please check your

This is a strict limit not a guideline
Penalties This is a strict limit not a guideline:
any piece submitted with more words than
the limit will result in the excess not being
Included in word count
Coversheet No
Reference list No
Bibliography No
Appendices* No
List of contents No
Abstract Yes
Embedded references/citations Yes
Tables Yes
Diagrams Yes
Charts Yes
Figures Yes
Formulae Yes
Footnotes* Yes
Images (e.g. photographs which include words, images
Legends for tables, diagrams, charts, figures etc. Yes

*Supplementary text Please note that information in appendices
and footnotes should be supplementary, but
not integral to the submission. Markers may
not read supplementary text – especially if it is
lengthy – so the main body of work should
stand on its own.
Referencing system Please use the Harvard referencing system
Hidden text All text should be included by the word count
software, and any attempt to ‘hide’ text will
be considered a mis-statement of word count.
Internet material Should be referenced by URL; links to material
not included in the text will be ignored.
Typeface / font size Arial 11pt
Spacing 1.5 lines
Margins 2.54 cm (Normal setting)
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