How did Alexander defeat Darius’s great army at Gaugamela?

HIST 225 World History to 1500: 1st
 Primary Source Analysis

How did Alexander defeat Darius

Historians must understand how events started and influenced history. Primary sources are our key to understanding the past, written by people who participated or observed events as they unfolded. Primary sources allow historians to make informed judgements and commentary about history. You must read the one of the four primary sources below, and answer the question in detail.

You should also consider looking at secondary sources to flesh your answer out- please use either Chicago Manual of Style (footnoting) OR MLA (in-text citations) to cite all of your secondary sources.

Chicago: (Links to an external site.)

MLA: (Links to an external site.)

The paper should be 3 pages long, roughly 750-850 words. Do not write a paper that is 600 words or 1000 words and try to pass it off as though it meets the parameter of the assignment. Your paper must be Size 12 Times New Roman (black) font, double spaced, and stapled.

The Due Date of the Assignment is September 23.


The Anabasis of Alexander (Battle of Arbela/Gaugamela p. 154-168): (Links to an external site.)

How did Alexander defeat Darius’s great army at Gaugamela? 


Canons of the 1st Council of Nicaea: (Links to an external site.)

Why did the Council of Nicaea come up with the Nicene Creed? Why did the Eastern Orthodox reject it?


The Conquest of Gaul by Gaius Julius Caesar: (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.)

How does Caesar, as a Roman, view the Gauls? OR How does Caesar defeat the Gauls?


Cicero’s Orations against Catiline  (Pages 278-329): (Links to an external site.)

How did Cicero defend the Republic from Catiline, but also gain more power for himself?

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