Medical billing and coding “Medical Terminology for Health Professions”

Medical billing and coding

Lymphatic & Immune Systems
 33 Points Possible 
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 14 15                   
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    32   33              
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2.Combining form meaning protected, safe, immune1.Cancer derived from glandular tissue
4.Specialized lymph capillaries located in the small intestine3.Disorder caused by the Epstein-Barr virus
9.Combining form meaning self5.Combining form meaning cancer
10.Benign tumor of muscle tissue6.Acronym for HIV blood test
12.Life-threatening tumor7.Tonsils located at the base of the tongue
14.3-day measles8.Classifying tumors as to how far the disease has progressed
17.Suffix meaning to reduce or destroy11.Study of tumors and cancer
20.Abnormally enlarged spleen13.Rod-shaped, spore-forming bacteria
22.Herpes Zoster15.Not recurring and with a favorable chance of recovery
27.Lacking antibodies of a specific type in serum16.Tumor
28.Combining form meaning immature or embryonic18.Radiation therapy administered at a distance from the body
30.Suffix meaning tumor or new growth19.Disease-causing microorganism
31.Disease-fighting protein created by the immune system21.Lymph nodes located along the neck
32.Suffix meaning pertaining to23.Able to remove and destroy worn-out red blood cells
33.Weakened or loss of strength24.Bean-shaped structures of the lymph system
25.Combining form meaning flesh
26.WBCs able to eat cell debris and pathogens
29.Combining form meaning lymph
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