What are your final thoughts about Charlottes Web nature and magic, character and storytelling strategies, and comparisons to the other books?

E.B. White, Charlottes Web nature and magic


  • Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon


  • Dr. Seuss, Cat in the Hat


  • Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


analysis the following books:

Charlottes Web:

What are your final thoughts about “Charlotte’s Web”–nature and magic, character and storytelling strategies, and comparisons to the other books?

The cat in The Hat:

Final comments on “The Cat and the Hat”: characters, language, art, emotions, problems, final ending, color scheme, etc. 

Goodnight moon:

Why do you think “Goodnight Moon” has remained one of the most popular children’s picture books in the world?  Why do children want to hear it over and over again?  Why do you think the main characters (the old lady and the child) are rabbits instead of humans?  Comments on the whole book:  the story, the poetry, the illustrations, the characters, etc.  Ideas about the oddness (?) of “Goodnight nobody”?  Ideas about why it ends the way it does.  Ideas about nature and fantasy?  Connections to other books we’ve read?

Where the wild things are:

Where are the wild things?

Commentary on this most popular and controversial children’s picturebook:  plot, language, characters, emotions, drawings, etc.  Why do children like it (and some adults hate it)?  What is your favorite thing about this book?  

Comparisons to other books we’ve read?

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